Friday, April 27, 2007

Stop Hiding In The Closet by Akindele Akinyemi

I strongly feel that it is time for us to leave the liberal plantation. Liberal policies have failed Black people in Detroit for over 4 decades now. We vote liberal and we receive the worst services government can give us.
When I go to Benton Harbor for our One Network meetings I can see the crisis there as well. In fact, I have been to ever urban center in Michigan only to see the same, exact thing when it comes to Black people.
There is a reason why Detroit has a 47% functionally illiterate rate. The answer is pure and simple.
Government do not want the truth revealed to you. This is why you have the Black Nationalist community represented on the Detroit City Council. These same nationalists do not support the idea of council by districts. The reason? They fear that someone highly intelligent, conservative and Christian would run in that seat and defeat them.
They would rather have incompetent leadership in urban areas than creating a movement based on Christian economic principles.
Here is something else. Wayne County Commissioner Burton Leland and his son State Representative Gabe Leland has not lived in Detroit for over 20 years. The Lelands live in East Lansing. So how come Black people STILL continue to vote for them? While most Black people are extremely politically illiterate in the community the Lelands are running a train on our community. Gabe Leland is elected every 2 years because of the WHITE community who knows that he does not live in Detroit but would rather have a White face in that seat than a Black face. While only a handful of people protest on the Leland residents in East Lansing we still are voting for the Lelands.
Black leaders surrendered the key bastion of black survival in America after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Things got no better with the Black Power Movement of the late 60s and early 70s. The black American tradition, deeply rooted in Christian ethical principles, supported the ability to resist the materialistic prejudices that could damage black self-esteem and corrode the sense of moral responsibility. Abandoning that tradition, liberal black leadership has delivered blacks, and especially poor blacks, into the hands of a government-dominated social-welfare network. Self-help and self-control were supplanted by governmental "pork" -- "fatback," as our ancestors would have called it. Equality under the law was replaced by a network of demeaning preferences under affirmative action.
This system, like slavery, has demanded as the price of admission that blacks surrender to ideology based on economic determinism. The consequence of racial political patronage, morally illiterate welfare, and the economic drug of set-asides, has been that a large segment of the black community appears to belong to a permanent underclass composed of inferior human beings who are in no position to take responsibility for their own decisions and actions. The so-called black leadership has exchanged the slave plantation for the handouts-and-preferences plantation, and our people are tempted to lapse into a softer, but spiritually deadly, servitude.
But when Urban Conservatives seek to leave the liberal plantation we are called every name in the book.
Some have asked me why do I carry the torch for conservatives in our community in terms of speaking out? The answer is simple.
I have nothing to lose.
Urban Conservatives must stop hiding in the closet. Where are all of those Black Republicans who were on the DeVos camp? On the Michael Steele camp? On the Lynn Swann camp? After the dust settled I have not seen anyone. How are we supposed to transform the community if we hide all the time from a group of people who cannot even defend their OWN actions?
Stop hiding in the closet and bring yourself to the light.

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