Monday, March 12, 2007

Building 21st Century Urban Conservative Communities by Akindele Akinyemi

The purpose of building urban regional networks is to push for a greater value in educational choice, economic development and to promote family values. The community that is more conservative in their practice of life are the ones that do not engage in riff-raff like they do in liberal areas in urban Michigan.
Within these Urban Regional Networks we are collectively building urban power from a conservative perspective. Some have asked how do liberals play into the equation.
My response: Abosolutely nothing.
We are rebuilding families first. That is essential to this whole operation. When you bring in outside influences that corrupt the family and its value system it spreads like a virus. Therefore, within building urban conservative communities there is no room for homosexuality. We do not hate homosexuals, however, there is no room for this intolerant behavior.
Within the culture fabric of smaller urban municipalities like Inkster for instance, conscious conservatives should be going into a city like this setting up free market enterprises for young people to invest in their community. Our youth today do not care about Black/White issues like their old liberal mamas and daddies. The only color they are concerned about is green. We need to teach them how to obtain wealth without killing each other.
There is no room for gangster mentalities in an urban conservative areas. Either those who participate in selling drugs, selling sex or be part of a gang must conform to the values of the community or either face jail or prison.
I have never had a problem supporting Black owned businesses. However, if we are going to support these business it will not be because they are Black. It is because they have quality and stellar customer service. When I go inside the Black owned supermarket or restaurant we should expect our people to be pleasant and courteous. The restrooms should be exemplary. The prices should be reasonable. And what makes me keep coming back to a Black owned establishment (or any establishment) is when the manager come out to see if everything is all right with your service.
Aside from Black owned businesses the other part of economic development in conservative neighborhoods is the diversity. We should support a diverse atmosphere of businesses within conservative neighborhoods in urban areas. Diversity could mean anything from Brazilians to Africans from the Continent of Africa. If other non-African people would like to come into the community that is fine with us. The reason? We welcome competition.
Speaking of competition charter education should be in direct competition with the traditional schools to make BOTH schools better for our children. In urban conservative communities we need young people to invest in educational entrepreneurship by developing management companies to help manage schools and their curriculum and instruction.
The most important factor in building urban conservative communities is the faith based leadership. This leadership would be responsible for the morale of the community. For example, if you own a Black owned party store we should not sell beer & wine to our brothers and sisters. We should not even sell cigarettes for that we are dying off faster than any other race in America. Pornography is banned in those party stores as well. Porn is an addiction to sexual slavery. Planned Parenthood clinics are forbidden and should and will not be allowed in our communities.
That same faith based leadership is also responsible for transforming the community in which their institutions sit in.
Urban conservative communities must elect people to elected office that reflect the values of urban conservatives in their district or city. Think about that statement. If you look in Detroit we elect liberal thinking individuals who have a socialist approach to solving problems. After 4 decades this approach STILL has not done anything to enhance or uplift Black people in Detroit. When we will learn that liberal political philosophy does not work?
Also, within these urban conservative communities we should elect urban conservatives that are both Democrat and Republican and that can represent the community on both sides of the aisle. We now have bargaining power at all levels when we accomplish this.
This is what I have been working on in Benton Harbor and other smaller urban municipalities in Michigan. Many have e-mailed me and asked me why I will not build an urban regional network or help build a conservative community in Detroit?
The answer is plain and simple.
Urban regional networks can only work in municipalities with a net population of under 40,000 residents. Everything I just mentioned above must work in smaller urban municipalities. Detroit has 900,000 residents with a larger gap in education. That is why I will not do no such thing here. It's waste of time and energy. Even I pulled all of our state elected officials together it will still take forever because all of them are not on board with this. So why waste time when we can transform smaller urban communities into economic wealth for
Urban conservatives must begin to join me in regionalization. This is something that can help benefit our community. We must begin to engage in real discussions to build conservative communities within the framework of urban regional networks.

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