Tuesday, May 01, 2007

African Americans Should Pay Attention To Illegal Immigration by Akindele Akinyemi

Today in Southwest Detroit there will be an Immigration Rally held. This rally is to show how Hispanic immigrants should be here because they earn a living just like other people in this country and in this community.
Now, I know that people come over here on a regular basis who are not from here. But damn, at least they come over here with some type of documentation.
Illegal Immigration is what I have a problem with. I know my grassroots people would say " Black people were brought here illegally and we are staying here illegally. What's the fuss?"
The fuss is that illegal immigration is causing a labor drain on our resources here in this country.
In their demonstrations across the country, some Hispanic immigrants have compared the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s struggle to their own, singing "We Shall Overcome" and declaring a new civil rights movement to win citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.
However, black professionals, academics and blue-collar workers feel increasingly uneasy as they watch Hispanics flex their political muscles while assuming the mantle of a seminal black struggle for justice.
Noticed I said Hispanic political muscles. What this means is that they are working BOTH sides of the aisle while Blacks are still stuck to the Democratic plantation.
According to Labor Department reports, nearly forty percent of young black males are unemployed. Despite the Bush administration's boast that its tax cut and economic policies has resulted in the creation of more than 100,000 new jobs, black unemployment still remains the highest of any group in America. Black male unemployment for the past decade has been nearly double that of white males.
Dumping the blame for the chronic job crisis of young, poor black men on illegal immigration stokes the hysteria of immigration reform opponents, but it also lets employers off the hook for discrimination. And it's easy to see how that could happen. The mountain of federal and state anti discrimination laws, affirmative action programs, and successful employment discrimination lawsuits gives the public impression that job discrimination is a relic of a shameful, and bigoted racial past.
Now I like the Tom Tancredo approach to immigration. Tancredo is a Congressman from Colorado who is running for President of the United States. For example, he has received press attention for seeking the deportation of individual illegal immigrant families, such as that of Jesus Apodaca, a high school honor student who publicly complained about having to pay the out-of-state tuition rate at the University of Colorado at Denver, despite being raised in the state, because his family immigrated illegally.
Illegal immigration is out of control in this country. We have to fix the borders first before we offer a new guest worker program. The need to fix the borders first is so obvious that ordinary citizens suspect the motives of politi­cians who do not want to do it. And they are right to have such suspicions.
The Minutemen patrol on the Arizona–Mexico border during the full month of April in 2005 dem­onstrated to the entire world that the flow of illegal aliens across the border can be controlled by a physical presence on the border.
That Minutemen project was the turning point in the national debate over illegal immigration—not some policy paper published in Washington, D.C., or any speech by any politician. The action of citizens themselves tore down the wall of denial that policy­makers and bureaucrats had so carefully constructed.
And when you open the door for illegal immigration in this country you open the door for those Black people who already cannot find a job make it even tougher for them because the person who is here illegally took your spot.
To add to the twisted events if this were Africans from the continent or Haitians trying to enter the United States they would be turned away. So how come we cannot turn away Hispanics who are not legitimate to work?
Black people should take a greater look at the immigration debate. Yesterday, we allowed the Arabs to move into our community and they control 90% of the economics in our community. Today. the Hispanic community is growing economically. It will be a matter of time before they have seats on the Detroit City Council.
I do not have a problem with immigrants practicing the free market. Just do it legally.

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I think black people should also pay attention to immigrants and Arabs and the resourcefulness that they use to build community and wealth in a foreign land. It is not so much that we let them into our communities, but we have not taken the initiative to be disciplined and open up the same businesses that they have.

In most caes, it has not been multi-million dollar businesses and jobs that have led to the economic rise of other races. It has been delayed graticifation and discipline over time. Something we as black people need to show more of.