Thursday, March 08, 2007

Let's Support Conservative Families by Akindele Akinyemi

As an Urban Conservative it is my God-given duty to enhance our family structure by rebuilding the educational system through choice that will eventually lead to economic power. This is no fluke. It takes work and removing the shackles of slavery from your mind to achieve this type of regional power.
Back in 2005 Former Rep. Leslie Mortimer introduced HB 5267. The bill states the following:
To establish that in a custody dispute between parents, a court must order joint custody unless it determines by clear and convincing evidence that a parent is unfit, unwilling, or unable to care for the child; or unless the parent moves outside the school district and is unable to maintain the child's school schedule without interruption. In that case, the court must order that the parents submit to mediation to determine a custody agreement that maximizes both parents' ability to participate equally in a relationship with their child while accommodating the child's school schedule.
This bill never made it out of committee.
Jennifer Granholm and her Democratic allies talk about Michigan being family friendly. This is so far from the truth and I cannot understand why Black people are not outraged about how Rep. Lamar Lemmons Jr. promised to vote on the bill and turned around and did not support the bill. Did he realize that at the time HB 5267 could have removed the incentives for family break-up and improve the plight of Michigan's children by improving their chances of having two parents involved in parenting them. And you know what is funny? Black liberals who will read this will say this bill was only for White families and not Black families.
Now we have Rep. Brenda Clack not supporting a similar measure that will be re-introduced soon. Clack is from Flint. Black two parent families are rare in Flint so why wouldn't she support this? ALL BLACK legislators should be on this issue for most of us believe in God. If this is the case then where is the outrage? A bill like HB5267 would have created balance in the home between mothers and fathers (in terms of joint custody).
Michigan will have no economic recovery until it fixes the social plight of our families. There will be no urban regional power or control if we cannot fix the families.
I would love to get our faith based communities to join One Network. We are pushing for relationship building more than ever. Fellas, if you are with a woman you love and have invested your time with then keep it up. Ladies, if your man is God-fearing and is handling business in the real world and is helping raise the family then build and expand in your community from your relationship. This is why it is so critical to transform communities like Inkster and Benton Harbor into the new Farmington Hills or Canton Township. We can do this by establishing Jesus Christ in our livelihoods and telling government that we are not interested in government cheese but Kraft Cheese, government peanut butter but Jif, and government ran schools but charter and private schools. Building an economic base in urban regional networks will come from participating in the free market society where we are competing for businesses, contracts and reducing crime. We preach the Bible but we are afraid to practice the Word.
We have so many real estate people and developers. Are we building homes in Belleville? What about tearing down those old shacks for welfare people in River Rouge and building brand new Section 8 homes that are state of the art. Churches have to get out of the welfare mentality and get with the prosperity mentality. That does not mean getting paid all the time but living God's Kingdom right here on Earth. We want to live in clean neighborhoods with clean parks that are drug free. Good charter schools as well as excellent traditional public schools. Students who cannot afford to go to private institutions should receive tax based scholarships to go to school for a quality education. We do not need government to raise us. We need government as a SERVICE not a dependency.
Title IV-D is keeping Black people on the plantation and thanks to the Democratic Party we are now permanently stuck on damned because they every election cycle this party promises MORE social and welfare programs if you vote Democratic.
Michigan is losing jobs fast enough to blow us right back to the depression era. We should be promoting healthy families that raise stable individuals with positive morals and values. To continue the current path, in 10 more years Michigan alone will be comprised of close to 50% of single parent children.
The time is now to build our families up. We must reject gangsterism from our households. We must teach our children their culture and history but at the same time respect other cultures and people who do not have the same skin color as ours. Stay away from ANYONE that is teaching or preaching hate (Black or White). I have learned that the family that practices Christ's laws will be successful not the ones who is preaching mumbo jumbo from some Black Nationalist book or some Klan propaganda.
Husband and Wives must COMMUNICATE with each other to survive. Both parties MUST communicate with the children. Teach them that academic competition is healthy and in the end you will come out on top.
Most importantly, a Black Conservative family that practices what they preach will come out of any obstacle because they have faith in God and respect the family structure. State Government is no where to be found in decision making when the Bible is open and is being read daily. If we begin, as conscious conservatives, to vote our values in open elections instead of using our power to vote as a name recognition circus, our community will be transformed overnight. We want our Demcoratic elected officials to vote their values, not vote because the unions told you to vote this way. Ignore legislative report cards because that hold no merit when it comes to Jesus Christ. If the NAACP is giving you, as a Black lawmaker, a "F" because you voted your values then you did the right thing. Perhaps the NAACP need to re-evaluate what God they are serving.
Building urban regional networks takes time and energy but if we place God as the center of this regional network all things will come to flourish. We need to support churches within these networks that are building strong families. No questions asked. It is the church where we will gain the economic, political and educational engine we need to bring all people together as one.

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