Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bridging The Gap Between Black Democrats and Black Republicans by Akindele Akinyemi

As Don Imus has been put on the cross for being ignorant and MSNBC just crucified him by announcing the cancellation of his morning talk show liberals are saying that we should continue this dialogue on race.

Since Black people do not like to air their dirty laundry (whatever) we need to have a serious dialogue on how racism affects our community as a whole. What sickens me to my stomach is the fact that Black liberal leadership has come to defend the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team to pocket in profit.

These are called race pimps and hilltop hustlers.

If we are serious about stopping the nonsense then can any liberal who might be reading this ask me where the hell were you when Black Republicans are under constant attack by White people.
One person even said to me that I should be ashamed for defending Imus. When have I ever defended Imus?

This is exhibit 1. White liberals depicting Dr. Condoleeza Rice as "Queen of the DAMNED?" Where were the race pimps? This is total disrespect.

Exhibit 2. Here are White Democratic Liberals depicting Sen. Joe Liberman in Black face. Race pimps where are you?

Exhibit 3. Dr. Rice in caricature depicted as a murderer. White liberals did this again? Where is the outcry?

Exhibit 4. This is self explanatory. Black leaders where are you when White liberal men make fun of your sister?

Exhibit 5. "I'm fighting for Whitey?" This is the United States Secretary of State for Christ sake. Yet, no one is defending this sister.

Exhibit 6. Here is Former Lt. Governor Michael Steele running for U.S. Senate. Here is a sign that is depicting him like Justice Clarence Thomas. To demonstrate my point about how Black people in urban areas are completely clueless about how to create bargaining power in he political spectrum had Steele won his bid for U.S. Senate we would have representation on both sides of the aisle.

Exhibit 7. This is racist from a Black liberal magazine. Did we stop this from even hitting the stands? Hell no.

Exhibit 8. Look at this ridiculous picture of Condoleeza Rice from White liberals again. Did Black liberals stop this? Nope.

Exhibit 9. Look at this Blackface of Michael Steele by White liberals. He is depicted as a Sambo. Not one outcry from Black liberals. Again, we could have had bargaining power at the table had Steele been elected. We love being left in the dust politically.

Exhibit 10. Michael Steele depicted on Sambo by White Liberals. I did not hear Barack Obama, Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson say anything about this. Not even the NAACP!!!!!

Young Black Democrats are beginning to see what I have been saying all along about the need for an alliance with Young Black Republicans. They are beginning to dismiss the racist comments of Black Republicans being Uncle Toms, Holding White Folks Water, Sambos, Aunt Jemima, or House Niggers. Young Black Democrats are beginning to understand the need to work BOTH sides of the aisle instead of dismissing us. While our Young Black brothers and sisters on the Democratic side work the grassroots operation our Young Black Republicans are working at the corporate end. Together we can bring about a new reality in our community.
We do not need the seal of approval from those who are stuck on skin color or racism. This is our fight and our reality. We can now tell those race pimps and hilltop hustlers to go home.
I am urging our Young Black Dems to join me and our Young Black Republican leadership to build an One Network to create new solutions to our challenges. What is bonding us together is our faith in Christ. We, as young adults, should not even be falling for this racist crap. Whether it's Imus, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Sen. Robert Byrd, Sen. Joe Biden, Jeremiah Wright or whoever in Black or White Leadership that is keeping us down. We are a great people of thinkers and it's about time that we understood that Black people are not a monolithic group of people like all these race pimps would like you to think.
If you are a Young Black Dem and are seeking the greater challenge and the greater power I ask you to help your fellow Young Black Republican brother and sister. We have one thing in common: we are Black. All of us are trying to seek prosperity. We need to dismiss the old guard way of thinking and create a new reality for ourselves and our loved ones. We can be conscious of self as well as produce wealth for our families.
The dialogue on Black Republicans and Black Democrats should be based on empowering our urban communities as well as creating political balance. I cannot tell you how many Black Democrats I have supported for various offices in Detroit and Statewide. Now, how many Black Democrats would support a Black Republican for office? See the double standard? Do you see the psychological barrier?
Don't believe what you have heard about me from other liberals. I am a solutions maker not a rebel rouser like many think. Anyone who knows me personally know that I am here to assist, help and create. I have personally travelled this state helping people see the light. Contrary to popular belief, I have never put anyone down. Especially Black people. I have told it like it is for the record. If you don't want me to tell the truth then I will just lie on this blog.
I believe in Black Power....from an academic and economic point of view. Not from a socialist point of view to keep people angry.
I stand by Black women.....most candidates I support are sisters!!!!!
I believe in building urban regional power. If Detroit wants to get on board then we need to have this dialogue between Black Dems and Black Republicans.
The time is now for us to build bridges. We do not need double standards in our community. Don't get pissed with Imus unless we are getting pissed with the constant disrespect of our sisters in hip hop. Don't get mad with Sean Hannity unless you are getting mad at Al Sharpton. We need to be fair to each other in our communities.
Let's put an end to racism and disrespect and make things happen.

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