Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hating On Connie Calloway

From Detroituncovered.com

New information is coming out about Connie Calloway the selection committee choice to be the new superintendent of the Detroit Public School District. Calloway was placed on administrative leave then dismissed from her job as Superintendent of Trotwood-Madison School District in Dayton, Ohio for unspecified reasons. There were reported complaints from teachers about her management style and the fact that she would involuntarily make staff transfers. After that dismissal Calloway worked as Director of Dayton Academy, a Charter School.

Calloway is said to be a strong proponent of Charter Schools.

Calloway has never lead an urban public school district with more than 5,700 students; that's equivalent to two Detroit High Schools. Calloway is clearly not qualified to lead the Detroit District and that's evident by the number of groups who've come out in support of a new search.
The Coalition of Better Detroit Public Schools, The Council of Baptist Pastors, Detroit and Vicinity, The Detroit City Council and The Detroit Free Press.

Since 1989 Detroit has had eight (8) General Superintendents/CEO's.

The Detroit Public School system needs continuity to continue its recent rise in MEAP scores under the leadership of its current Superintendent William Coleman and his team of administrators, support staff, teachers and parents. And after this matter is settled Detroit voters must then deal with a School Board that has not operated in the best interest of parents and the community.

Editor's Note: While I am not a proponent of Detroit Public Schools and would like to see the district shrink, close 60 schools and regionalize itself into Wayne RESA this sister get's my support due to two things: supporter of charter schools and no nonsense approach. In other words, she can stand up to the Detroit Federation of Teachers and tell them to go somehwere.

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