Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Young Adults Need To Leave The Plantation by Akindele Akinyemi

We all know that education is the key to liberation. I am trying to bring Urban Conservatives together on how we can begin to dismantle the liberal educational machine that has resulted in the many death of our children due to academic genocide in communities that are ravaged by crime and false prophets.
As the weather is preparing to break and the temperatures are beginning to rise urban conservatives should be raising the bar on charters in the State of Michigan. We can no longer sit behind the closet on this issue.
For those Detroit Democrats who cannot figure out why so many of us are leaving the state it is not rocket science. The educational system needs to be revised. That means like I have been saying all along: more educational options. For those liberals who are against this they never have a solution.
If Detroit is 47% functionally illiterate then how the hell can we actually vote in an election? What's worse is that you have liberals out here scaring the living hell out of people about the loss of affirmative action, what will happen if we sell the "city jewels" and promote regionalization. I often wonder if these same liberals who are keeping us enslaved mentally have their hand in the cookie jar as well. They want you to keep it Black while they steal and lie themselves. This is a double standard.
With an illiterate population one can see why Detroit will never advance. The liberal machine will continue to ravage Detroit and with their liberal organizations doing further damage to keeping Blacks on the plantation with their race baiting Urban Conservatives need to let people know that it is OK to leave the plantation.
I borrowed that line from Mason Weaver who is the president of the National United Freedom Alliance. I think it is the proper way of saying to liberals that we no longer prescribe to your way of thinking.
Urban Conservatives need to change the mentality of our people by explaining to them that the best market in the world if engaging in Free Market Economics not Socialism like City Council people Kwame Kenyatta and Jo Ann Watson want you to believe. Socialism has not worked ANYWHERE in Africa nor it has worked anywhere in Urban Michigan. So why are Black people so conditioned to accepting socialism?
Because slavery is still in effect.
I was watching the 30th anniversary of ROOTS on TV One last week. I also watched briefly North and South on video last week as well. I saw the deep correlation of how Blacks depended on Massa back then and how we depend on social welfare programs NOW. We depend on these programs so tough that it has split up the family. Welfare dictates that as long as a man is not in the home women can receive welfare benefits. The same 400 years ago when the White slave master separated Black families. We enjoy bridge cards and medicaid. Anything to keep us dependent on big government (plantation). Not one Black grassroots or liberal activist have said something about this.
Welfare is FARE-WELL to our family structure in our community.
Our children are coming to school sagging their pants. Look at the way our brothers walk. It as if they are walking with shackles on their feet.
What about our sisters? They wear scarfs around their head because they are too lazy to comb their heads. This is an Aunt Jemima mentality. When the slave masters could not differentiate between the light skinned Blacks and the White girls on the plantation they made the light skinned Blacks wear scarves to show that they were not white.
We have carried this mentality to the present today.
It was the Democratic Party that was against educational options in the 50s and it is the same damn party that is against educational options today. Nothing has changed under the sun.
Think about it when you hear Black liberal leadership talk about government taking care of us. We need to not even pay attention to any clown or overseer that continues to promote big government. Do not vote for an overseer.
And speaking of liberals since when did a White liberal get along with a Black liberal? The City of Ann Arbor is full of White liberals who hate Black liberals. Ann Arbor is 40 miles west of Detroit and both cities are controlled by Democrats. However, there is a huge difference in mentalities.
Ann Arbor has so many racist liberals that it is not funny. Most Blacks live in Ypsilanti. Do you think White liberals in Ann Arbor would allow their school system to die like Detroit Public Schools? Why do you think Google settled in Ann Arbor and NOT Detroit? Why do you think if you get pulled over in Ann Arbor that your liberal police office is going to let your Black liberal ass off the hook? He/She is NOT!!!!! And God forbid you if you are against homosexuality in Ann Arbor as a Black Conservative. You are hit.
This is why I propose (like I have since day one) that we begin to build urban regional networks through the culture of free market societies that are based around Christian communities. We should be in the business of transforming urban ghettos into Christain communities through free market economics and education.
I can clearly see how the old guard in the Black community are stepping up their efforts to keep young people from achieving wealth creation and embracing free markets. They do not want to do this because they would lose power. The old guard keeps putting in young people heads that White people are racists and fascists and that we are the chosen people of God. If Blacks are the chosen people of God then why are we killing our communities at an alarming rate?
We have churches on every corner in the hood but crime and prostitution have reached astronomical levels. Only 21% of children are graduating from Detroit Public Schools.
Here is the solution.
1. Young Black people who are Christian, educated and driven must come over and embrace conservative technology.
2. Young people should embrace free market enterprises through educational choice.
3. I do not hear enough young people in urban communities professing Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Our young people are disconnected to the church framework because church leaders have become political entities and money grubbing pimps instead of teaching the lessons of Christ as well as teaching spiritual prosperity first.
4. Young Black people need to embrace family values as a means of survival. We do not need welfare, bridge cards nor Medicaid. Eating healthy as well as a well balanced connection between husband, wife and children will help recreate the magic we had before welfare polices were enacted.
5. Young Black people should take a look at the Republican Party as an option as opposed to following the Democratic Party. Being a Republican does not mean you have to agree with your State Republican Party all the time. You can be a independent conservative who vote Republican.
6. Study the policies of the Democratic Party and compare it to socialism (i.e. Marxism). You will begin to see the correlation between the two.
7. Do not listen to Black leadership that are stuck on race. For example, Detroit is in the condition it's in because of racism or Blacks in Detroit cannot get to work because of racist White people. This is no more than to keep you blind to the reality that is going on.
I am sharing with our young people that it is OK to leave the plantation. Look at the makeup of the Democratic Party in Detroit. These are OLD PEOPLE in these unions and civil rights groups. Very few young people consider themselves Democrats in Detroit. They would rather say they are neither (even though I exposed them for voting for an entire Democratic slate last November). Young Black people who are Democrats MUST and HAVE NO CHOICE to work with Black Young Republicans to bring about accountability in our urban communities. The fear factor must stop.
These old people are trying to keep you blinded to the facts.
Think about it. Why are so many Black people against the Republican Party? If you ask these old people they cannot come up with a reason. If you look at the young people they have no clue. They are following the leader.
Why are so many young Black people in Detroit afraid to leave the plantation and begin to build conservative communities within their areas? The reason? They are afraid to be called a sellout.
I am urging young people to join in with us to build a better conservative community by defeating fear at the altar, opening your minds to new ideas and understanding that the human race is the only race that matters.


Freeman said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - Most Republican policies are against the Black Afrikan Community

akindele akinyemi said...

Like what..if 47% of your people cannot read a polict to begin how tdo they know what is against the Black community?