Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Barack Obama Unfit for Presidency (from HBCU Republicans)

Barack Obama has successfully masked his naivety and weakness through resiliency in rhetoric and speech, and now that he has taken his political game to an entirely new level, the implications behind his declaring himself a presidential candidate must signal to both the American public as a whole and more specifically the black community to call him out on his incapability of representing our nation at this critical point in United States history.
In speech, Obama spends countless lines of sweet-sounding rhetoric that only criticizes the current administration and societal structures, without offering solutions with substance. The war is bad, blah blah, we need to bring our troops home, blah blah... but when it comes to specific strategies on how to bring home our troops without jeopardizing their safety and the safety of American interests in the region and without completely compromising all of the hard work and initiatives invested to this day, Barack merely suggests '(working) with our military commanders to map out the best plan...' Question: what military background and experience does Obama have to factor into such discussion? (Aside from his work on the Veteran's Committee.) He goes on to tell the importance of diplomatic political discussions as the key avenue for peaceful relations between the conflicting factions in Iraq. His merely suggesting that simply talking through their problems is going to be the winning solution alone identifies Barack Obama's weakness and lack of political backbone and vision.
Aside for his lack of substance with regards to viable solutions to rectifying Iraqi inter-factional relations, Obama has not offered any insight whatsoever on how he as president would intend to approach Iraq as a potential ally and avenue for future business and trade. Then again, doing so may be too much of a Republican move, but it seems to me as though identifying all of the problems and conflicts and controversies does nothing in the way of encouraging Iraqis to take their country in the direction it needs. Obama offers no encouragement for promoting Iraqi nationalism, and his neglect in this arena only stifles whatever patriotism might be forming. This lack of faith certainly shoots down potential avenues for both American and Iraqi commercial growth and economic development, and this degree of empty pessimism is certainly not United States Presidential material.
...but enough about Barack Obama as an incapable president; time to analyze Barack Obama as an incapable black American president. By announcing his presidential candidacy, Barack Obama has taken America into a bold new direction. His every expression, word, and wave of the hand will now have implications for the black community as a whole, and because of our vested interests resting on his shoulders, we must be his worst critic. We must test him on every level possible and imaginable: his strength, resolve, and competencies must meet our highest standards, and we must not settle. Barack Obama must earn our vote, and must show that he is deserving of our vote--not because he is black, but because he is the most qualified, most fit candidate. As of yet he has not proven to us that he is this person. Hopefully though, the population of black Americans who take the time to vote will be the same population who truly analyze their options before making their decision.

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Excuse me for Enunciating said...

What a load of bs from our once again supportive brethren, the black man. It codifies my inference that there is an inherent problem within the black "community"-internal racism. Does your judgment come based upon the fact that he is perceived as not be black enough? Obama doesn't know black struggles because he isn't black enough. This "blacker than thou" syndrome needs to cease. We will never lift one another up if we keep tearing one another down. Obama is a presidential candidate and we need to assess whether or not he can get the job done.