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Detroit:The End of The Tunnel by Akindele Akinyemi

Comerica, K-Mart, Phizer, Thyssen Krupp, families that have a dual degree, even those who are in hospice are leaving Michigan (one way or another).
Michigan is in a single-state recession. It is a damn shame that young people are leaving Michigan. It's more of a shame that NO politician or civil rights leader I have encountered in the last six months have come up with an answer. Let alone community leaders who have the intelligence of an gnat.
That because there are no answers to this living hell. You see if you are on the family and friends plan in Detroit you good to go. These are the same people that are running around in packs and positioning themselves for a run a State Representative race in 2008. Meanwhile, they will come to us for help and when they are done helping they will go back and live large while we are making preparations to leave this state because we cannot survive here. The people in the inner circle can survive here. This is no more than a modern day holocaust.
When I heard that Comerica was leaving I said to myself good. And while Mayor Kilpatrick said this ludicrous statement:
"Detroit has to keep moving. The city is on the rise. It's the biggest turnaround story in the nation. I think (Comerica) is going to regret it."
What Detroit does this Mayor run? Detroit, Oregon?
Here is a city that has seen its last days. A city in receivership. We are no better than Flint or Highland Park. Yet, we should still keep everything Black. We should regret upholding Black Power for three decades with no results.
School system has past failed. City services move as slow as molasses. A City Council that should perform in this year's Universoul Circus. Comerica is going where the money is flowing.
That place is Dallas, Texas.
So why are area ministers protesting Comerica from moving? Other than some TV time they have no clue either. The ministers want Comerica to reverse their decision.
Let me break it down for you. If ministers want to do something then they should recall Granholm. Or recall some of these same ministers who belong to the NAACP and other civil rights organizations. A community must be based on educational growth not educational decadence. We cry and moan about insurance rates in the city but NEVER tell or educate our people on not to carjack each other because this puts the AREA at risk!!!!
We complain about how teachers need pay raises in Detroit Public Schools but my question is for what? To keep your gambling habit going every night? You have put whole mortgages on the line at Motor City, MGM and Greektown Casinos and when you lose your paycheck, your mortgage as well as your second line of income you want to SHUT DOWN the school system, make children suffer and cry about a pay increase when it is YOUR FAULT that you could not take care of your finances.
We complain about jobs leaving Michigan but give Granholm a free pass on imposing a 2% tax hike on services. Rep. Cushingberry is now talking about a 3.9% tax hike on property taxes in Michigan. Why are YOU supporting Cushingberry and the sad thing is that we have no one that will run against him next year. He will get right back in there. Have you checked his background? Yet, he is the Chair of the Appropriations Committee. No one says anything about this. Black people in his district are excited that he is their Representative.
Take a look at the Sunday Paper in the employment section. It is three pages long. It's razor thin.
Here is the solution. If you are an educated individual who have a family I am urging you to leave Detroit. Kill the Pro-Black attitude about I have to stay here because this is where my people at. OUR people are the problem not the solution in Detroit. The carjackings, the murders, the poverty, the gay and lesbian gangs in our schools, the failing public schools, the teacher unions,Unions period, the City Council, the Mayor, the Governor, all are working against you to live in peace. You cannot breathe the air here without smelling the pollution. You cannot drink the water. You cannot sit on your porch and even in your front room without wondering if a bullet is coming through your window. How in the hell that we cannot SIT in our living room when we are paying property taxes let alone a house note?
Do we blame racist public policy for the demise of Detroit? HELL NO!!! We are to blame for our demise. We love poverty. We accept it. We love failure. We love the hood. We love seeing Ray and G-Love get shot in the back of their heads and talk about it instead of coming up with solutions. We get excited when we see Tamika on her 7th baby and let the welfare system take care of her children. We love getting tattoos all over our bodies and then expect to get a job. We love tongue rings but get pissed when we cannot get a job. We are excited about not fixing the foster care system and while our children fall in the cracks of the system ministers are silent on this issue. They are too busy protesting Comerica and other businesses that want out of Michigan because Michigan is taxing their businesses too high.
We protest violence on city blocks for political purposes never a moral purpose. Churches are too scared to talk about HIV/AIDS and morality. In fact, we are so caught up on race that we have lost total sight of what is necessary for us to survive.
Public Policy is NOT to blame for poverty, job loss and failing schools. We have achieved Black Power in this city so WE CONTROL THE PUBLIC POLICY NOT WHITES. Black Public Policy dictates that if you want a job you have to meet the following criteria:
Be an active member of the Democratic Party.
Be an active member of the NAACP or some other civil rights group
Hate Bush (and all Republicans...Black or White)
Love Granholm
Sex someone (in some cases not all)
Roll in cliques
Play the blame game
Lie and say Detroit is on the comeback
If you can meet three parts of the criteria you are now on the family and friends plan in Detroit.
Also our public policy in Detroit:
Fighting for reparations for slavery.
Africa Town/Powernomics
Tax increases.
Support DFT.
Support BS coalitions like saving Detroit Public Schools.
Support poverty.
Keeping welfare the way it is.
Cry about why we no longer have affirmative action.
Lower insurance even though carjackings are astronomical in the city.
Fight against privatizing services.
Fight against regionalization.
Educate our children about Africa but never place any substance to encourage them to go.
Keep voting the Democratic Party (even if you are an independent voter).
Support same sex marriages and unions.
Support single family homes.
Support Activist Judges who are easy on Black men and women who kill people.
Support liberal churches that are Godless and political.
Blame other nationalities for the failures of Blacks in Detroit.
Vote Name Recognition.
Do not allow City Council to be broken up by districts like other normal major cities in America.
Support criminal activities.
Everyone who is Black must stay in Detroit because White people hate us.
Support community activists who have less than 1% of intelligence.
They even feed people in jail Burger King in Dearborn Heights (a liberal city).
I am urging Blacks to leave Detroit and move where it is necessary to find jobs. If you have to move out of state then do that. Period. Do not let anyone stop you from accomplishing your dreams for success.
The City of Detroit is the worst place to live right now and as long as Democrats run this city we will never see daylight again.

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