Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Urban Conservatives Must Hold The Key For Economic Reform by Akindele Akinyemi

I am fully convinced that the Democratic Party has done a remarkable job if keeping families poor in Michigan. If you look at the demographic makeup of urban areas in Michigan you will find that most are Democratic controlled.
I have said many times that education is the key to eradicate poverty. There is no room for at-risk behavior.
It is time for Urban Conservatives to be visible. Detroit must obtain political balance if it wants to survive another 50 years. Right now, Democratic policies have terminated the life out of Detroit.
We should all be putting our heads together to develop think tanks for educational and economic reforms in our community. Conservative principles must be at the top of the list.
Urban Conservatives must think of new ways to bring back families to urban communities. A strong conservative family style community will help rebuild the tax base in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Benton Harbor.
Some suggestions that we might be able to implement if we can elect urban conservatives to office.

1.Elimination of cost of living adjustments of those receiving incomes from government tax sources, and requiring all employees to fully pay for their own health insurance and pension programs.

2.Reducing government spending in absolute terms, to reduce its share of the economy's state income, and tax rates.

3. Privatizing more government functions, including education and many other federal and state & local agencies.

4. Developing a strict control of cost accounting and audit on un-funded regulatory compliance costs imposed on the private sector by federal and state & local government entities.

5. Our education quality must include much higher levels of technical excellence achievement, and be proven to far exceed that of our international competitors.

6. Restructuring the education delivery system that gives parents more choice to select any school (private or public) - - to seek significantly higher levels of education quality (especially in math and hard sciences), than is now provided by the current system. Only with significantly higher education quality can today's young people effectively improve their own family incomes, while facing accelerating competition for said income from the global market place - - a challenge that was never faced by today's seniors during their early working careers.
If Urban Conservative take my advice we can begin to push for more economic reform in our community.

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