Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Collapse of Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

What in the living hell is going on in Michigan? I have never heard of Michigan being shut down. Who is driving this ship into an iceberg?

Michigan is sinking fast under Gov. Granholm's leadership. I will never be able to understand how Detroit bailed out Granholm and now we are on the Titanic. This state is sinking faster by the day.

I am not upset at this though. The reason? Because people are moving out anyway regardless of a shutdown or no shutdown. There are no jobs in Michigan. There are no jobs in Wayne County. Therefore we have 89,000 strong leaving for better opportunities.

But this goes to show you how ridiculous it is to vote for people based on your emotions instead of looking at the policies. "I voted Democrat because I am against the war." What in the world that has to do with Michigan being in a single state recession?

The State is going to run out of cash by May 1? How can a state run out of CASH? A whole State? And if Democrats think raising our taxes is a solution to keep up with the charade for Granholm is ignorant and irresponsible on their part.

Granholm really believe that imposing a 2% service tax is going to t solve the crisis. What kills me is that ignorant Blacks will go along with this crooked plan. While Granholm has proposed laying off state troopers at the same time her husband, Dan Mulhern, has a state office and three staffers. Again, why are we not looking at the facts?

Under the State Constitution we have to balance the budget. The Governor is having a hard time getting members of her own party to back her tax plan her jobs plan. The tax plan is a disaster and would only expedite young people leaving the state which will cause a larger brain drain on the state's economy. Her spending plan is running our state into bankruptcy and while she is offering is to raise taxes and invest in Michigan companies are disinvesting, people are leaving in U-Haul and Ryder trucks and are not bringing the trucks back, using I-75, I-69 and I-94 as escape routes, Keller-Williams and Century 21 signs are everywhere and our children and grandchildren don’t seem to have a chance of finding a job here.

My colleagues who are working for the State of Michigan should right now be working on exit strategies so they will not be hit up financially. Michigan feels like a communist state because this is how the Soviet Union fell in 1991. Michigan is falling. I urge those who work in state government to step up their efforts in finding a job or moving out of state to survive.

Yet, Detroit is happy being broke and poor under Granholm's leadership.

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