Monday, March 12, 2007

The Urban Conservative Movement by Akindele Akinyemi

One Network is moving right along. We are serious about building urban regional networks in our community.

This weekend I was back out in Benton Harbor, Michigan establishing our office of One Network out there. We now have a official presence in Benton Harbor. My coordinator out in our West office is Belinda Brown. Mrs. Brown has been working in the field of education in various capacities for over 25 years. Her explicit knowledge of what is going on in Berrien County is important to the advancement of the One Network's efforts of building regional alliances.

Helping Mrs. Brown is Helen Mitchell. Ms. Mitchell is a community activist who ran for Benton Harbor Area School Board recently. She is my political wheel out there in Benton Harbor.

We have also established a 501(c)3 in Benton Harbor to begin classes on Urban Regional Networking. We have established a partnership with Forty Mile Financial LLC out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who did an excellent presentation on investing in Benton Harbor.

After speaking to various clergy, city commissioners and community activists they all agreed that we must begin to move in a different direction not just for the city but for the region. At one meeting, I explained how there was a need for an establishment of an urban regional network in the area linked by the faith based community.

The crowd erupted with applause. Unlike Detroit, a city where I cannot even discuss regionalization or educational choice because everything is so politically charged and not Christ Centered, the people on the other side of the state want me to continue the strategy sessions. I am also recruting and encouraging young people out there to run for office and invest in their community.

There is also a high demand for educational options in Benton Harbor and people are upset that Gov. Granholm have a cap on charter schools. The children are trapped in failing public schools out there. They are ready to join in with One Network to change that. We are leading this effort by transforming policies out in Southwestern Michigan. They embrace regionalization and are ready to rebuild the central business district.

The One Network is also going to launch a radio program in Benton Harbor next month. Stay tuned for more information on this ground breaking event in Southwestern Michigan.

My travels also helped me meet with Suffragan Bishop Ira Combs in Jackson, Michigan. Bishop Combs is the Outreach Chairman for the Michigan Republican Party. After hours of meeting with him on the vision of One Network he is also on board with us. One Network now have a presence in Jackson, Michigan and I will be going down there to train our young people on family values through educational choice. I will also be co-hosting the American Conservative Values Television Network with Bishop Combs that airs throughout Jackson, Hillsdale, Adrian and parts of Calhoun County.

I will be meeting with officials from Grand Rapids shortly to establish a One Network there to work in conjunction with Benton Harbor.

This network is growing fast.

Soon we will establish an urban regional network with people in Inkster, River Rouge, Romulus, Ecorse, and Ypsilanti. We are pushing for family values through educational choice to create economic empowerment.

We do not have to sit and wait in Detroit for something to happen. Urban Conservatives are needed in these areas.

I am going to these areas once a month to build regional networks and expand contemporary conservative perspectives. If interested contact me at

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