Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The New African Centered Education In Schools: Free Market Captialism by Akindele Akinyemi

The reality for us is this. We are living in a global society whether you like it or not. I know you heard about how Toyota passed up General Motors as the #1 world auto producer. That to me says a lot.

Meanwhile, back at home St John's Riverview Hospital (in Detroit) is up for sale with a potential buyer. What does that mean for the rest of the community that relies on health care around the corner from their homes?

As the world becomes global our way of thinking as a community must change as well. I have been talking about how Urban conservatives in the community should and must network and foster relationships with Nigerian-Americans (as well as other brothers and sisters from the African Diaspora) to began the economic revitalization in our community without the aid of socialism..a philosophy that has already devastated urban communities all across Michigan.

It is important to stress the importance of family values through educational choice that will lead to economic prosperity.

Some in our community are pushing for more African Centered schools to educate our children. I think these schools are important because it develops a system of sequentially planned educational opportunities provided for African heritage children to develop the necessary and required skills to participate in the global marketplace with specific interest on the upliftment and empowerment of their African-American communities and the total development and growth of the African continent.

Jewish children learn about their culture and history in their schools and same for Arab-American children. However, when it comes to learning about our children and history my Black conservative colleagues cry foul. "We are not African, we are Americans" says one person who I spoke with recently on this issue. America was built on the back of slaves and even Benjamin Banneker designed Washington D.C.

Here is where I differ with African centered education in our educational fabric. Oftentimes we teach this type of education from a socialist perspective. Instilling socialist philosophy into the minds of our children will not help them get into the best schools (high school or higher education) and will not help them to understand that the world is not just Black people but all people.

What urban conservatives should do is push this level of education by not only teaching them about their culture from an African perspective but teach our children free market economics that will give them the freedom to engage in a capitalist system that has already laid out the blueprint to achieve economic development in urban areas such as Inkster, River Rouge, Ecorse and Benton Harbor. In many cases, we need to reject cooperative economics (a socialist concept that has gotten us nowhere but poverty) because there is no such thing as cooperative economics but free market economics (a system that the rest of the world is using).

Another thing about African Centered Education being taught in the schools (whether we want to educate our children in our own institutions or homeschool) is how liberal the curriculum is being taught to our children. We hear about every liberal Black leader in the curriculum and how they are freedom fighters for our community but bash Black conservatives or Black Republicans. We teach our children how Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice are sellouts. Why? Because they are successful African Americans who did not fall for the hype. Urban conservatives must be able to get in or redirect the focus of African Centered Education to make the information more balanced.

In order for us to test the strength of African Centered Education in our community we should not be afraid of send our children to prestigious institutions of higher learning to compete in a global educational market. This will test determine the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) of African Centered Education in a international workplace.

Urban conservatives should also support HB 4060 in the Michigan State House. This is a bill introduced by Rep. Mike Nofs (R-Battle Creek) and the text of the bills states the following:

To require that high school world history courses include African history with a focus on one or more of the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, Songhay, Benin, Bornu, Nubia, Axum, Meroe, Monomotapa, or Medieval Ethiopia. The instruction could also focus on the Swahili coast prior to 1750, and other areas of African history.

Charles M. Six, president of Ending Stereotypes for America (and a member of the One Network) which has been promoting the bill, noted that probably less than 1% of Africa’s population historically has been hunters and gatherers, yet those are the Africans schools often focus on. He explained that hunters and gatherers were actually looked down upon by the large and advanced kingdoms. “To pretend that those small groups, who lived on the periphery of kingdoms, represented the continent is simply misleading and bad history. It’s sad, but we only do that with Africa.”

While some on both ends will go up in arms with this bill it is critical to have a full understanding of how to deal with each other. It is ridiculous for high school students to go to school daily and cannot find Nigeria, Ghana or even Africa on a map. The excuse that educators in both leadership and in the classroom are using is that children in the State of Michigan must prepare for the Michigan Merit Examination (MME) and other testing for Title I money. We stress the importance of math and science yet we are still going to school 180 days out of the year.

On the other hand, children from China, Nigeria, and France not only are mastering the math and science curriculum in their educational systems but are also mastering geography, economics and government. When they come over to America they know more about your culture, language and even know how to work both sides of the aisle politically as compared to African Americans living here in Michigan (let alone the United States) who cannot read a map, still voting for one party that enslaved us physically and STILL enslaves us with social welfare and failing schools (Democratic Party), and are the largest consumers in the world (over $678 billion a year we give to everyone but ourselves).

All because the children from other nations first learned about THEIR culture and history FROM a free-market experience NOT a socialist experience. We are not talking about the Nguzo Saba and other socialist jargon that has kept us enslaved psychologically.Urban conservatives must be able to do the same by setting up educational management organizations that are specific on objectives and goals to create wealth in our community. African-Centered education should be supported by our faith based community as well as business leaders who are going to pump in dollars to sponsor our children to go overseas to learn Yourba, Ibo, Wolof and other languages that will help them down the road when it comes to trade and development, building schools overseas (Oprah Winfrey is the truth for building schools in South Africa yet those proponents of African Centered Education will call her a sellout because she did not build any schools in the urban community here. Oprah understands the global market where most Black Nationalists do not), and preparing to connect our dollars and sense with other academically/economically minded people across the Diaspora.

Urban Conservatives should build bridges with Nigerian Americans and other brothers and sisters in the Diaspora to generate free market enterprises. We start this by building a new concept of African Centered Education: Free centered education that is built on family values through education that will generate economic wealth in urban regional networks in Michigan.

Our government ran public schools have failed our children. The ball is on our court. Urban conservatives believe in free market education to let us take our free market and educate our children the RIGHT way.


FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - This Republican sponsored bill denies teaching that Ancient Egypt was part of Black Afrika to make Black Afrikans think that Ancient Egypt is not Black Afrikan

akindele akinyemi said...

He knows that Egypt was part of Black Africa.....