Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Detroit Will Come Back When The Unions Leave by Akindele Akinyemi

When it comes to hearing Detroit Politics, its like watching a rerun of Gilligans Island. The same thing over and over. I heard the same thing in the Mayor Kilpatrick's speech last night.
I have been hearing about Detroit's Renaissance for 25 years and it never happened and I am fully convinced it never will. Why? Because the city is basically uneducated,poor and therefore crime is rampant. Downtown Detroit is having some success in its revitalization. Most Black residents have given up and moved to the suburbs...Southfield, Lincoln Park, Redford, Farmington, etc. Therefore, Detroit's population is sinking fast.
In order for Detroit to become a world class city again leadership needs to change. I have never seen am imbalance of political power in this city. I have had some hardcore Democratic grassroots activists tell me that Detroit will always be Democratic. My counterargument was that since Detroit will always be Democratic the city will always be plagued with crime, failing schools and no hope for a rebirth.

Mayor Kilpatrick has the skills necessary to bring commerce to the city. However, he must begin to talk about regionalization and privatizing businesses. Anyone who is against this must have something better to offer. What would be the solution? Keep union jobs in the city? So I can sit on my ass at home and cut my grass on taxpayers time when I am suppose to be at work? I cannot be fired because I am unionized.
I can work in Detroit Public Schools and slap the dog mess out of a child and because I am unionized I will not be fired. Not to mention I can double dip when I feel like it.
I can do sloppy work on the police force and because I am unionized there are no consequences. In some cases I can kill a innocent citizen and get away with murder because I am unionized.
The biggest problem in Detroit is how unions have created a lazy mentality for our people. We work less and get paid more. We fear no consequences in a union. Since the Democratic Party is taking care of us we will always be in control of the city. We love the norm here. Laziness.
As the unions go away finally, as well as people dying off from the old guard, urban conservatives can finally take root in a city that is in desperate change.
Most union people are so un-Godly and even the preachers in our community are un-Christian. They too, like the Council of Baptist Pastors, are bought off by profit.
So between the preachers and unions we have a climate of chaos in our community. A culture of death with no hope of resurrection. We hold silly vigils and marches as if we are int he 60s.
My solution to crime? Form vigilante groups or reinstate capital punishment in Michigan. Put your loved ones or the ones you hate on death row. Race does not matter and if our people happen to be the ones on death row perhaps this will send a signal to those who are preparing to commit crime that they better think about the consequences first. People will think twice before killing each other or doing something SICK like having oral sex with an infant (like that fool in Adrian, Michigan).
Some have even told me that I should not complain about Detroit because I am a resident here. Who the hell said I have to stay here with you? I am trying to move just like any other Black person seeking the greater power and salvation. My family is far more important than trying to be some BS activist who cannot articulate the issues and think social policy is going to save Detroit. My calling is building a REGIONAL Detroit or what some may call a new METRO Detroit not just save the hood. You must be joking.
To further illustrate my point, when the city hosted the super bowl, instead of attending super bowl festivities as a party goer, Kilpartrick should have organized the Chamber of Commerce to recruit business owners to do business in the city, instead vendors came to Detroit and made their money and split.

Some feel that in order for Detroit to get back on it's feet we need a WHITE mayor with a business sense who can bring some businesses back to the city and create jobs. This is racism or self-hatred at it's peak. Race should not even matter when we are building up a Regional Detroit.

If our current mayor was White and the city and the school system were in its current condition Black people would be crying racism and marching and holding demonstrations outside the Coleman A. Young Center but because the mayor is Black we don't hold he nor the City Council accountable.
We need an option. Either we push for privatizing and regionalization or Black families need to leave Detroit and live in the suburbs or move out of the state.

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