Thursday, April 05, 2007

People Are Still Moving Out of Michigan by Akindele Akinyemi

As usual we are losing population due to people remaining stuck in time? I read the paper this morning and saw how Metro Detroit, a top 10 market for decades, has slipped yet another notch as the continued national migration to sunnier climes pumps thousands of people into southern and southwestern cities.
Who the hell wants to stay here? I have been saying all along that we need political balance. What we need are Urban Conservatives stepping up to the plate. When will we begin to see how Democrats, for decades, are responsible for this mass exodus out of Metro Detroit. Why do I blame Democrats? Who controls the politics in our community? I will give you a hint, it is not the Republicans.
Detroit is a Democratic city. All forms of government are Democrats. Yet, we stoop to the lowest level and throw grapes at each other during a school board meeting as if we are in high school. This is what the Democratic Party has to offer us. Grapes.
Census data released this morning shows that the nine-county region is now the 12th-largest metro area, passed in the last year by Atlanta. Miami had moved past the year before. No one is living here but those who cannot escape. It's almost like Communist Russia.
What is the Democratic Party's answer to this madness?
According to House Speaker Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township, he said the exact tax increase plan his caucus could support will be unveiled next week. He said, however, that all options -- including a sales tax on services and an increase in the state's 3.9-percent personal income tax -- are all on the table. This is necessary because because Michigan is facing a cash flow problem that could reach $800 million by August.
Dillion also claims that Michigan can save another $122 million if it changes prison parole policies, to free more inmates who have served their minimum sentences, or place them in lower-cost community settings. In other words, if we release criminals from prison we can continue tearing up Detroit in the name of saving money.
The truth of the matter is this. Granholm and her Democrat friends owe their “union bosses” too much to fairly represent our needs, so state police get cut first, prisons get closed, school districts are forced to make “drastic cuts” to scare the taxpayer and blackmail the legislature.
Furthermore, the facts are the following:
The average Michigan state employee receives a salary and benefits package worth nearly $75,000. The comparable figure for private sector workers is approximately $58,000.
A Detroit Free Press writer recently cited a 2003 survey by the American Federation of Teachers showing that "junior level" Michigan prison guards earned $40,854 on average, compared to a national average for all corrections officers of $31,580.
Despite incessant poor-mouthing by the state's public universities, figures collected by the federal government show that between 2000 and 2004, per-pupil expenditures at most of them greatly exceeded the rate of inflation.
As long as unions control the Democratic Party we will continue to move out of state. That is a fact.

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