Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mr. Akinyemi's Real Perspective on Barack Obama by Akindele Akinyemi

As the presidential elections are heating up I am still not convinced about who is running for President of the United States.
However, I did attend a Barack Obama informal this past weekend that was sponsored by State Senator Tupac Hunter and Niccole Blocker. Of course there were some in the room who are going to support Obama because of his skin color and his articulation. Some will support him because they really feel he can change America.
I know in the past Obama has supported charter schools when he was in the Illinois State Senate. I have yet to hear his position on this while he is running for President.
Obama is widely referred to as a rising star in the Democratic Party. But if Barack Obama, whose first name means "blessed of God" in Kiswahili, is destined to be God’s gift to Democrats and Republicans alike, he will need to show how the principles of equal freedom and opportunity lead to the policies he has espoused so far as a state senator. His support of Roe v. Wade, affirmative action, tax increases, and increased gun controls says more about his Democratic roots than his seemingly Republican convictions.
However, I do not feel that he is ready to run for President. I mean how many times has Obama used his megaphone to advance a bold initiative? Zero. His tissue-paper-thin experience and a record of virtually no accomplishment can be very damaging in leading this country at a time where Islamic Fundamentalists would love to control America. Something I feel he would enjoy since he loves to brag about how he is was against the war on terror from the beginning. As a former Muslim I know how Fundamentalists operate so this cause is not to be taken lightly. Also, he has led no causes, fought no major legislative battles in the past two years he has been in the Senate, and seems to be deeply risk-adverse to getting into a principled fight about anything larger than himself.
But there are some things we need to look at Obama's past to see if he is really fit to be President:
In 1997, Obama Voted "Present" On Legislation Banning Partial Birth Abortions Even Though There Was An Exception For The Life Of The Mother And A Provision Prohibiting Prosecution Of The Mother. (David A. Joens and Paul Kleppner, Almanac Of Illinois Politics - 1998, p. 81)
In 1998, Obama Failed To Support A Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Discipline And Respect For Others. "Amends The School Code. ...Requires all public school teachers to teach pupils discipline and respect for others." (H.B. 3793: Senate Floor Third Reading, Passed 44-10-1, 5/13/98, Obama Voted Present)
In 1999, Obama Voted "Present" On A Bill Requiring Mandatory Adult Prosecution For Aggravated Discharge Of Firearms On Or Near School Property. (S.B. 759: Senate Floor Third Reading, Passed 52-1-5, 3/25/99, Obama Voted Present)
In 2000, Obama Failed To Vote In Committee On A Bill To Prohibit Child Sex Offenders From Residing Within 500 Feet Of An Elementary School, Secondary School, Playground, Or Day Care Facility. (H.B. 4045: Senate Judiciary Committee, Do Pass 9-0-0, 3/28/00, Obama Did Not Vote)
In 2001, Obama Refused To Support A Bill Restricting "Adult" Establishments Near Schools, Churches, And Homes. In 2001, Obama refused to support a bill restricting "adult use" establishments by prohibiting locations of such establishments within 1000 feet of schools, parks, places of worship, preschools, day cares and other residential areas. (S.B. 609: Senate Floor Third Reading, Failed 33-15-5, 3/29/01, Obama Voted Present)
Even his own Democratic Party has said the following:
"Hawaii Sen. Daniel K. Inouye Says It's Too Soon For Illinois Sen. Barack Obama To Run For President In 2008." ("Hawaii Senator Says Too Soon For Obama To Run," The Associated Press, 1/8/07)
Former Sen. John Edwards: "... I think that Barack Obama, because he is relatively new to national politics, it's, it's not as clear to me where he stands on, on, on issues. And, and no, I'm not faulting him for that, I just--I think he just hasn't been around as long, so he doesn't have as long a track record, so." (NBC's "Meet the Press," 2/4/07)
"Sen. Barack Obama, all of 25 months removed from the Illinois state legislature, announced his candidacy for the presidency of the United States on Saturday - and immediately began trading harsh words with the leader of one of America's oldest and most reliable allies. In the process, the freshman senator revealed truly breathtaking naivete." (Editorial, "Barack's Blunder," New York Post, 2/13/07)
"The USA Patriot Act. Obama Is Against Parts Of It But Didn't Offer An Alternative." (Philip Elliott, "Obama's N.H. Visit Brings Little Criticism, Much Love," The Associated Press, 2/13/07)

"He Said More Young People Should Consider Teaching But Stopped Short Of Specific Incentives." (Philip Elliott, "Obama's N.H. Visit Brings Little Criticism, Much Love," The Associated Press, 2/13/07)
When I am seeking from candidates is originality. While I know Obama is intellgent and is able to speak the issues I am also asking myself why is he a rubberstamp for Democrats.
Obama's Party Unity Score For The 109th Congress Was 97, Higher Than 2004 Democrat Presidential Nominee John Kerry (96). (Congressional Quarterly Website,, Accessed 2/1/07)
The Washington Times: "Mr. Obama Hasn't Done Much At All On Any Particular Issue Aside From Obediently Follow His Party." "Although a longtime critic of the Iraq war, Mr. Obama hasn't been as vocal as, say, Rep. Jack Murtha. Although he voted against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Mr. Obama hasn't staked out much territory on judicial issues like abortion or homosexual 'marriage.' In fact, Mr. Obama hasn't done much at all on any particular issue aside from obediently follow his party." (Editorial, "Barack Obama, U.S. Senator," The Washington Times, 12/19/06)
Americans For Democratic Action (ADA), America's Oldest Liberal Organization, Rated Obama (95) As Liberal As California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer (95) And Massachusetts Democrat Senator John Kerry (95) In 2006. (Americans For Democratic Action Website,, Accessed 2/5/07)
According To The Non-Partisan National Journal, Obama (82.5) Rates More Liberal Than New York Senators Hillary Clinton (79.8) And Chuck Schumer (77.8). (National Journal Website,, Accessed 2/15/07)
Obama Voted Against Extending $70 Billion In Tax Relief. (H.R. 4297, CQ Vote #118, Adopted 54-44: R 51-3; D 3-40; I 0-1, 5/11/06, Obama Voted Nay)
Obama Voted Against Repealing The 1993 Tax Increase On Social Security Benefits. (S. Con. Res. 18, CQ Vote #74: Adopted 55-45: R 50-5; D 5-39; I 0-1, 3/17/05, Obama Voted Nay)
Obama Voted To Block Permanent Repeal Of The Death Tax. (H.R. 8, CQ Vote #164, Rejected 57-41: R 53-2; D 4-38; I 0-1, 6/8/06, Obama Voted Nay)
Obama Voted Against Increased Fencing On The Southwest Border. (S. 2611, CQ Vote #126: Adopted 83-16: R 55-0; D 28-15; I 0-1, 5/17/06, Obama Voted Nay)
Obama Voted Against Legislation "That Would Make It A Federal Crime To Take A Minor Across State Lines To Obtain An Abortion In Order To Circumvent State Parental Notification And Consent Laws." (S. 403, CQ Vote #216, Passed 65-34: R 51-4; D 14-29; I 0-1, 7/25/06, Obama Voted Nay)
Obama Voted Against Granting Congress The Power To Pass A Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Flag Desecration. (S.J. Res 12, CQ Vote #189, Rejected 66-34: R 52-3; D 14-30; I -01, 6/27/06, Obama Voted Nay)
"Obama Has A 95 Percent Liberal Rating From Americans For Democratic Reform, A Liberal Advocacy Group That Ranks All Members Of Congress. Yet He Is Often Portrayed As A Centrist." (Bill Sammon, "Perception Vs. Reality," The [Washington] Examiner, 1/31/07)
Not to mention how Senator Robert Byrd, a former member and leader of the KKK referred to Black Americans as “race mongrels, a throwback to the darkest specimen of the wild,” Barack Obama raised over $800,0000 for him. So why should I support him after reading his record? And why should I support him when he in turn has raised money for a man who ran a White Supremacist organization that was not only started by the Democratic Party but hung our people from trees? If anyone can help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.
I am a policy person first not a race man. Just because I am a Black Conservative who votes Republican does not mean I cannot support a Democratic candidate. However, I am not impressed with the field of Republican candidates either. I cannot support a cross dresser like Giuliani or a old man like McCain.
While I would follow most Black people in supporting Barack Obama because of the color of his skin I am far more intelligent than that. Obama is going to have to show me that he is more than just raising $25 million this quarter as well as getting an endorsement from Oprah.
I will say this. A Clinton-Obama ticket would be the end of the Republican Party's reign on the White House. So I hope Republicans have a ace up their sleeve to prevent this.

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merjoem32 said...

Interesting info. I like Obama but I don't really agree his stand on the issue of abortion. I guess Barack Obama's stand on abortion just clashes with my religion.