Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The 21st Century Jobs Fund Myth by Akindele Akinyemi

Today I placed my 1000th resume for employment. Out of 1000 80% of those have been right here in Michigan.

Does this make any sense? Why must I fill out 1000 applications to find better employment?

While civic and grassroots people are trying to downplay the severity of this economy as a blip on the screen people are moving with their feet. As much as I want to stay in Michigan (but not Detroit) I may have to do the same thing.

Gov. Granholm claims that if we invest in the Next Michigan the following will occur:

The No Worker Left Behind (NWLB) plan will: help more than 100,000 displaced workers; provide up to two years of free tuition at any state community college; and allow displaced workers to receive training in addition to unemployment benefits.

So catering to those who will not finish this program will help the state's economy in the long run. I'm sorry but after 1000 resumes and applications my ass is not just left behind but ran over as well.

She also said:

The budget also proposes expanding the 21st Century Jobs Fund to include $7 million for the installation of bio-fuel pumps across the state. Once this funding is approved, it will move the state toward the Governor’s goal of having 1,000 bio-fuel pumps in Michigan by 2008. The budget also targets $50 million of the 21st Century Jobs Fund over the next three years to the research, development and commercialization of alternative and renewable energy projects across the state.

What is this mythical 21st Century Jobs Fund she keeps on proposing? Both her and State Rep. Andy Dillion touts this program around as if it is the economic savior of Michigan. What are the Democrats talking about?

And then what about those who want me to stop complaining and create a job. I would love to start a business except (1) who is going to support my business and (2) what about the taxes? The economic climate is so bad here that people cannot even keep up payments on their homes.

However, when I applied for jobs in Ohio, Mass, DC and Arizona they called me back right away. Yet, Granholm claims her mysterious and mythical 21st century jobs fund is working. It just as mythical as Magic Kingdom. Maybe we can fly around like Aladdin or work as hard as Buzz Lightyear. She is making this up and I find it incredible for Democrats (especially from urban areas like Detroit) to go along with this boondoggle.

Can someone ask Rep. Andy Dillion if the 21st Century Jobs Fund working in his district in Redford and Dearborn Heights? The former Republican attorney is the so-called author of this jobs fund. Ask him directly if this jobs fund is working in both SOUTH REDFORD where a a majority of African Americans reside who are losing homes? What about the number of for sale signs in Dearborn Heights? People need to wake up to the reality that is going on. The reality is that there are no jobs and with no jobs there is no hope.

I have been urging people to leave Detroit. There is nothing here. Do not stay here because you have family here or stay here because you feel the city will come back. It will never come back in our children's lifetime to stop waiting and get on with your life. Expose your children to the world. Life is bigger than 7 Mile to Belle Isle.

We do not want cool cities or increases in spending in government. People of all races want JOBS in Michigan. And if they are into entrepreneurship it should not have to be a hustle. It should be an adventure. Business owners should feel comfortable in creating opportunities for the community not hustling here and there.

People of all races want lower taxes, less government and more for families. We should not have to run from our own cities because we have a incompetent government that will not listen to our needs and wants.

What are the solutions to create a better community and a better Michigan?

Family incomes in Michigan are under pressure compared to the past because we have too much government with too much taxation & regulation, with a debt culture invested in socialized consumption instead of national productivity of goods, with too little 21st century technical education quality in our public schools and colleges. Therefore, to allow more of our citizens to effectively compete in the increasingly more competitive global economy families should not wait for government bureaucrats & politicians to 'save them' - they must reduce their debt, save more, and invest more of their own productive time in high-quality education. In other words, families must face the reality of the situation - - or suffer its consequences.

A very important measure of the success of a society is an economy so structured as to provide steadily improving incomes, living standards, savings with reduced debt, and freedom for its citizens, which improves with each generation. All families in Michigan want their children to have even more economic opportunities and freedom of choice and than they experienced - - certainly not less. This requires continuously increasing levels of inflation-adjusted net income and savings to families with less debt and less taxation, giving them the opportunity to steadily improve living standards and security savings, plus the choice for mother to remain at home to raise their children if they wish - and increased choice concerning education alternatives.

For example:

During the 23 year period, 1947-1970 families were WINNERS, as real family standards of living increased steadily (doubling over that period, while savings increased and debt declined), primarily with one wage earner per family.

In the following decades more families were LOSERS, especially those with children. Inflation-adjusted median family incomes are not much improved from what they were more than 30 years ago - - while real income of full-time males is 8% less than before. Standard of living improvements have been stifled, savings have declined while debt soared, despite more mothers being sucked into the work-force, and family values and financial security suffered the consequence.

State lawmakers also need to do the following:

Reduce government spending ratios, at both the federal and state & local level. The only politically effective means of accomplishing this is to reduce all tax rates on working families starting with elimination of the marriage penalty.

Restructure the education delivery system that gives parents more choice to select any school (private or public) to seek significantly higher levels of education quality (especially in math and hard sciences), than is now provided by the current system. Only with significantly higher education quality can today's young people effectively improve their own family incomes, while facing accelerating competition for said income from the global market place a challenge that was never faced by today's seniors during their early working careers.

There is no reason why qualified educators cannot find a decent job in this market where we are in demand. We hear about how people are given the "hook-up" with jobs. Well, I do not have the hookup but the skills. Therefore, I will be testing the waters elsewhere.

I would love to hear those clowns who supported and stomped for Granholm for a second term come up with solutions to keep educators like myself in Michigan. Even the teacher certification requirements in Michigan are draconian. And look at what Granholm signed into law: educators can receive their adminstrative certification only for principalship. If you wanted to become a superintendent with that certification it would be considered null and void. More money that you do not have wasted.

Maybe it is time for us to vote with our feet and move not just out of Detroit but out of Michigan completely.

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