Friday, March 23, 2007

Urban Conservatives Should Run For DPS School Board by Akindele Akinyemi

I have to say this. I am no fan of the Detroit School Board, however, people have been blowing up my phone and are asking me for my opinion on the upcoming elections.
Personally, it really does not matter who is running the Detroit School Board it will still be in chaos when the general elections are over in November. If you have a liberal way of thinking in terms of operating a school district you will get liberal results.
Originally, I urged my Urban Conservative network to stay out of these races unless you are using them for training purposes for something bigger down the line. However, I feel that urban conservatives should test the water of the DPS elections since we know we can get seats on that board if we really try hard.
First, I think we need to retain people on that board who are seriously trying trim the fat off the bone. In other words, slash and burn anything that is causing the DPS school system to sink faster fiscally. For those who are running in the upcoming elections they should have a fiscal vision of where DPS should be.
Second, we should support any school board member presently that is for educational choice. We need the competition to make our schools stronger.
Third, we need school board members/candidates who are business like but are able to connect with the grassroots community. I'm not talking about Black Grassroots Nationalists. You can leave them out of the picture. I'm speaking of those taxpayers who are educated enough to articulate solutions.
Fourth, I would like to see YOUNG Adults get on that school board that will push for educational empowerment zones, educational options and universal tax credits. I will support any YOUNG ADULT candidate that will come in with a conservative viewpoint on how to change the schools around.
This is probably the most critical point out of the four I mentioned because if you want DPS to come back it will be because of young, articulate, intelligent urban conservatives. Not old grassroots liberals.
So when I saw people like Tonya Meyers Philips, Keith Jones and other young people who ran in 2005 I see that the only thing for DPS is to begin electing young adults to the school board with conservative principles, accountability, integrity and trust.
If you want me to get involved in this dying school board election this year show me some young conservatives that are willing to work and do some things. Personally, I would like to see some young Urban Conservatives running for school board this year. Especially a diverse team of young lawyers, doctors and educators who have been in the classroom setting that have a working knowledge of transforming schools and communities.
The target for now? District 2 and 3 and maybe 7 . Stay tuned.

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