Wednesday, April 04, 2007

White People Should Move Back To Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

When local leaders look at Detroit, they see poverty. When suburbanites look at the city, they see resources and wealth.

This is why we need regional cooperation. It's time out on race wars. We should welcome our neighbors to Detroit. However, we still have those who in the community who are totally ignorant and have an IQ of 40.

Socialists and Black Nationalist organizations who commute to blame Whites and other races for the catastrophe that put Detroit economic potential in reverse gear will not extricate the continent from ravages of disease, illiteracy and poverty while the city still harbors a slave mentality that holds that Detroit can not make it unless external forces intervene. This mentality has hindered the city from being a pace setter, choosing to surrender the goal setting responsibility to the either the State of Michigan or Federal Government.

Brothers and Sisters in Detroit must be proactive. We should assess where we are, why the city is where it is, where we want to be fifty years from now and how to get there. If Detroit fails to plan, the city shall fall further into a socialist abyss and never have time to plan anything profitable for itself.

Detroit need REFORM not more aid from state government. We also need to elect economic-minded individuals who are promoting conservative values through free-market education. Without the reform of abominable political and economic systems, more communities in Detroit will implode. Grandmont, Rosedale Park, Brightmoor, Central Detroit and Southwest Detroit to name a few will implode if there are no means of reform to help keep people here.

The reform process has stalled. The entire City of Detroit are under Democratic rule yet we have only a few economic success stories in the city. Intellectual freedom remains in the communist era and proof of this is watching the Detroit Public Schools go to hell. Since when communist education works in any school system?

The solutions?

One core factor of Detroit coming back to it's glory is to rebuild it's educational system through a conservative free-market enterprise.

Education for a new reality in Detroit must be an education that enables citizens to handle all of the wealth producing resources of the community in which we live in. An education that enables the citizen to manage and market these resources and an education that enables him/her to prepare the generations still to come to do the same thing. A large number of Black children should be chosen at birth and trained towards these ends and all education should be for the total sovereignty of Detroit. There is nothing in conservative traditional values that prohibits modernism, upward mobility, or the use of science and technology. Detroiters must realize that they live in a modern technical world and that there are lessons we can draw from our ancient societies to guide us. Detroit (as well as Urban Michigan) must move with the age in which it finds itself in order to survive.

Education is power. When education is properly done, education opens the door to power. A true education has one purpose and one purpose alone: to train the student to be a handler of power. One of the things that we fail to understand is that our oppressor cannot afford to educate us to handle power. We live in a society where, if we were properly educated, we would not ask for power. We would take power. We will have to stop answering to names that our mothers and fathers did not give us. We will have to stop answering to names of which we are not.

The other core solution is to welcome our White brothers and sisters as well as other races of people back to the city. This thing about being a "chocolate city" is stupid. I know I will get phone calls for this but it is important for us to embrace each other to create economic diversity within the city. This is why I am against residency. I feel that anyone who is qualified to work in any city job should have the right to live anywhere they please. I should not be a hostage to live in a city where crime is so high or where my insurance rates are astronomical. This "keeping it all Black" and "keeping it all White" is very unhealthy for our region to flourish. Blacks have kept it all Black for decades and look at where we are at? Failing schools, unemployment and high crime with a boatload of excuses on why we cannot stay at home with the children. We need to bridge the gap with the races and I feel that White people as well as other races of people should have the freedom to set up shop as well as live in the City of Detroit. This is a free country so what is the problem?

I feel that Southwst Detroit should run a number of Hispanics for office. I feel that White people should run for Mayor. We already have White State Representatives (Ed Gaffney, Gabe Leland and Steve Tobocman). We have a White woman on the Detroit City Council (Sheila Cockrell). We need more Whites in political positions in this city (who are conservative) and if Black people disagree with me then we should promote Black candidates who are conservative, God fearing and will uphold our state constitution to the highest degree.

Blacks are upset at the fact that Chaldeans have moved in the community, control the gas stations and kill innocent Black people, and sell rotten meat in the stores. They know what they are doing. So why are we still patronizing their businesses? Why are we still going to their gas stations? And how come we do not own more stores and gas stations in our community? Because we do not take education seriously. We have been programmed to be dependent on government as well as others to take care of us. And when we do have a Black business in the community we run our own patrons out due to the lack of customer service skills that we do not have. We think we should just open up a business in the hood and because you are Black you should shop here.

I think not.

Chinese people have Chinese buffets everywhere. Did it even dawn on us that Blacks can open up a Chinese restaurant also? We can open up a Mongolian Barbecue? We eat at these places religiously yet we do not produce the effort to compete with others who may not look like us.

What about opening up a Whole Foods in our community? We are stuck on Powernomics (another Black economic gimmick) yet we do not have the education to even get to the power point.

African brothers and sisters do not complain about how they cannot prosper once reaching Urban America. They just get up, do it, and make the money. They do not send their children to fail in school but send them to help them succeed. In other words they are not taught to stay in a poverty-stricken mentality where you are living paycheck to paycheck like these African -centered folks promote. I always tell young people to stay away from Black Socialists/Nationalists who are going to keep them angry and in poverty.

It's time for Detroit to diversify itself. Blacks should be happy that White people are living next door to them. Whites should be happy that Asians are living next door to them. Arab-Americans should be glad that Blacks eat at their restaurants and Jewish-Americans should be glad to shop at our stores. Yes, other races support each other educationally and economcially and that is great. But we should also be bridging gaps to eliminate poverty and racism in Detroit if we want the city to become a World-Class City.

Otherwise, we will continue to move out of Detroit.


Daniel said...

There should not be race discrimination on the world .the white and black people is the same .I see a lot of discussing on They think the people have the same world .we should unite.

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