Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dropping The Ball on the Black Family Channel by Akindele Akinyemi

I cannot believe that the Black Family Channel is preparing cease as a cable channel on April 30th.

Black Family Channel (founded in 1999 as MBC Network) was the only black owned and operated cable TV network for African American families. The network's schedule included a variety of programs including religious programs, sports, music, talk shows, and children's programs.

The network was started by attorney Willie E. Gary, baseball legend Cecil Fielder, four-time heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield, Marlon Jackson of the Jackson Five, and broadcast television veteran Alvin James.

Unlike its primary rival, the Viacom-owned Black Entertainment Television, Black Family Channel avoided rap and hip hop-based programming (they show gospel music instead). The network was available in over 30 million homes in the US.

Now instead of African Americans investing in this very important venue to promote our message of conservative values out there in public to help change the course of where our community has been going for the last decade (down the toilet) we instead embrace BET (Bulls**it Entertainment Television) and allow our women to shake their little asses in the videos and watch Black women go at it on College Hill.

I remember this network when it first started out. They had Black news programming and Jessica Care Moore doing poetry on this network. I loved the family programming because it was Christian oriented.

With so many negative images of Black people (especially Black men) being bombarded 24/7 we need a real outlet that is Black owned and operated. Not ass shaking TV like BET our reruns of Good Times on TV One. We could have easily utilized this network to show strong images of Black men. Black men are portrayed as buffoons on TV and have been portrayed in this image for over 3 decades.

Even Disney's Proud Family has a Black father who is portrayed as a buffoon. Has anyone ever payed attention to this? The Black woman is portrayed as the breadwinner in the family and the grandmother is always kicking the father ass.

What's next? Will we see the Africa Channel go away as well like the Black Family Channel? Both are needed to push our Urban Conservative message out on a global front.

Urban conservatives nationwide could have embraced this network and made this our home just like White conservatives have made Fox News Channel their home (and for good reason). We complain about the Black liberal media not giving us any coverage (and they will continue to do this because so many of us are afraid to speak out) yet, we could have made a national investment in this network because they promoted family values.

I thought that was the chief platform of Black Republicans: family values.

Maybe we can do something on TV One before it's too late or push our message on Public Access locally.

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