Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The NAACP Need A Dose Of Reality by Akindele Akinyemi

I just got wind about Bruce Gordon is out at the NAACP. It is a shame that a good brother who has the business skills to run the biggest and baddest organization must leave due to "differences" in the organization.

I was reading on "Ragged Thots" that summed up the NAACP:

Pardon the bluntness, but the NAACP ain't going to change while Julian Bond still runs the board. He is too dogmatic, too ideologically-fixed, in a 1960s political mindset to allow growth for the group in the 21st century. It was Bond that created much of the conflict between the group and the Bush White House, personalizing policy differences with the Republican Party, not once, but repeatedly.

Ahh, there is the source of the problems of the NAACP. I can remember how Julian Bond went on a terror not too long ago about the Republican Party. However, he refuses to tell the actual story to young people how Blacks were Republicans when he was growing up and when he was young activist.

I wrote a while back on how we need to bring the NAACP back to it's pristine purity. Presently, the NAACP is against vouchers while 60% of Black people want vouchers. To say that these 60% are out of touch with reality is foolish. The NAACP are also against charter schools and I can see this right here in Detroit. However, these are civil rights issues.

In fact, the NAACP’s opinion has outweighed the pleas of black parents for a long time now. The civil rights organization should be charged with educational neglect, given the current state of affairs of black students. Consider this: School statistics show that more than 50% of black children enrolled in Detroit schools are failing their subjects. Only 21% of Black students in DPS are graduating on time.

What has been the NAACP’s response to these dismal statistics in Detroit? The formation of countless task forces rather than facing the root of the problem: lack of accountability, integrity and trust. The NAACP are so in the bed with the teacher unions that it has caused a crisis in our community.

Is the NAACP is in the midst of a leadership crisis? I am not sure but I know one thing. Business cannot continue as usual.

The NAACP finds itself today operating amid significant changes in America and the world. The major issues faced by the civil rights era are, for the most part, over. Challenges we face today, are a lack of self-reliance at a community level, high crime rates in our communities, a public school system that needs restructuring, teen pregnancies and too many young males in prison.

I have said this before as well. In order for the NAACP to roar back into the 21st century it must accept urban conservatives into it's midst on a local level first. This includes leadership roles as well as playing key roles in the organization. The NAACP must bring balance to the table on education, crime and regionalization. The NAACP had damaged it's credibility by being a mouthpiece for communists and the Democratic Party. In fact, the DNC do not even need a get out the vote campaign...call the NAACP.

What is funny is that most Black liberals in the City of Detroit belongs to the NAACP. Since the Detroit Branch is the largest NAACP branch in the country why is Detroit looking more and more like Palestine? Hey, they say they are the biggest and the baddest and the boldest and I do not have a problem with that. But if this is the case why have conditions gone to hell in urban America and especially Detroit? Young people with multiple degrees are leaving Michigan to find jobs in their field of study. What is the NAACP saying about this? Racism? Poverty? Some lame ass excuse of why you are supporting people and ideologies that does not look after young educated Blacks with families to begin with? If you are serious about brothers and sisters who are qualified to get a job to earn enough to help their families you would not be moving people internally from one job to the next, placing them Downtown at the Mayor's office or practicing a high degree of nepotism when we are forced to leave our families here in Michigan and go else where to work. Did the NAACP ever factor in how we are leaving our children behind with our mothers, fathers and in some cases grandparents so we can eat? Is this what the NAACP is about: breaking up Black families due to the job climate while they move their own people to better paying jobs? I guess you have to be in to fit in. Another form of slavery if you ask me.

To further prove their allegiance to the Democratic Party guess who is coming to speak at the Detroit Branch NAACP Dinner on April 29th? Former President Bill Clinton. You remember him? The one who got up at Greater Grace Temple and lied in front of thousands of people at Rosa Parks funeral about him riding a bus to school? In fact, since I have been going to these dinners I have never seen the local branch book a keynote speaker who is a Black Republican or Black Conservative. I wonder why? If you currently ask any member of the NAACP here in Detroit who would they support for President in 2008 most would say Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. The little man running for President will not stand a chance in hell even thought his values and policies are correct. They are supporting Obama because he is Black or Clinton because she is a woman.

Jesus help us.

Urban conservatives have the power to do several things because the ball is in our court. One, we can strengthen our numbers by joining the National Black Republican Association (NBRA), or two, build urban conservative networks to further our cause. Some urban conservatives I have spoken to would like to join the NAACP and change it around. My response: unless you have a plan to place on the table you will be pulling your hair out because of the shadow racism that is going on within the organization. Ask yourself this question, would you join the NAACP? The NAACP supports murder of Black children through abortions, failing public schools, anti-educational choice, same sex marriage and supports a welfare state that had led to poverty-stricken mentalities in Black communities nationwide.

Do you remember how Affirmative Action was defeated in Michigan? Black people from BOTH One United Michigan and NAACP would not go out into the White areas of Michigan to talk to potential voters about the seriousness of Affirmative Action but wanted to stay in their comfort zone with Black people in urban communities. The underground strategy was White folks need to talk to White folks about Affirmative Action and we can stay here in the hood.

Therefore, affirmative action was defeated not just because of White folks but Black people who UNDERSTOOD the ballot language voted YES on 2 as well. The NAACP must remember that no one wins the race in racism and that ridiculous strategy backfired. Now, they are crying foul.

If I was the old heads at the NAACP I would reduce my role to an advisory role and groom and allow our young people to run the organization. I'm glad to see Donnell White as the Deputy Director of the Detroit Branch NAACP. I love his militant spirit. The young people in the NAACP have potential but must be taught the facts. That is where urban conservatives come into play. We can teach them how to become better Democrats and Republicans with our training. They do not have to keep a liberal slant but a balanced viewpoint on how to create solutions in the community. These urban conservatives that we are placing in the NAACP will push for family values by way of educational options, lobby for tougher measures on crime, regionalization, educating civic education to ensure the voter can make up his/her mind to vote not just vote Democratic, supporting marriage between man and woman, supporting welfare limits and wealth creation without government's interference.

We need more young adults who are urban conservatives to change the mood and spirit of the NAACP if it's going to survive another 100 years. Otherwise, do not waste your time. Join the NBRA.


Free-Man said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - Bruce Gordon made the NAACP so agreeable to Bush & The Fascist FOX Network relatives of Bush that Bush gave a speech to the body & FOX broadcast NAACP Image Awards - Good Riddance Apologist for Racism - Sexism - NonSelf Determination - UnEqual Schooling Opportunities for All Children

akindele akinyemi said...

whatever...fool. You bitch about being progressive but I have seen your blog and you have nothing on it!!!!! Not even a real commentary let alone some solutions.