Friday, March 16, 2007

Are We Wasting Our Money on Public Education? by Akindele Akinyemi

I was talking to a Black woman recently here in Detroit who was in favor of eliminating affirmative action in Michigan. She said she favored terminating affirmative action because she felt that the political left was grossly misleading people into thinking that minorities could not compete in a 21st century workforce without crutch polices in place.

But what struck me the most was when he said we need to send our children to private schools to receive a good sound Christian education.

The private school thing struck a nerve with me.

Public universities of higher learning are just like Detroit Public Schools. Both are unionized and have liberal courses that in return train our young adults into thinking like liberal idiots. I mean for real, how many gay and lesbian courses can you take under Women Studies? I'm not against Women Studies but from my experiences in dealing with Women Studies it is just like African American Studies. It prepares you to think and accept a certain mindset. Some universities actually have LGBT Departments up and running to serve those who might be moving in that direction.

Public universities are just like Detroit Public Schools. They are always asking the State to bail them out financially. As you can see, public education in the State of Michigan has gone downhill. While the price of public education keeps increasing because Gov. Granholm supports education (even though no one can afford to go) we still heavily rely on government funds to save us. In return, we teach our kids who go to these schools to accept anything that is not of God.

In the field of African American Studies I said a while back that we needed to take this studies to another level. It is ridiculous for professors day in and day out not to teach this important study from a balanced perspective. I went 4 years without ever knowing that Black people used to be aligned with the Republican Party. However, they would try to tell us that there is a correlation between Black people struggling in this country to the Gay and Lesbian movement. They also taugh that socialism has broguht Black people from greatness. What greatness? I live in detroit and all I see is the end. If that is socialism then I will stick to capitalism.

Public universities are also breeding grounds for the Democratic Party. Since most campuses across Michigan as well as the United States are liberal in thought and process liberal politics dictates far greater than conservative politics. The Democratic Party set up shop and recruit people to join in their socialist tirade on Bush, Rice or even Black Republicans. Let other Marxist groups like BAMN join in and see what you have. A love fest of anger and confusion. Ask any one of those liberals who are pissing a fit about conservatives did they finish school? Are they families intact? How many Black Marxists/Socialists/Nationalists do they know personally are millionaires?

Urban conservatives should not waste our time trying to recruit on public universities that reject God and conservative values. Black Student Alliances or Unions are not for change like they were in the 60s. It is now a social club to breed a lifestyle that is un-Godly. If you ask anyone who belongs to these groups about what is necessary to move Black people along in a "racist" institution they will not be able to tell you. Ask them when is the next party on campus and they can rattle that off their lips.

My solution to counteract the old concept of Black Student Unions is to create Urban Connections on college campuses. This group would be a subsidiary of the One Network. This is an group that is geared towards economic power through embracing traditional values on campus. While the old concept of Black Student Unions are based on struggle Urban Connections is a statewide university network that is geared towards success by reinforcing conservative values on campus. As I am finishing the concept up we hope to have this up and running by next fall. Of course I will need the people to help us to officially break ground.

Also, just like the Democratic Party have a strong presence in public universities we need to have a strong presence in private universities like Hillsdale College. This should be our recruiting grounds for leadership, economic development and future ministers who will use conservative faith based technology to help transform an urban ghetto into a 21st century Christian community. With urban connections and other conservative people in place One Network will be able to train and place people in leadership positions like no other.

Who was crying about losing affirmative action? Most public institutions in Michigan. They even recruited Tom Izzo from Michigan State to come out in support of affirmative action. Since the measure has passed are we going to sit and cry or push our children to be smarter on how to play the game. The problem with Black people is the fact that we are not pushing our children to exceed limitations to the extent they will not need a point here or a crutch there. This is our real fight, building a conservative educational environment that is Christ-centered and is student centered.

The most damaging thing that a public university can do is to strip traditional values from the realm of academia. What the left is doing right now is conducting a silent war on traditional values. Call me old school but if you can tell me the reason why the traditional family is being replaced with two fathers or two mothers in the home and say this is a normal relationship then I am all ears.

How many classroom professors reinforce those values that you have been taught all your life? Some are so extreme that they want to make you vomit. They reject family values in the classroom and introduce garbage. And students, who are paying thousands of dollars to obtain an education, should not fall for the traps of false teachings.

Most teachings in any college of science and arts are borderline scaliest in nature. That's why some people HAVE to form college ministries to help reinforce their values. But that is slowly disappearing from college campuses due to people not taking the time out for God but taking the time out for weed, improper relationships and lack of understanding of why they are in school to begin with.

To further prove that public education is just like Detroit Public Schools they too reject any form of alternative route to obtaining a degree. They player hate schools that offer a 14 month Masters program or a 2 year Bachelors program. They do not want competition from other institutions that might take away their money. The same for Detroit Public Schools. DPS do not want charter schools because the fear of competition.

Urban Conservatives should take a closer look at what these public universities are offering our children as it pertains to their values. We should also take a look at the course work and campus environment.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - If we fail to have publicly funded education - then only the rich would get jobs - businesses -
True Socialist are not seeking to become independently wealthy

akindele akinyemi said...

Oh well. I would rather have the rich with values having jobs than the poor indulging in all kind of foolishness.

True Socialist not seeking to become wealthy is a lie.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason why blacks stop supporting the Republican party, dumb ass. The Republicans don't really give a fuck about you, even if you claim to be one. Same is true for the democrats.