Friday, March 23, 2007

89,000 Strong Leaving Wayne County by Akindele Akinyemi

I was reading the front page of the Detroit Free Press yesterday while I was dining at Low Tide II in Wayne, Michigan and saw how 89,000 people have left Wayne County in the past 6 years.

That was music to my ears. The reason? Because I want people to see how big of a mistake they committed when re-electing Jennifer Granholm for another 4 years. For people to keep blaming John Engler for all of this is garbage and excuses.

It is bad enough to see how Democratic-controlled areas have placed communities in ravaged states almost like Iraq. You cannot blame the Republicans for this. Take a look at yourself first.

Presently, there are no jobs in Wayne County. Mayor Kilpatrick said his neighborhood zones will stop the flow of the exodus in Detroit.

This is such an untrue statement. Especially when I am talking to residents myself about the reasons for them leaving the city. Some even claim Wyandotte (of all places) better than Detroit.

Are these people practicing self-hate by moving to the suburbs to achieve peace? Are these people in love with White people more than loving themselves?

I have answered those questions so many times from so many angles. I have urged people to leave Detroit to achieve peace. People, on the other hand, have taken this to the next level.

They are leaving Wayne County.

And for my Democratic grassroots people if the rest of the country is doing so bad then how come they are hiring 20,000 teachers in Florida? Statewide? You can find a job quickly in the rest of the country. Even in manufacturing states.

Some of us are not even leaving Michigan. Some of us are going to neighboring Washtenaw County where they have seen a 7% INCREASE in population. Kent County has seen an increase in population as well as Oakland County.

And what about the Detroit Public School circus? People are crying about schools closing but these same people whoa re crying have not thought about how we can change those schools into charter schools. Presently, they are targeting Jonathon Kinloch because he is supposed to be part of the grassroots movement. I don't know where people are getting that from and for the record his personal life does matter when you pledge to become a PUBLIC servant. So if he is drunk so what. We have had many drunks on the school board. And uneducated ones. Hell, look at Marie Thornton. Does she even have a high school diploma or a college degree? Yet, she wants to dog Kinloch in public. Both of them can go as far as I'm concerned because neither one wants educational reform. Especially charter schools.

We have a history of electing stupid people in Detroit.

They can target anyone on that Detroit school board. The exodus from DPS will not stop until we look into a more regional approach to solving the DPS crisis.

My solution to the Wayne County crisis? You need to give people a reason to stay in Wayne County. I give kudos to State Senator Mike Bishop for not allowing Gov. Granhom to blow smoke up or asses with this 2% tax increase that would have sabotaged the state's economy even further. Especially Wayne County.

The Senate also passed a $34-per-student midyear cut for K-12 schools, then voted for hundreds of millions of dollars in reductions to local governments, health care and other programs. People may not like the fact that funding is cut for K-12 education but I never supported more money for K-12 education in the first place. It is not the amount of money we need to fund K-12 but it is the educational output or quality that we should be very concerned about.

I strongly recommend that Detroit consolidate their city government with Wayne County. It is time citizens got with the times and stop this Black-White racial nonsense. I have been saying since 2003 that Detroit Public Schools should be regionalized and either (a) set up a regional school board or (b) controlled by Wayne RESA or (c) have a educational management company control both the fiscal and curriculum operations of DPS. Either way it goes the old dinosaur way of educating our children must cease if we are to keep people in Wayne County. If we are not creating competitive jobs in Wayne County then we are still going to leave.

I have been saying that the entire city of Inkster should be a educational empowerment zone as well as placing the South Side of Inkster under a economic empowerment zone. This is where we can come in and rebuild our community. But before we do that we have to learn how to read and write.

The Democrats in Wayne County do not have an answer. Why don't we try something new.

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