Friday, March 16, 2007

Detroit Needs A City Manager by Akindele Akinyemi

If we are going to help Detroit out then I feel it is time that we take a more revolutionary approach to things. Many people have heard me talk about the need for consolidating Detroit with Wayne County. We should reduce the powers of the mayor in favor of a city manager.

Consolidating Detroit with Wayne County we would have an executive but also have a city manager handling the business affairs of city government.

The city manager would do the following:

Supervising day-to-day operations of all city departments;

Supervising the department heads
Preparing a draft city budget each year with options the council votes on;
Researching and making recommendations about topics of interest to the council;
Meeting with citizens and citizen groups to understand their needs better;
Providing executive leadership that encourages good performance by city workers;
Operating the city with a professional understanding of how all city functions operate together to their best effect.

We need to reduce the bureaucracy and make government accessible to for constituents.

The other thing about consolidating both Detroit and Wayne County would lead to regionalizing the schools. Dissolve all school board districts and reorganize under a regional authority through Wayne RESA. People do not support my notion of doing this but what the hell has regular school boards been able to accomplish?

Instead of city councils we need city commissioners to represent those constituents. We only need 19 seats.

It is imperative for city and county government work together to make this happen. If we do not accomplish this goal we will be sitting here while the rest of the country advances.

This is why we need a city manager to handle the day to day functions of the city.

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