Monday, April 02, 2007

Sexual Insanity by Akindele Akinyemi

This is the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. Also the sickest.

Why would a 33-year-old Taylor mother broker a deal on the Internet to allow a man to have sex with her 7-year-old daughter while she is taking pictures?

I am dying to hear what liberal lawmaker have to say about this? I told you I was for the death penalty against crimes that are done to children. I stand on that with my two feet.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, the mother told undercover officers she planned to sell the photographs to child porn collectors to make money.

Ok, why would you exploit your daughter, who is 7-years old, in sexual intercourse with a grown ass man? What is on this woman's mind and heart?

You see this is what we resort to when there are no jobs in Michigan. While Gov. Granholm and Reps. Andy Dillion and George Cushingberry are proposing tax hikes we are selling our own children up the river in child pornography. This woman happened to get caught. There are many others within the Black community that are doing the same thing. Since there are no jobs in Metro Detroit there has been an increase in women selling their asses in Detroit alone.

Last December, the mother began communicating with an undercover deputy about prostituting herself, Evans said. The woman mentioned she wanted her daughter to begin modeling and suggested the child had been in sexual situations, escalating the probe. Also, the woman set the cheapest rate for photos of her daughter and the highest price for sex with the child.

This mother even brought a duffel bag containing sex toys and another containing children's clothing. She was planning to have the man use a dildo on her daughter.

That is off the hook.

What is up with these sexual predators in our community? They prey on our children and want to have sex with our daughters and sons? How in the hell can you get your rocks off looking at or sexing a child????? A former CEO of a Warren-based credit union will be sentenced this Wednesday on charges he used the Internet to arrange for sex with a 5-year-old girl. What the hell is a 5 year old girl doing on the Internet, let alone her parent(s) arranging for the little girl to have sex with a grown man?

My solution to this sick crisis? First, our faith based community need to get on the band wagon and stop sexual predators at all cost. Sex education from a biblical perspective is necessary because we should be in the business of educating our children on how precious their bodies are and that their temple is only reserved for the right person at the right time.

It is bad enough that we do not stress the importance of emotional and mental stress when it comes to vices within our own congregation.

Our teens and young adults need to understand how spiritual intimacy is critical to the advancement of strong Christian relationships. They need to understand spiritual intimacy before sexual intimacy.

Also, we need to seek out those sexual predators on the Internet. If they are living in our community where our children are playing and they are on the porch watching we need to be watching them and in many cases, as a group, confront that predator letting him/her know that if you even smell our child(re) we will take you out. Remind those nasty freaks that we are a Christian community not some liberal community that let anything go.

I see churches and their leadership protesting companies leaving Detroit but not protesting these nasty ass liquor stores that sell pornography to our children. Where is the Black leadership when it comes to moral values in our community? We are so absent on the little things that matters the most.

This was a white woman that was caught. Don't think it is not happening in the Black community because just like the Devil and his 'horns' Black folks are some 'horny' ass people. If you turn on BET and any other video channel all you see is women exposing their breasts, shaking their little asses and brothers gyrating on our women. Then we turn around and call them 'bitches' when no other culture on Earth calls their women 'bitches.'

Sex is all on TV, on billboards and even in the pulpit. If any man go in any church with fine, articulate and dedicated women in the pews we are FIRST looking at the woman as a piece of fine living ass. We forget all about the spiritual message. The only message we deliver is spitting our game after services in hopes of getting some ass either that night or the next night. And in many cases that happens.

Sex is the main driving force that creates the big bucks in our community. It is also the driving force that are keeping us oppressed. AIDS and other STDs are keeping our people oppressed because of our wild reckless sexual behavior. If you do not have any medical insurance you increase your chances of dying even more.

Sex is also the main driving force of oppression in our community because we keep on producing children that we cannot take care of. Therefore we are forced to accept social government programs like welfare to keep us enslaved to a government system that has failed us from day one. Who are the ones that are keeping welfare going in Michigan? The Democratic Party. This is one of the core reasons why Democrats in Detroit keep getting reelected. We love that poverty stricken system and as along as a woman have five different baby daddies with the checks rolling in they will continue to support a political party that keeps us enslaved. The Democrats promoted enslavement during the 19th century and they still promote slavery through welfare and poverty.

Sex and money was the main reason why that woman from Taylor would trade in her soul for a few pieces of silver. Anyone, regardless of race, who would sit and watch their 7 year old daughter have sex with a grown ass man should face the death penalty. And die by lethal injection.

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