Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Time Is Short by Akindele Akinyemi

Jennifer Granholm said in five years we will be blown away. No stuff. I feel like the picture above. I am still seeking for a job that can support a family of four. Since I am not on the family and friends plan in Downtown Detroit I have to seek elsewhere for a job out of state...even though I have family here. Sounds like slavery all over again.

If I stay in Detroit with all of these Black liberals who love Granholm to death here I might end up looking like this:

This person was waiting for the 21st century Jobs Fund Granholm talked about. He is still waiting even after death. It's a damn shame that we have to suffer through this and the people get hit the hardest are the poor Blacks in Detroit. It's strange that you want me to support affirmative action but I cannot eat at my own dinner table because I am laid off.
Get it together people. Time is short.


Afrknsci said...

Damn, I'm already blown away! So she's accomplished her goal, time to go home and take her first husband with her.... I smell a recall soon.
Let's Get it Poppin!

Anonymous said...

These same people are the ones that voted for Jennifer Granholm even though she's proven to make Michigan a worse business climate, with less educated people, and lower growth rates, and dwindling economy, yet they don't blame Granholm for being incompetent, or demand that she make any changes.

Again, Comerica may not have left because of Granholm, but she hasn't done anything to stop the mass exodus, except for beat her chest about the 1000 google jobs, which by the way, is kind of like me blowing my family's life savings in Las Vegas but winning 2 dollars on an instant lotto ticket and trying to get my wife to believe that I'm competent to handle the finances.

Brad said...

Our Governer does not create jobs. It wouldnt matter one bit if Devos had been elected. The fundamental problem is and has been falling car & truck sales. When this changes for the better, jobs will be added again.

Example : If enough unemployed left Michigan , then our unemployment numbers would drop and we would have a lower unemployment rate than many other states. Statistically, this would appear as a boom to someone in another state because they could say that Michigan has a lower unemployment rate, they must be doing well.