Thursday, April 12, 2007

Double Trouble by Akindele Akinyemi

" I don't love them hoes"

How many times have we heard this criminal say this in his songs?

He calls himself a child of God. Check this out:

Mac Bible

in the game god said, that he would send a g
with the street ethnics and g-code
with the gangsta ten commandments
and the gangsta ten commandments shall read:
'thou shall kill a snitch'
'thou shall check a b_tch'
'thou shall charge a ho'
'thou shall send a sucker'
'thou shall respect the g'
'thou shall pack that steel'
'thou shall keep it real'
'thou shall flex his g's'
'thou shall stack his green'
'thou shall stay true to his game'

these b_tches ain' sh_t - from the album "the chronic 2000"

b__ches ain't sh_t but hoes and tricks
lick on deez n_tz and s_ck the d_ck
get's the f_ck out after you're done
and I hops in my ride to make a quick run...

words from snoop's book "the doggfather"

i'm a child of god, doing god's work. i've been put on this scene for a reason. i've got a goal to accomplish.

Everyone knows that this fool raps mostly about banging and smoking. He glorifies weed, gin, pimping, and hustling. And now he has the nerve to try to articulate himself on TV of why he uses the word Hoe in his songs:

"It's a completely different scenario.

"(Rappers) are not talking about no collegiate basketball girls who have made it to the next level in education and sports.

"We're talking about hoes that's in the 'hood that ain't doing s--t, that's trying to get a n--ga for his money. These are two separate things.

"First of all, we ain't no old-ass white men that sit up on MSNBC going hard on black girls.

"We are rappers that have these songs coming from our minds and our souls that are relevant to what we feel. I will not let them muthaf**kas say we are in the same league as him.

"Kick him off the air forever."

Yet, we did not hear any protests from our Black liberal leadership on how Snoop is giving himself a green light to continue calling our women hoes.

Look at Trick Daddy in "Bout My Money"

let's see, what to do today?
f_ck that i'm goin to get my money

this one in a.. thuggin memory
that thug nigga
hollywood nigga
I did this one in that nigga name
hollywood nigga, yall remember that m_tha f_ckin name

this bout that m_tha f_ckin money

Remember DMX? He said he is a minister of God. Let's see what this giy said in hos song entitled: Bring Your Whole Crew from his "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood" CD.

I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse. I got blood on my d__k cause I just f___ked a corpse. i'm a nasty nigga when u pass me nigga look me in my eyes. tell me to my f__kin' face that u ready to die.quotes from vibe magazine"tonight has been an exorcism, you understand, as dmx is plagued by demons. people believe you can only catch the holy ghost in church" he explained weeks earlier. "no, I get it on stage""i'm like a superhero, " he says. "you know? like a preacher of rap. i'm a savior. i'm the voice of those that have no voice. I see who they are, who we are. i'm their voice....."

Again, did we see Rev. Al or any local civil rights groups protesting this garbage?

What about this clown who calls himslf E-40 because he drinks 40 ounces!!!!! What role model he is. Look at what he is talking about in "Just F_ckin" from his My Ghetto Report Card CD:

oooh; thick like a big bowl of grits, big tits good looks I knew you had some good gush gush cause you look like you did and I can tell it was bomb (what type) the type of broad to squirt when she bust a n_t and she c_

myou said you know I got a man but he ain't treatin me fair. he always gone plus he never take me nowhere I said what'chu tryin to tell me, he act like you don't exist? yup and when he come home he smell like liquor and fishfool don't know what he missin, he tardy and lame but that's his loss, and it's my gameyou got a mean throat game and your coochie is serious pu__y so good I f_ck you on your period naw we ain't in love

but we can d_mn sho' pretend to be, get a sack of that broccolI and a bottle of hennessy check into a room at the fairfield inn (and then what) fire up some purple, let the beatings begin (oooh)your girlfriends is jealous and sexually frustrated so of course they hated after you told 'em how I ate it and you know what they say about fellas with big feetso why you wanna put my business out in the street?

they already give me extra long hugs and sh_t (what else) they want your position, they tryin to scoot you up out of ittake your foot of the gas, I thought we had an arrangement you missin the point, it ain't gon' be no engagement you need to play your position, or you out of the gameyou testin my mackin, you out of yo' range we just f_ck-buddies, i'm just stickin and bonin ya get somewhere with that dumb sh_t, stick to the formula.

i'll come over later when your kids asleep and so some nasty things that they gon' have to bleep give it to you good, while he out there trickin make your man say, "girl yo' coo-coo feel different!" we just f_ckin !

Did anyone protest this from the Black liberal leadership? No.

Everyone knows Trina. Here she is in her classic 69 Ways:

ghetto superstar niggas

eat the p_ssy like a sush

I bar never let a nigga hit the k__chie raw

might bust a n_t on my guccI braI

guess you think you f_ckin' with a hoochie huh?

fat pu__y lookin' juicy huh?

in this two piece coogI huh?

you got twenty grand you can s_rew me huh?

got a hundred grand we can make a movie huh?

I know you sick with mecause your baby daddy trick with mecop rocks at tiffany's

I make him f_ck till his back stiff

hid the stash in the mattress so I can shop at sax fifth

f_ck a nigga just for practice

fake a n_t like an actress give a fake address

milk a nigga like a fat breast

till there ain't no cash leftsh_t

i'm a bad b_tch

She is such a great role model for our young women at Rutgers right? I guarantee you this. Those women not just at Rutgers but at most public universities who play on the women's basketball team listens to this crap. Yet, Black liberal leadership will not come out to denounce this in our community.

I know why the liberal leadership will not denounce it. They need Young Black adults who are of voting age to register to vote Demcoratic in 2008. They know that tapping into the Hip Hop generation is a possible voting bloc. This is why Black liberal leadership will not attack these rappers. Not even Snoop Dogg because he brings votes (directly or indirectly) to the Democratic Voting Bloc. Have you heard you local or national NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus or Urban League denounce these rappers? No. Why? Because they exploit the negative rappers to gain votes from the 18-35 year old group. This is why Detroit sponsors a Hip Hop Summit every single year.

Instead of building conservative young adults and encouraging young people to go to school, build a career and start a family liberals encourage young adults to go into the rap game in high hopes of gaining votes to stop conservative thought from spreading. You see how this works?

TV One is showing the 30th anniversary of Alex Haley's ROOTS on TV. Ask yourself this question. What has the Democratic Party done for Black people in Detroit? Just as Black people were dependent on Massa in Roots for survival or death Blacks are dependent on the Democratic Party for social welfare programs and government schooling. When Kunta Kinte wanted to leave the plantation his wife wanted him to stay with the White folks.

When Black people want to leave the liberal plantation and do for self we are crucified for standing on our beliefs. When we stop listening to hip hop or commerical rap and want to listen to classical or jazz we are called Uncle Toms or Sambos. Massa raped our sisters in Roots. We ae now raping our own sisters mentally, emotionally and physically on our own. Remember, the best Black liberals can come up with when dealing with Black Republicans is call us names. Have you ever noticed that? Instead of looking around on how other races use both sides of the aisle to get their political agenda done we call each other names as if we are on the playground.

That is why I do not listen to the old guard of leadership in Detroit or anywhere in our community. I urge our Young Democrats to work with the Young Black Republicans to create a better reality.

Anyway, we are even dependent on White people to help distribute bridge cards and help distribute hip hop in its current form. When we do not want to support brothers or sisters who contantly cuss and fuss in their songs we are called Uncle Toms. You see how negative thinking people call us Uncle Toms for doing what's right? Think about it. Do you want to expose your children to this type of garbage? And if not then why are we supporting these race pimps and hilltop hustlers who support these rappers for one cause: Elections 2008.

Remember the Vote or Die campaign? Where did those celebrities do after the Presidential Elections in 2004? Did they continue to get more voters? The Democratic Party wants to keep you on a plantation where you cannot question their leadership, where they shove welfare down your throat and gives urban areas in Michigan false promises and more government programs to keep you trapped.

If I am lying them prove me wrong. But I doubt anything I have said in this post is a lie.

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Afrknsci said...

yes, there are rappers who use such terms as bitch and nigger in their recordings but for every rapper that uses these terms their are 20 who don't! Why is it that all of the rappers we hear on mainstream radio and video are those who use negative language? And why is the view represented by these rappers made to be the view of the HIP-HOP COMMUNITY? Hip-Hop is not responsible for the negative portrayals of Black people in America, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Major Radio/Video Broadcast Stations have been and continue to control the images responsible for shaping the attitudes and lifestyles of Americans for decades now. If the major outlets for Hip-Hop are not controlled by the Hip Hop Community then the Hip Hop community does not decide what does or does not get played, and therefore, cannot be responsible!