Friday, April 27, 2007

Connecting With Our Suburban Brothers and Sisters by Akindele Akinyemi

Yesterday, I made my debut on The Oakland Right TV Show that is produced in Waterford, Michigan. The show's host and producer, Jim Thienel, invited me to come on to speak about the illiteracy rate in Detroit and how African Americans continue to be bamboozled with liberal policies that keeps us enslaved. The show was so good that I have been asked to come back on at another time.

Then, I spoke at the North Oakland Republican Club on the subject "What Statewide and Oakland County Republicans can do to create inroads to the African American voter base while retaining core principals."

I must say I enjoyed every minute of it being in a room full of confident Christian brothers and sisters who have one thing in mind.


It is important that groups like the North Oakland Republican Club reach out to African Americans to level the political base in our community. It is also important to have Urban Conservative groups reach out to groups like the North Oakland Republican Club. Like I have said many times before African Americans need representation on both sides of the aisle. It is criminal for all African Americans to be in the Democratic Party or be an independent leaning Democrat. Why should we part of a party that continues to divide our families, keep Black men out of the home and continues to keep us on a social plantation.

Have you seen our urban communities lately in Michigan?

Let us take a further look at how groups like the North Oakland Republican Party can become more effective.

If I was a member of the North Oakland Republican Party (in addition to what I shared with the group last night) and I was seeking to foster a relationship in the African American community I I would further talk about the need for more responsible fiscal stewardship exemplified in support of budgetary restraints vis-à-vis limited government, common sense and business sound bureaucratic regulations that promote and foster small business growth, entrepreneurism, and pontificate the strongest support for free trade markets policies.

I would educate our people on the real deal with social security. African Americans, small business individuals and the poor are lest served, and suffer the greatest losses under today's Social Security system. Republican organizations must discuss how African Americans can ride the freedom train by understanding the full benefits of America's economy. We understand the free market on which every American can increase his lot with reasonable short term and long term returns. However, Social Security does neither. Today's system runs smack in the face of sound business investment principles, and the government would construe similar as illegal and fraudulent were it run by any other business.

We need to understand that Black America, small business individuals and the poor, all on average receive a negative rate of return on their investment with no inheritance transfer provisions in today's Social Security. Further, Black Americans receive even fewer payments due to current life's mortality rate, and subsidizes the rest of America with a net lifetime transfer of wealth from blacks to non-blacks nearly $10,000 per person because of life expectancy.

How do we get the message out?

If we look at the NNPA and their newspaper affiliates across the country the voice of the Urban Conservative is silent. You will see Greg Mathis, Rev. Lonnie Peek, Karen Dumas, and others in the Black press on a regular basis here in Detroit. If Urban Conservatives were to go to the White press in the White community to get our point across we would be considered as sellouts or Uncle Toms because we did not support the Black press. Well, how the hell can we support the Black Press when the Black press will not even give us a fighting chance to voice our opinion.

The other thing is the fact that we have to break out of our comfort zone. For example, look at who is on the panel discussion for the National Town Hall meeting for Freedom Weekend at Cobo Hall this weekend:

Theme: "Which Way Black America"
Confirmed Panelists: Rev. Al Sharpton, Dr. Ron Walters, Minister Rasul Muhammad, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick

Do you see any Urban Conservatives on this panel? How are we supposed to have a concrete and intelligent dialogue on any direction of Black America if we cannot even start off by having a balanced perspective between liberal leadership and conservative leadership in Detroit? The whole panel is liberal and therefore I can just about tell you what is going to be said:

We need more programs
We need more money in the community
The Republicans are trying to cut funding for education
The economy is bad because of the Republicans
We're going after the rappers who call our women hoes.
We need to pull in our resources
Detroit is coming back

I can go on and on but you get the picture.

Take my advice and design focus groups in the community to build family relationships. Explain how GOP policies can help benefit the community and ignore people who continue to keep African Americans on the plantation.

I thank both Jim Thinel and Jim Runstead, President of the North Oakland Republican Club, for inviting me to come out to Waterford, Michigan to bring a message of hope for Americans everywhere.

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