Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Solution To Re-Populating Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

While Black civil rights and grassroots people in the community are stuck here in Detroit and pretending that everything will be better Urban Conservatives should be setting up focus groups to discuss how cities like Detroit will benefit from a free market education that will translate into free market enterprises.
A free market economy is a market economy based on supply and demand with little or no government control. A completely free market is an idealized form of a market economy where buyers and sells are allowed to transact freely (i.e. buy/sell/trade) based on a mutual agreement on price without state intervention in the form of taxes, subsidies or regulation.
In financial markets, free market stocks are securities that are widely traded and whose prices are not affected by availability.
In foreign-exchange markets, it is a market where exchange rates are not pegged (by government) and thus rise and fall freely though supply and demand for currency.
This is how we repopulate Detroit people. In fact, this is how we repopulate Michigan.
I spoke on recently how Detroit can benefit from a free market instead of listening to old advice from the old guard of keeping us on the plantation. The real plantation politics is keeping us dependent on the breast milk of big government.
There is another type of welfare that big government keeps us connected to and that is corporate welfare. It is no surprise to anyone that government is in the wealth-transfer business; direct subsidies to agribusiness and other favored enterprises are well known. But regulation can also indirectly transfer wealth, benefiting some at the expense of competitors and consumers. Price and entry regulations are obvious examples of corporate welfare. Antitrust regulation is another. Corporate welfare, whether in the form of subsidies or regulations that hamper competitors, creates distortions and inefficiencies, injuring consumers and undermining the evolving, competitive marketplace.
So with all of that going on in urban areas like Detroit I cannot sit and wonder why no one in this town talks about free market capitalism.
We talk about how there is a need for both Asian Village and African Town in this city. My recommendation would be to utilize the both cultures for economic growth. Chinese and African people should become equal partners that jointly promote the prosperity and progress of human civilization on the cultural front. The two are origins of human civilization, boasting brilliant cultural heritages. At its source, African culture has a lot in common with Chinese culture. For example, both value community spirit and the tradition of yielding personal benefits to the interests of the community.
This is the type of growth we need to bring back Detroit.
Cultural exchange is not limited to exchanging students and teachers and holding arts performances and exhibitions. Chinese medical teams and other flourishing programs such as China’s training of African workers and the exchange of experiences in pursuing development are also part of the China-Africa cultural exchange.
In the field of security, China and Africa should enhance exchanges and consultation, thus raising the awareness of collective security in the international community, promoting a new security concept featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation and shaping an international environment favorable for common development. China also needs to strengthen cooperation with African countries in the nontraditional security field, such as preventing major infectious diseases including bird flu and addressing cross-border crimes so that they can jointly deal with the challenges posed by globalization. China is expected to devote more resources to UN-led peacekeeping operations, thereby playing a greater role in the resolution of international conflicts and disputes in Africa.
Therefore, a new type of strategic relationship between China, the largest developing country in the world, and Africa, a continent that has the greatest concentration of developing countries, not only serves the interests of the two sides but also helps promote South-South cooperation and the common prosperity of developing countries. In the context of the widening gap between the South and North and the looming terrorist threat, the common prosperity of developing countries and their sharing of the fruits of globalization have far-reaching implications for world peace and development. We can bring this connection home to spur growth and development in the City of Detroit.
Detroit must remove itself from being a union town. Those days are long gone. I can completely understand why the old guard do not want young intelligent Black people to get involved in the world market because our young people will begin to think more conservative in the way they approach things. The other fear is young people in this city switching to a political affiliation that reflects their views and that would be the end of the Democratic monopoly here in Detroit.
In a free market society the only race we are concerned with is green. You can keep that Black/White thing to yourself. The human race should be interested in prosperity not living poor.
While we create communities like Africa Town and Asian Village without the help of big government we also need to teach our young people about the power of investing.
Investing is critical to the advancement of elevating our community because we do not do it enough. I am not talking about making money from quick money schemes. I am talking about teaching young people how to invest in stocks and bonds. Money markets and having a long term goal with businesses. Educational entrepreneurship is one way of investing. Agribuisness (with the supply and demand of ethanol) is another. A third is building free market enterprises through Urban Regional Networks. A fourth is to allow competition in the educational system and privitizing city services. A fifth is to consolidate Detroit with Wayne County to create a regional authority.
Small firms should be the backbone of this new free market system in Detroit. GM, Ford and Chrysler are on its last leg. The future of Detroit will be based on small business firms. At the forefront of recent efforts to modernize and improve Detroit's ailing economy has been a strong focus on macro-economic stabilization, and the pursuance of a massive trade and investment liberalization program to encourage foreign direct investment in the city.
Detroit (and Michigan) should also think about has relaxed most restrictions on current and capital transfers, introduced tax relief for those multi-nationals willing to invest in the country, and improved access to foreign exchange at near market rates.
Most liberal politicians understand how the family is an important vehicle for welfare provision and for income transfers to the most needy and dependent members of society. Liberal policies, by providing extensive welfare provision, by financing child-care services and by taxing families on an ever-greater proportion of their income, provides strong incentives for families to break up rather than to hold together, and to form family relationships that are hidden from the authorities. Government policy has crowded out voluntary welfare within families and caused otherwise law-abiding people to commit fraud on a very extensive scale.
This is what goes on in Detroit and other urban area across America.
In order for us to build free market communities in Detroit and other urban areas in Michigan we need to look at estbalishing more free market educational systems that are not regulated by government.
We should build up Africa Town or an Asian Village by engaging in Fair trade. Fair trade is about creating market opportunities for producers who would not normally have access to exporting with their own limited resources, so that the resulting business dealings enable producers to make improvements in their lives.
Free market capitalism produces long-term economic growth. Socialism and middle-way economic interventionism by the state produce poverty and bureaucracy. If your goal is to keep poor people poor, generation after generation, you should promote socialism. If you want to leave a legacy for your children you need to be over here with free market capitalism.
The Bible is an anti-socialist document. Socialist propagandists for over four centuries have claimed that the Bible teaches socialism, but we have yet to see a single Bible commentary written by a socialist.
When Detroit moves away from a socialist economy to a free market economy people will begin to move back to the city in droves. Michigan will be an economic engine again. The key for African Americans in Detroit is globalization.


Ron Steenblik said...

Sir, you speak of enabling a free-market economy and then mention investing in agribusiness "with the supply and demand of ethanol" in the same article. There is nothing free about the market for ethanol in the United States. EVERY stage in the production chain for ethanol, from the production of corn to the regulatory favors given to carmakers for producing E85-capable flex-fuel vehicles involves the heavy hand of government, not that other, invisible one.

Total subsidies for supporting the ethanol economy are running at around $6 billion a year, and are set to explode into the tens of billions of dollars a year unless the current policies are allowed to expire at the end of this decade. (There are several bills before Congress to extend the subsidies or even make them permanent.)

For more information, I refer you to our website

akindele akinyemi said...

I was throwing out the idea of agribuisness as an option for those who might look into it. that's all.

FreeMan said...

Coopted Puppet - Globalization is the movement of the World into the 1 World Government that is AntiGod - to allow the White European Former Colonial Rulers to control the world
The US Economic system does not work for the majority of its citizens - The US economic system is against the Bible

FreeMan said...

Dear Mr. Akinyemi - I apologize for calling you a Coopted "Puppet" I am sleepy - I meant to say Ex-Progressive