Thursday, March 08, 2007

Granholm Wants Young People To Leave by Akindele Akinyemi

You know I think it is time for a recall of Governor Jennifer Granholm. I really do think this. They recalled the former Governor of California a while ago to usher in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Perhaps we need to usher in some with some dignity like Terri Lynn Land for Governor. I am not a fan of recalls but Granholm is getting worse as a Governor.

Anytime I read about how Gov. Granholm is cutting tuition reimbursement for Department of Labor and Economic Growth employee's (or any employees) but at the same time going around the state talking about how tuition is affordable in Michigan deserves to be recalled. Interesting, I don't see Call Em Out talking about recalling the Governor. The Michigan Democratic Party are very happy about Granholm's decision to cut tuition reimbursement. This Governor is so damn stupid that she would rather take the time to increase funding for worker training for a failing manufacturing sector than transform the economy into hi-tech workforce.

It is already bad enough that Granholm scared people to death about DeVos and China during last year's lie-fest but this same Gvoernor will not explain to those who re-elected her to office why the Michigan Economic Development Corporation has an office in Shanghai, China. I guess that office (that taxpayers are footing the bill for) is Granholm's vacation spot.

And what about this No Worker Left Behind Foolishness that Granholm is proposing? I know I talked about this recently but I have to make this point. She is so caught up on helping the poor what about those who have busted their asses (like myself) who has been to school (4 + years) to get to where I'm at and cannot find a decent job? She is not helping the educated worker to stay in Michigan but is helping the uneducated worker who not only will not take advantage of this free program in community college but will rather sit up on their asses and collect a check while my tax dollars pay for this wasted program. I think this is the biggest waste of tax payers money I seen in recent times. It's worse than that ugly football structure over I-94 and Telegraph Road.

Why should Michigan Taxpayers foot the bill for a program that people will only show up for two weeks and cry about how hard it is and drop out?

The purpose of ANY tuition reimbursement in ANY program is to encourage the worker to push ahead with their education in the field that they are working in. Any liberal or conservative understands this. But Granholm does not care about keeping young people in Michigan. She wants us to leave. She wants labor to continue running the state in the ground. And we, as a poeple, sit and applaud her efforts blindly.

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