Thursday, April 05, 2007

DPS Closings Opens Doors for Charters by Akindele Akinyemi

I am excited to announce that some people on the Detroit School Board have some spine. I might even get involved in this year's school board races to support those who voted to close 42 schools to trim the fat off the bone to stop the deficits.

The revised school closing plan passed 6-5 Wednesday night after a vote at a public meeting at Marting Luther King High School in Detroit. Thank you Dr. Jimmy Womack, Vice-President Joyce Hayes-Giles, Marvis Cofield, Dr. Carla Scott, Tyrone Winfrey and Paula Johnson.

There was outrage and anger inside the meeting as residents reacted to the board’s change of heart, deciding to close 34 after voting two weeks ago not to close any.

Osama bin Agnes Hitchcock, leader of the terrorist cell group Call em Out, took her actions a step further. She decided to act like a child and throw grapes at School Board members, including hitting my good friend Joyce Hayes-Giles. Hayes-Giles plans on pressing charges against Hitchcock. Unfortunately, since Hitchcock does not even possess a high school education Giles should not expect much from someone who is poor, uneducated on the issues, and have no working clue on why those schools had to close.

I have been writing about the actions of Call em Out for quite some time. I believe that it is time for Urban Conservatives to become more pro-active in defending those who are doing the right thing. Educational Options is our civil rights movement that no Urban Conservative should be silent on. Call em Out (aka Dumb and Dumber) are no more than a reactionary group that wants attention from the ignorant grassroots community. However, people like Agnes Hitchcock should be placed in jail (and hopefully prison) for her ignorant actions. It is because of people like Agnes that makes Detroit stay in the condition it is in.

The solution for Hitchcock and her rebel band is to ban them from future Detroit School Board meetings. There is no need to block progress.

And what about these people trying to save these failing high schools like Murry-Wright, Redford and Mackenzie? Those schools should have closed years ago. They are gang hangouts, a number of the students are functionally illiterate and money are not going into the schools. While Murray-Wright will be the new location of Frederick Douglass Academy charter advocates should be looking into purchasing Redford and Mackenzie to turn those into charter schools.

The only way Detroit will regain population in this city is going to be through educational options. Detroit Public Schools are going to have to be in the business of authorizing charters. They are going to close more schools as time goes by until the population is reduced in the city to under 500,000. By that time more schools would have closed and Detroit Public Schools will have no other choice but to allow charters and possibly vouchers in the district to keep it afloat.

Let's look at the proposals that the Black Socialist community has proposed for DPS:

-The state must forgive $200 million debt racked up during the state takeover.

- Cut well-paid administrators.

- Perform a forensic audit of DPS spending currently and under the state takeover.

- Return Aramark food service work back-in house, to save $12 million.

- Abolish the Project Management Team, save another $12 million.

- Leave Fisher Building, break leases on the New Center and Kahn buildings, and save $51 million

While that sounds good none of them are realistic. Why should the state forgive $200 million in debt? In terms of cutting well paid administrators I can almost agree with them on this only if we downsize the school district first.

And I do not understand why should DPS leave the New Center Area.

And I do not really understand those hypocrites in those Black Grassroots movements who are fighting against charter schools. They support Nsoroma Institute, Aisha Shule and Timbuktu Academy. All three of those are charter schools and they go to each other's Kwanzaa celebrations every year. Yet, they are against charter schools.

That's why I do not pay those uneducated socialists any mind. When you hear phrases like "community audits" or the "community needs to get involved" that is code word for Black Nationalist groups to get involved to try to control the school district from a communist perspective. Urban Conservatives should block those communists by injecting our own concrete solutions that will work.

Let me take this a step further. Traditional Public Schools are horrible in every Urban area in Michigan. In Pontiac schools students have blatantly disregarded the dress code policy, disrupting class with cell phones and causing fights. These types of actions have caused the Pontiac School Board to consider surveying teachers and staff to see if they're afraid of students.

George Phifer, chief of school security, said a new safe school plan is being put into place - with Pontiac police officers, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Michigan State Police ready to respond when needed.

STOP. Why do you need the ATF in the damn school system?????? This is what I am talking about. Have you ever heard of a charter school needing the assistance of the ATF or the State Police? No. Not even the charter schools that are off the hook.

In Benton Harbor, the students have caused near riot activities at the high school. I am going down there this weekend to meet with my One Network officials to move on a concrete strategy to bring in more educational options to the district.

Those who are reading this should take note to what I am saying. We do not need to save traditional schools anymore. Let those little thugs and thuggettes run the system into the ground. Hopefully they will perish along with the thieves and other communists in the school districts.

The charter school movement is in full motion. I will be meeting with lawmakers soon to discuss why we need more charters in urban areas in Michigan to create economic growth.

I have been saying all along that the end of Detroit Public Schools has arrived. It's almost like prophecy.

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