Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Democratic Elites Has Failed Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

Detroit is the African-American capital of Black America. it is also the hub of Democratic leadership. However, most Blacks who reside here are considered educated failures. These are people who are intellectually bankrupt and decrepit; has very short attention span; and energy which easily extinguishes in the face of impediment.

The Black Democratic elite in Detroit has been a total failure; they cannot raise their heads in the community of scholars or the intelligentsia. They want to continue to sit at the head of the totem pole, being spoon-fed, rather than at the head of the battle line leading the masses of Black people throughout the city. That they have not been able to understand that the total Black community is under communist slavery is a testament to their half-education and illiteracy. They are a consumer group rather than a productive group. They cannot devote enough time to research to duplicate the same research already conducted and articulate it in a language intelligent African people can understand.

How could Detroit produce have millions of educated men and women, yet have to import experts in all fields to manage areas of economic development, engineering and others for which Blacks had gone to the same school?

Is it any wonder then, that we go to school and still come out illiterates? Despite our years of schooling, if we need our roads built, we have to contract them out to European engineering firms to build for us; if we need electricity, we get Caucasians or the Japanese to build them for us; if we need drinking water, we have to import European experts to do them for us. We are "highly educated," yet we cannot even assemble a bicycle - we have to import it; we cannot assemble a radio - we have to import it; we cannot assemble a fan - we have to import it; we cannot assemble a television - we have to import it. After getting our degrees to the highest level; we are still stuck at square one. That is the end of it.

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