Friday, April 27, 2007

There Is No Such Thing As A New Civil Rights Movement by Akindele Akinyemi

There are some out here in our community that are trying to forge a new civil rights movement. However, it is based on socialist principles that has done nothing for the masses of people living in the urban areas of Michigan.

There is no such thing as a new civil rights movement. It is a total fabrication of the mind.

This is clearly seen in areas like Detroit where we have depended on the Detroit Public Schools and other governmental venues to take care of our people. In response, we now have a 47% functionally illiterate rate in the City of Detroit.

Socialism, extensive government control over the economy, is a disaster in theory and a disaster in practice. Even when we talk about the development of a Africa Town when we fuse large government into the process it is bound to fail.

Unless the New Civil Rights Movement will be based on capitalism and not a mass socialist movement I can clearly see this movement already dead. I look at groups like BAMN and laugh because while they engage our children in a "civil rights movement" when those children go home they are most likely going home to poverty.

Capitalism works by protecting private property and freedom of contract, thereby encouraging people to use their abilities and resources to produce goods and services that are most likely to be urgently demanded by others. Capitalism works because, unlike competing systems, it does not depend on the quality of its overseers. Capitalism’s overseer is the price system, which, far from being dependant on the will of a small number of politicians, is the expression of the totality of all human knowledge about the value and scarcity of goods, services, and resources. Capitalism works by harnessing, through the principles of specialization and the division of labor, human diversity and inequality, allowing people with different backgrounds and talents to trade for mutual advantage.

Capitalism works because it does not require central planning; rather, capitalism is what happens naturally and spontaneously when there is no such planning. As seen, for example, in prison-er-of-war camps, markets arise spontaneously from individuals acting to advance their own interests. Markets are natural; they just happen. The formula for establishing a capitalist system is: don’t just do something, stand there.

In contrast, socialism does not work, because it acts, as it must, through the coercive apparatus of the state. Therefore, in its interactions with people, there is always at least one party forced to participate and who is, therefore, abused and exploited.

Socialism does not work, because, while capitalist decisions are made by individuals and firms that know more about their particular circumstances than anyone else could possibly know, socialist planners cannot know nearly as much about the persons and institutions they deal with and thus are forced to make and enforce arbitrary general rules that apply the same to different people and different circumstances, regardless of the absurd or unjust consequences.

The NAACP, BAMN and other organizations that stress the importance of civil rights are still stuck in time. They tell our children to "always remember the past" instead of moving towards the future. However, these groups are irrelevant because they continue to stir up the emotions of the unwise and ignorant.

We do not need a new civil rights movement because affirmative action is a dead issue in Michigan. The voters voted to eliminate affirmative action and we are not going back to slavery. Most people in urban areas are already enslaved due to the fact that most cannot read, write or comprehend information.

The old concept of marching and protesting is over. We do not need a sit-in. We need a money-in. We need an academic-in.

You do not need a new civil rights movement in this state. You need a movement that will critically address the needs of our people without dipping into socialist philosophy.

Free enterprise has to find a way to end poverty in our community. Think about what people like Councilwoman Jo Ann Watson love to say. Less free market enterprises and more government into the lives of Black people. Clearly she, as well as many others in our community, are out of touch with reality.

In the civil rights movement our leaders dealt with issues of race and the color line, and the mostly legal barriers that kept us from a measure of justice and dignity. Today, we need a new strategy and a fresh new approach to achieving justice and dignity for ourselves and our community, because what we have been doing for the last 40 some-odd years has not worked.

All across the nation, young African American men and women are finding their way to leadership, creating their own methods and goals. They do so in defiance or at least in avoidance of the tired grandfathers of yesterday’s movement as well as the pimps of today’s movement who would lead them astray for personal gain or for nothing.

The key to salvation is building family vales through educational choices that will equate to economic wealth.

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FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex Progressive - with increases in Racial Hate Crimes - Racial Intimidation of Voters - Racial Police Misconduct - Racial Suppression of Jurors - Racial Ethnic Genocide in New Orleans - We Black Afrikans need a new Human Rights Movement based on the teachings of Hon. Elder Marcus Garvey - Black Afrika 4 Black Afrikans!