Saturday, March 24, 2007

We Need The Death Penalty in Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

Now any one of you Black Grassroots people accuse this woman, Sonya O'Neal, of being a victim of the "system" or being "brainwashed by White people" is a damn fool.

Here is a woman who killed two innocent children in cold blood. The boys were 11 and 13 years old.

This goes to show you why 13,000 people leave Detroit every single year. The population of the city right now is under 900,000 and dropping.

Politicians can stand outside and have candlelight vigils and churches can skirt around the issue. However, this is the reason why I urge Black people to leave Detroit at once.

Do not let these grassroots people fool you to stay because they feel that Detroit can be turned around.

These are nothing but lies.

Crime is off the hook in this city. There is no difference between Detroit and Iraq. Detroit is also known as the Palestine of the West because of the high number of deaths in this demonic city.

The reality is this. There are children being killed on all levels in this city on a regular basis that never make it to the news. White people are not responsible for this as I have said a million times. Black people kill Black people because we enjoy poverty and being poor. We love the hood. It's exciting to see someone brains hang out in the hood. It gives the neighbors something to take about.

What about the 74% increase on domestic violence in our commuites? Women are being murdered at an astronomical rate. Men have no love for our women in relationships like marriage. We are marrying for the wrong reasons like life insurance policies and access to incomes.

My solutions to the problems that are affecting crime in the Detroit Zoo?

I believe neighborhood block clubs and neighborhood associations should stop thinking from a liberal standpoint and think conservative when it comes to protecting our children and families. If you believe in the 2nd amendment then use your second amendment rights and bust a cap in these drug dealers asses. We have the right to protect what is ours. If a person on our block is a known rapist the brothers on the block need to walk up to that person's home, armed, and put that person on notice that if he is even smelling rape we will protect our children at all costs.

If we are taxpayers who are paying the police's salary and they are taking forever to show up after a crime has been committed then we can look into forming our own police authority. Perhaps zoning a certain neighborhood with a high crime area can form a police authority that will be responsible for protecting the neighborhood. This police authority I'm thinking about is para-military like Blackwater.

We should declare some of these areas in Detroit "Danger Zones" and militarize the area with services like Blackwater. Do what is necessary to get rid of riff-raff in our communities under a Danger Zone.

I would like for us to push for a full death penalty in Michigan. Even though this measure has been turned down several times because White Folks push for it Blacks should push for it. We don't ever push for it because we make up most of the prison population. Perhaps putting our brothers and sisters on death row as well as executing them will remind those who choose to go down the wrong path to think twice before committing a crime. People say everyone deserve another chance. If you take a life, especially if that person was innocent, pumping gas, walking down the street with their family, I do not believe in second chances. Either rot in prison or die by lethal injection.

It's time we stop blaming the lack of jobs for the reason crime is so high. That is ONE factor but not the FACTOR. There is no excuse for raping an 80-year old woman. There is no excuse for killing children in cold blood execution style.

This is why I support judges who are tough on crime and legislators who are tougher on crime. Forget trying to fill up the prisons. A death penalty in Michigan would help curb crime.

We have to hold individuals accountable for their personal behavior in our society. There is no excuse for sociopaths who murder our children. There is no room for liberal thinking when it comes to crime. You commit a crime you pay the price.

As far as those individuals who are responsible for those children's deaths? I would place all of them on death row myself and allow them to have a quick death.


Daniel said...

Maybe The Death Penalty is not good choice. The government and the whole society should take more responsibilities for such cases. Many people are victims of the racism.

Daniel Pennant

Afrknsci said...

I disagree with you...Are people leaving Shelby Township or Michigan because Stephen Grant murdered and chopped up his wife? NO

People are leaving Detroit and Michigan because there are no jobs and sh!t keeps going up(insurance,water,gas,electric) which is funny because your still here complaining about it! I guess you plan to sink along with the titanic ship.

There is no difference between Detroit and Iraq...LIE...Detroit has a large iraqi and palestinian population maybe this why it is also known as the Palestine of the West because ....

These are nothing but lies.

Detroit ranks 37th least safest city according to city data

Detroit ranks 3rd based on FBI data behind ST.Louis and Baltimore

As the death penalty goes the cost of administering the death penalty to a prisoner is more than a lifetime in jail.

The most comprehensive study in the country found that the death penalty costs North Caroline $2.16 million per execution over the cost of sentencing murderers to life imprisonment. The majority of those costs occur at the trial level. (Duke University, May 1993)
-Enforcing the death penalty costs Florida $51 million a year above what it would costs to punish all first degree murderers with life in prison without parole. Based on the 44 executions Florida has carried out since 1976, that amounts to a cost of $24 million for each execution. (Palm Beach Post, Jan 4, 2004)
-In Texas, a death penalty costs an average of $2.3 million, about three times the cost of imprisoning someone in a signle cell at the higest security level for 40 years. (Dallas Morning News, March 8, 1992).

so not only is the death penalty expensive, but it is ineffective.
The only real reason for the death penalty is revenge.

We have to hold individuals accountable for their personal behavior in our society. There is no excuse for sociopaths who murder our children. There is no room for liberal thinking when it comes to crime. You commit a crime you pay the price.


FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive This fascist & racist Court system should not be able to kill people - Black Afrikans will be killed in higher numbers than any other people
Just last week the Berrien County Prosecutor(Benton Harbor) removed all Blacks from Reverend Pinkney's (Black Afrikan)jury trial after a hearing to insure some Black Afikans on the jury - Rev. Pinkney was convicted by an all White European-American Jury - Racist Inequality! & you trust this system?
See ""

Anonymous said...