Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pulling Hoe Cards From The Left by Akindele Akinyemi

I am not interested in the urban agenda. I am interested in an urban execution. If we are to build an urban agenda it should be centered around regionalization. The reason? We are not living on a small island anymore. Detroit is shrinking and the greater Metropolitan areas are becoming larger. Sprawl is moving like an hurricane. There is no way to stop it.
This is why we need to convert our way of thinking from a socialist way of thinking to a more free-market way of thinking.
A free market way of thinking is embracing free market economics through educational choice. Economically we should, as the Black community, reject any tax hikes or increases from liberal state lawmakers here in Michigan. We should be promoting less taxes, less government and more money for families in our communities.
We should not embrace brothers and sisters who are running for re-election that would like to support a tax increase in our community. This is a slap in the face to those who are already broke.
And we definitely should not support candidates who are running on a covert socialist platform.
For example, remember former State Rep. Ed Vaughn from the 4th District? He was elected to the State House on a socialist platform. He did not get one bill passed. Then he ran for mayor against Dennis Archer and got his ass waxed.
Now we have some legislators who might be caving into pressure from the Afro-centric grassroots who are the loud minority in this city.
Let me begin by saying that these people are no one to worry about. They thought they were instrumental in getting Jo Ann Watson elected to the Detroit City Council. The Detroit City Council are dysfunctional so why would we be happy to elect her there?
I would also like to say how those lawmakers in Lansing need to vote their values and not vote because of special interest groups. I am concerned about the bills being presented from our freshman lawmakers. It sounds like they have been listening to their constituents who are reading below grade level.

These same people who are products of the failing Detroit Public Schools are taught that every waking thought of White America is racist; Black people are perennial victims of White oppression; we have no control over our lives and destiny. The only way Black people can achieve anything is to prey upon white guilt, and seek special privileges like affirmative action, handouts, and lately reparations and apologies for slavery.
Sounds like to me a waste of time. If we are serious about transforming our communities then we do not need to point towards public policy and stay angry. We need to point towards public policy from a regionalized perspective to keep things balanced. We no longer have affirmative action so how come we cannot get busy and train our children to compete in a 21st century reality academically?
Some of us are so lazy that we do not want to get library cards not just for ourselves but for our children to check out books and have access to the Internet. Is that White racist public policy preventing us to get the library card?
We need to wake up.

Our young people are taught that racism is everywhere. If a disproportionate percentage of Blacks are on death row, it isn't because 50 percent of murders committed in Michigan are committed by Blacks and almost all the victims are black. No, the disproportionate percentages are caused by racism in the criminal justice system and slavery's legacy. When large percentages of Black high-school graduates can't muster even 700 or 800 on the SAT, it isn't because they haven't studied hard enough and applied themselves. It's the result of racism and slavery's legacy.
I hear these liberal politicians talking about Universal Health Care for everyone. Wow, what a socialist perspective. I do not think the solution is having universal health care because who would foot the bill? I believe in taking care of our elderly but what about turning to the largest corporation in the Black community?
The Black church?
I talked about this a while ago about these storefront churches consolidating their efforts to build nursing homes and hospitals for our sick where we could lower the cost of health expenses.
The other way of dealing with health care is for us to take care of our bodies NOW so we will not walk down this aisle of death later. So many of us in our community have stopped cooking at home and now eat out daily. We eat fast food, smoke anything from cigarettes to weed to crack, drink ourselves to death, do not exercise and do not get annual checkups not just from the doctor but also the dentist as well.
We drive down the street as if we are racing to cause accidents. We kill each other from violence in the streets. We eat bad meats from the stores that are not owned by us. All because we have embraced a liberal lifestyle that has cut off our life expectancy in the inner cities. This is why I keep stressing about Blacks leaving Detroit.
Do you have any relatives who are over 90 years old and live in the South? Ever wondered why why they are still here walking around? They have been through Jim Crow and everything. They live a very simple conservative lifestyle. Do not believe me, check it out when you visit your relatives this year.
Blacks are placing themselves in the graves. We do not have to blame White people for this or racism. We do not need Universal Health Care that will drain the system. This is what people like Sen. Martha G. Scott and Gov. Granholm promotes.
Yet, we still blame racism for our failing health.
In fact, never mind about the 40-man fight at Benton Harbor almost three months ago. Mind you these were Black students fighting one another. Not a White person in sight. But racism is to blame. What about the two teens that killed each other last week in Benton Harbor? Was that White racism to blame? Was it Whirlpool's fault?
What about Marie Thornton eating chicken at school board meetings while very important school policies are being implemented. Let a White person say something about that and it's racism.
We blame racism for dividing Black families. Whatever. We have made a conscious decision NOT to build our families on traditional values.
The strangest feature of this particular claim, and a testament to the power of racists, is that racists are able to wreak the greatest educational havoc in the very cities where the mayor is Black, the superintendent/CEO of schools is Black, and most of the teachers and principals are Black.

When it's noticed that Black illegitimacy is 70 percent, and less than 40 percent of Black children live in two-parent families, and social pathology reigns supreme, it's not because of personal irresponsibility. Instead, it's racism and the legacy of slavery. Nobody bothers to notice that a century ago when blacks were much closer to slavery, had fewer civil rights and far fewer opportunities black illegitimacy and family breakdown was a tiny fraction of today's.

The victimization counsel of black and white liberals is debilitating.

This form of paranoia (and I have address this issue many times) teaches young blacks they have no choice or control over their own lives. Success depends not on their own efforts, but on handouts, concessions and leg-ups given by white people. Young Black people should not fall victim of liberal rights groups who aim to keep us ignorant. Groups like People for the American Way, the NAACP, ACLU and others are designed to keep you enslaved in the name of civil rights.
Young adults who have been reading these articles are beginning to reject the left-wing conspiracy to keep them deaf, dumb and blind. They are warming up to building urban regional networks through educational choice and free market economics.
I am also finding more and more young people who are following my philosophy of working both sides of the political aisle. It's time out for blaming White people for our social ills. Black people (especially those who plan on running for State office in 2008) should be focused on free markets education that will translate into free market economics. We should be about the business of building urban regional networks by concentrating our efforts on smaller urban communities like Inkster, Benton Harbor and Ecorse. Just because you were elected in Detroit as a State Representative or State Senator does not mean you do not have obligations to help urban communities in Benton Harbor and Saginaw. Any urban state lawmaker who is just concentrating on Detroit only is fooling themselves and are shooting themselves in the foot over and over again.
Urban Conservatives who are on the One Network team should be prepared to educate our candidates with marketing strategies that will help them win their elections in 2008.

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