Saturday, March 24, 2007

The End Of The Detroit School Board by Akindele Akinyemi

Detroit Public School are on its last leg. Or should I say the leg is now broken.

I cannot believe that the Detroit School Board voted 6-5 in favor of allowing the schools not to close. They caved into pressure from the Black Insurgents in the audience that only wanted the schools to be left open for the following reasons:

  • To use Detroit Public Schools as a babysitting service.
  • So parents would not be held accountable for their children's behavior.
  • So they can go home and watch their soap operas.
I though we were voting for a competent school board. Who in the hell allowed Marie Thornton and Annie Carter to get on that school board anyway?

The truth of the matter is this. We have allowed these Black insurgents, who are uneducated, trifling and cannot read worth a damn if they tried to, be a vocal segment of the people. Didn't anyone pay attention about how Wayne County have lost over 89,000 residents? While Detroit’s population continues to decline these insurgents decide to stick their collective heads in the sand to keep open schools where enrollment is lower than a McDonald’s drive thru at 3 AM.

Instead of seeing the light of reality, allow these low enrollment schools to close and focus resources on the remaining schools that need it (I recently was in Ludington Magnet Middle School and the boys’ bathroom lacked paper to dry my hands with. The bathroom also reminded me of scenes from bad prison movies) those that showed up for last night’s meeting and some of the board decided it was wrong to close these under performing buildings.

Hey, it is really nice that they aren't going to close the schools. Now the students can sit in the school and learn nothing since the school district cant afford teachers.

The parents as well as insurgent leaders in the grassroots community are in complete denial. They offer no new plans, no alternative sources of funding.

Here is something else I want to point out:

"...board members -- again by a 6-5 vote -- rejected an attempt to have the board hear a presentation on the district's financial condition."

That one statement speaks volumes. They vote to not see the financial information. Unbelievable. Detroit is so deeply in denial that they don't even want to see vital information. It's like someone who's in financial trouble but won't look at their checking account statement and keeps writing checks against a nearly empty account. Sooner or later, they're going to have the power to make decisions taken away from them and their favorite schools are going to be closed anyway and the votes of the board members, or their upcoming election, won't matter. Their lack of leadership in making tou
gh decisions, worrying more about their popularity, is not serving the people in Detroit in the end.

It is time for Urban Conservatives to wake up and be vocal on this issue. We should want to help the schools to get in better condition and to keep them from being closed whenever possible. For two reasons: just because your parents are idiots and raise you in one of the country's most dangerous cities (but not the cheapest, so don't give me an excuse about budgeting-there are cheaper housing markets all over the area: try Taylor, Westland, Inkster, Clinton Twp, Downriver, ect), you shouldn't have to pay for their mistake w/ a poor education and perhaps it's a quality education that will keep you from making the same dumb mistakes.

Second, a good school district will diminish the migrating flow of the city-folk out into the neighboring suburbs and pockets of Royal Oak, Warren, Oak Park, Southfield and Farmington Hills will stop looking like Highland Park. It's so funny, those who leave Detroit have no idea that they ARE the problem. Their uneducated, pants below their butts, 50 cent blaring, bling-bling loving family member are the reason for Detroit's INCREDIBLE reputation.

It is no reason why Black people are embracing regionalization at a alarming rate. Look at where we are living. I spoke to several Black families in Western Oakland County and they told me that there is no way in hell they would move back to the city. They would rather die out here than live in Detroit.

So as Black people are moving out to the suburbs, we cannot go out there and poison the suburbs with our problems. I keep telling our people that WE are the reason our homes are foreclosed, bankruptcy pending, son who is a "pharmaceutical distributor" or "street pharmacist", daughter whose 16 and on baby # 2 with my tax dollars in SSI for every time she spreads her legs (honestly, if you can get through that red tape that keeps most hard-working single moms from the UP without any financial assistance, then you are TOO SMART to need Affirmative Action), ghetto music blaring, "ya-know-what-I'm-saying" spouting, ghetto rear ends on the south side of 8 mile.

I would be happy to role up my sleeves and get down to work in terms of building a new reality. There will be haters calling me out of my name by the time they get done reading this but at this point there to help keep them away from my home. What should I do? I'll volunteer, sign checks when I can afford them, (because like most of them I don't claim disability because my arm hurts and sit on my butt all day while citizens pay my rent for me, I choose to work a full time job and go to school full time instead even if I feel like crap most of the time), help clean up schools, show up at meetings-whatever it takes!

Let's take back our suburbs because we really don't need Detroit. We have Bosch bringing in new people, Dearborn is actually thriving (check the housing market if you don't believe me, new people are coming), Google's boosting Ann Arbor and hundreds of new businesses unaffiliated with the UAW are popping up everywhere. Other counties in Michigan will survive because we are built of a long-standing tradition of people working 100 hour work weeks and eventually buying the Bloomfield Hills house after building themselves from scratch.

We need to transform the psychology of our people in Detroit and that will be the only salvation we will need. Anyone who voted to keep the schools opened should be replaced.

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