Friday, April 27, 2007

Who Is A Victim by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been involved in educational reform on account of the urgent need for creating an new educational entrepreneurship market for our very backward but soon-to-be wealth regionalized area in terms of natural resources and raw materials. Our backwardness is on account of the absence of jobs. Our backwardness is due to interfering with the private sector; low literacy and education levels and government monopolies in marketing.
We have a very large number of university graduates floating on the streets. What help is the Government and the State institutions giving to parents when their children fail to get jobs after sacrificing so much to educate them?
The reason why we must began to overcome these obstacles is because within our own community avalanches of racist assaults against black conservatives are prevalent. African American leaders are said to have warped logic when it comes to both economic and politics. Remember, African Americans are the only ones that do not work the other side of the aisle. Jim Crow is claimed to be the best thing that ever happened to African Americans, for it brought more economic development than the community had ever known, or will ever know. One more says that the African American's IQ is lower than that of the Asian and European and it can only rise if African Americans marry or depend on Europeans.
At higher levels, racist tendencies are seen in the current efforts to ‘bribe’ African Americans from migrating to developed cities and centrally planning economies. They are meant to kill the African American psyche, dominate the Black community by way of socialist policies and the Black press and keep us in a state of dependency and kill productivity.
The 21st Century is African American's century to prove its worth. The victim and old guard mentality will not improve African Americans in our community. African Americans ought to examine its relevance in the global agenda, position itself strategically to tap from global intellectual and physical resources, learn from criticism and be productive. African Americans must have something to show- instead of the usual begging bowl. Only then shall the community will be able to bargain with the international community and earn respect.

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