Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kill at Will in Virginia by Akindele Akinyemi

What the hell is going on in America. I pay taxes. I pledge allegiance to the Untied States. And yet I cannot send my own child to college without worrying about some damn body shooting up the place.

The situation at Virginia Tech was a serious tragedy.
Cho Seung-hui was a student at Virginia Tech who killed 32 people. According to reports some of the students described him as being a loner. However, this senseless act of violence need to cease at some point here in this country. If we cannot send our children to college to even compete with the country that this clown is from (South Korea) what other measures do we take?
Some are saying that he was on medication. How long do we use this as an excuse? I had a student who killed the two white people down at Cheli's Bar in Downtown Detroit. This was a Black young adult who committed this crime. He too was on medication.
That is why I support the death penalty in Michigan. It is time to send a message.
While many are against the idea of a death penalty (mostly liberals) there is no other way to send a message to those who just randomly kill at will. Especially taking the lives of the innocent. All these college students wanted to do was go to school to receive a stellar education.
Just like Saudi Arabians rammed two jets into the World Trade Center (not Iranians or Iraqis like the media falsely portrays) here we have a South Korean killing 32 innocent people. South Korea and Saudi Arabia are the United States allies. However, are we being portrayed here by our own allies when they come over and kill the innocent? Same with Mexico. We have illegal immigrant coming over and taking jobs from African Americans and other hard tax paying people.
It's time to shut the door on those who randomly kill at will who are from other countries. It's time out for excuses of why people take lives. The death penalty would be a great start.
This Cho Seung-hui character faced his own death penalty by committing suicide. Either that or face the death penalty by SWAT units. We should expand on curbing these types of murders.

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Christopher Cook said...

Meanwhile, the MSM drops other massacres down the memory hole...

...because in nearly all the cases, the perpetrators were DEMOCRATS and the victims were blacks and Republicans!

Calling the VA Tech shooting "the worst massacre in U.S. history" is terrible revisionism