Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome To One Network by Akindele Akinyemi

Today, we are officially called the One Network. One Detroit is a now just a political training division of the One Network.

When this movement started underground in 2002 under the One Detroit moniker we knew then we were tapping into fertile grounds. Back then we talked about civic education and leadership. Our motto: Making Things Happen.

Fast forward to 2007 and WE are STILL making things happen. We never stopped the civic education training as that project came into fruition when Dick DeVos was running for Governor of the State of Michigan. Our young adults in our network stomped for DeVos. Our program was up and running.

We never stopped when launched our political consulting firm of One Detroit and was training candidates for office.

We never stopped building with faith based organizations that supported change in our community.

We never stopped trying to help our community through collective consciousness.

And now we are ONE NETWORK. One Detroit was the first stage of One Network. We are striving for regionalization, building up brothers and sisters to become ONE as a family, fighting the poverty stricken mentalities with conservative education and creating political balance in the political spectrum. Most importantly, we are bringing liberals and conservatives alike to the table with one common interest: Purpose.

I decided to move ahead with this because we are currently building networks all across the State of Michigan. We have members in Benton Harbor and Grand Rapids. Soon we will be in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Jackson, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti will soon join in the Network. We would have created a Freedom Networks (or railroads) down I-94 and soon will be building Freedom Networks down I-75 and I-96.

I designed and re-created the One Detroit Movement to the Conservative Conscious Movement. This movement is geared towards three things, building family values through educational choice, promoting urban regional networks through economic development and creating a viable consciousness through spirituality. This is a conservative network that is built on principles, values and wealth creation.

The One Network is also geared towards helping young adults of all races understand the importance of regionalization to generate wealth for our community. In this Network there is no room for blame and skin color issues. We are geared towards one goal: prosperity.

We are excited to move in this new direction towards a new community. We are already building urban regional networks in Southwestern Michigan. Regardless of obstacles that will stand in our way we are moving ahead on schedule with or plan.

We are not here to please race baiters, haters or victim-mentality people. We are experts in what we do and will continue to be experts in a professional manner.

The One Choice PAC is now up and running under One Network. In the months to come we will be raising money and resources to help elect our candidates for State Representative in 2008. These candidates must demonstrate that they have the skills necessary to represent their district. The One Choice PAC supports candidates who are pro-educational choice and pro-family.

I am currently traveling the State of Michigan speaking to community activists about the need for a urban regionalization program. I am also speaking to them on developing Educational Empowerment Zones.

The One Network is represented all across the country as we gain networks in Memphis, Tennessee, Baton Rouge, LA and Los Angeles, California. Recently, I became a regular commentator on talk radio in Los Angeles representing urban conservatives.

As we begin to forge ahead we are looking to work with the National Black Republican Association, Black Alliance for Educational Options, Republicans for Black Empowerment, Alliance of Black Republicans, Project 21 and many others we feel it is necessary for us to create a new chapter in this book. It is our greatest intention to rebuild the community through family values and educational choice. We do not need to government to take care of people. Churches will be our source of government as well as a source of salvation.

We are partnering with various groups and organizations. Please check out our website at for more information. If you want to register your organization or be part of the One Network please contact me at or In the upcoming months we will be a coming together NOT for an urban agenda but for an URBAN EXECUTION. We are beginning to do this in Southwest Michigan.

So for those who continue reading our blog we say thank you. For those who think they can come on here and use racial rhetoric to counterpoint our articles I suggest you look the other way. This Network is built on reality and solutions not playing the race card.

Let us build Urban Regional Power through Conservative Consciousness.

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