Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Global Community, We're Not by Felicia Benamon

We are not part of a global community. We are not a global family. That term has been thrown around quite a bit these days, as the media keeps spouting terms like, "we are a global network."
The different and many nations on this planet are all distinctive in their own way, they have their own way of doing business, and they are sovereign. The US has been instrumental in helping countries who have in the past held a tight reign on how their country performs and functions (think China, even though they are still Communist), take a more Democratic and Capitalist approach. However, there seems to be a push to combine knowledge and bring everyone under one manner of thinking.
Globalization is one big word for one world government. Globalization brings about a clamp down on individual freedoms; you believe what "they" want you to believe... whatever "they" think is best for the global community. By "they", I am talking about the global elite.
Our youth are being indoctrinated in our schools to accept this form of thinking through one model, the North American Union.
See: N. American students trained for 'merger':
Young people seeking jobs are encouraged to seek or train for career fields that will be cutting-edge or acceptable in the future, instead of careers they have a natural talent for. Even then, there is no guarantee that the field in which one trains for will land a quick job or career in that field. With the influx of foreign workers, Americans seem to be left to the side.
I've had people express to me (American citizens) that they are sick of having to work so hard to achieve their dreams when foreigners who are here illegally are getting a step up and freebies. President Bush continues with his offer of a "guest-worker" program, which is simply amnesty. With Bank of America catering to illegals by issuing them credit cards, and President Bush looking to give illegals Social Security benefits, it's no wonder Americans are mad. It's not right for those who come to the US illegally to siphon off of the system. If they truly care about this country and want to contribute, they can come to our country the right way instead of breaking our laws and illegally entering.
What DESPERATELY needs to be done is an uprising of the Mexican people, demanding change from their leaders, demanding changes in their country instead of flocking to the US to solve their problems.
In the early part of March, President Bush was in Mexico to appease Mexico's citizens and Mexican President Philipe Calderon that he will work hard to bring to pass "comprehensive immigration reform."
The bulk of President Bush's message stated:
"...The United States and Mexico are partners. We're partners in building a safer, more democratic and more prosperous hemisphere. And a strong relationship between our countries is based upon mutual trust and mutual respect.

President Calderon, I appreciate your determination to create new opportunities for the people of Mexico. I share your commitment to building an Americas where the poor and the marginalized begin to feel the blessings of liberty in their daily lives. I respect your views on migration. Because we're working together, I believe we will make good progress on this important issue. Together, we're working to ensure that we have a secure and modern border that speeds the legitimate flow of people and commerce, and stop those who threaten our common safety and prosperity.

The United States respects rule of law. But in the debate on migration, I remind my fellow citizens that family values do not stop at the Rio Grande River, that there are decent, hardworking honorable citizens of Mexico who want to make a living for their families. And so, Mr. President, my pledge to you and your government -- but, more importantly, the people of Mexico -- is I will work as hard as I possibly can to pass comprehensive immigration reform."

"...The people of the United States understand that when we help our neighbors build a better life for themselves, we advance peace and prosperity for all of us.

Today, the most important ties between the United States and Mexico are not government to government, they are people to people. These ties include churches and faith-based institutions that serve people on both sides of the frontera. These ties include our colleges and universities, which run important exchange programs for students and teachers. These ties include our businesses with trade with one another and invest in each other's countries. And these ties include the families, who send an estimated $20 billion in remittances each year to their relatives here in Mexico, one of the largest private economic initiatives in the world. These ties are vital and they are growing.

Mr. President, geography has made our countries neighbors, but the choice we've made for each other is a choice for freedom. And that choice has made us friends. I'm honored to be in your country. I'm looking forward to our discussions over the next two days. You've set a very ambitious agenda that is going to require a lot of hard work. But I'm confident that by working together, we'll build a better life and a future of hope for our peoples..."

See: President Bush and President Calderon Participate in Arrival Ceremony:


As one can clearly see, President Bush and Mexico President Calderon are in a partnership to bring about initiatives to consolidate the interests of both the US and Mexico. The sharing of ideas, WITHOUT the consent of American citizens. President Bush says above, "The people of the United States understand that when we help our neighbors build a better life for themselves, we advance peace and prosperity for all of us." No, Americans understand that we help people to a certain extent, but we don't invest our whole future and livelihood to make sure another country prospers.

If struggling countries want to be prosperous, they must learn to stand on their own. They will not gain strength by breaking standing and legit laws of countries that are thriving. That is NOT freedom.
And the words of the President above (especially in bold) are a quick indicator that he does not see illegal immigrants as lawbreakers, but as family.
And by a "secure and modern border", I'm assuming the President means a more open border, so open in fact that Mexican trucks can come and go as they please?
See: Docs reveal plan for Mexican trucks in U.S.:
Congressman moves to block Mexican trucks:
This thinking is more of a totalitarian style way of guarding the border so as there will be no interference of the flow of Mexican citizens doing whatever business they want to do on US soil. In the future, our sovereignty wouldn't be an issue anymore.
Our unique country...disappearing
The US used to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity. To some degree, we still are. But there used to be something distinctive about US products. The quality was superior, Americans took pride in their work. Now, with more emphasis put on the sharing of ideas in a global market, the sharing of workers, the talent pool has deteriorated. The quality of customer service is in the gutter. The outsourcing of jobs has caused the US to slide downhill. It does not benefit Americans in any way. The only people who benefit are greedy corporations who care about making that almighty dollar than they do about American citizens.
As Americans are put out of a job, our competition is getting stronger and stronger. Countries like China are benefiting...try to find anything made in America these days, you will find a treasure.
What is TRULY and UNIQUELY American anymore? Do we know what it means to be an American? Or have we allowed too many influences from other countries to dictate who we are? It sure seems that way. When there is a merger of cultures, it is a sign of a One World Order trying to take over. When one's sovereignty and identity is erased, they are easily controlled and swayed.
Do you know who you are?
Will you resist any change to conform to the standards of the new ruling elite for the supposed benefit of "the global community?" Don't believe it, it is all a ruse.
We must hold fast to America's traditions, to our beliefs and way of life...because they are rapidly coming under fire and may become obsolete if not defended.

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