Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Democrats are Bankrupt on Solutions by Akindele Akinyemi

Did anyone take a look at the unemployment rates in Michigan during the month of February? The unadjusted unemployment rates showed mostly small changes over the month in Michigan’s 17 major labor market areas, according to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth. In February, total employment and labor force levels increased slightly in the majority of areas.
From January to February, nine of the state’s major labor market areas recorded minor jobless rate increases of around a half percentage point or less. The largest over-the-month unemployment rate hikes occurred in the Northeast Lower Michigan Region and the Flint Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Five regions reported jobless rate decreases in February, with the most pronounced declines registered in the Detroit-Warren-Livonia and Monroe MSAs.
And what in the world is State Government proposing to do with this crisis?
Gov. Granholm's solution to the crisis is to imposing a 2% service tax. And State House Speaker Andy Dillion is proposes a electric utility tax. What about Rep. George Cushingberry from Detroit? As the Democratic chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee he has introduced and is pushing House Bill 4500, legislation to increase the Michigan income tax from 3.9 to 4.6 percent, or 18 percent.
Can anyone in his district afford an 18% tax increase? Who in Detroit can afford that? Can Cushingberry afford that?
The average taxpayer in Michigan sends $2,000 to Lansing each year. Still, Michigan is struggling and spending in Lansing remains on the rise.
What do Republicans in Lansing propose? Reform Lansing, reduce spending and offer relief to taxpayers. Yet, the House Democrats claim our policy is bankrupt.
Think about it.
State Republicans believe that we should abide by our state’s constitution and only spend revenues the state collects. On the other hand, State Democrats propose that we should spend anything to provide the services the Governor and the Democrats feel are relevant, pad whichever union bosses coffers with cash…and then go to the taxpayer to pay the bill.
State Democrats spent more what Republicans had…$70 million last year and estimated “hundreds of millions” this year. Don't believe us look it up.

The most important one? State Democrats refuse to make fundamental, structural changes in the way Michigan provides services…costing us, the taxpayers, more money out of our pockets.
They way Democrats are running Michigan can be compared to the old Soviet Union.
The Single Business Tax has nothing to do with this year's nearly $1 billion budget deficit. Revenue from the Single Business Tax will continue through the end of this year. The current deficit is caused by overspending, not a shortage of taxes. Yet, we reelected Granholm because of the War on Terror NOT because she is a better policymaker. I am willing to sit down with ANYONE who can prove me wrong on this. Compromising on a tax increase would hasten the decline of Michigan's economic base and increase the mass exodus of its residents. I mean, Detroit is already under 900,000 residents already. By 2010 only 400,000 people will live in Detroit (if not less). I have not heard one Detroit Democrat or Wayne County Democrats propose an idea to repopulate Detroit.
The reason is simple: There are no ideas, solutions or answers to this. Most lawmakers in this region would rather live elsewhere than try to save Detroit. They too, do not care about Detroit.

Furthermore, State Democrats spent more than we had, they kept expanding programs,and are not willing to cut spending. The Democratic Party in Michigan are NOT willing to make structural changes, they are not willing to put up votes for any “plan” and the ONLY thing the Democrats have offered is multiple ways to raise TAXES.
This is why unemployment is high as hell in Michigan. We are taxing businesses to death and therefore businesses are moving out of the state. Local socialists do not have ONE answer of why businesses are moving out of state.
While Granholm is preparing to shut down State Government in May and lay off hardworking taxpayers she is still bankrupt on how to get out of this mess without raising my taxes.

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