Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Break The Chains Of Your Slavemaster by Akindele Akinyemi

This network, through our One Choice PAC, is aiming to elect a new generation of leaders that will help our children through choice. All signs are pointing in the right direction to begin training new recruits who want to run on a family values/pro-educational slate. We will work to defeat anyone running in this year's Detroit School Board races who is anti-choice. We have a target on you.
In order for us to be successful in doing this we have to educate people on the issue of charter schools.
We know that some of the young people in Detroit Public Schools are upset because their schools are closing. Do you have a clue who is behind this mess?
BAMN..By Any Means Necessary are stirring up stuff as usual in Detroit. They exploit our Black youth into fighting the system while the White people who run the organization sit back like the slave masters they are watching their property (youth) protest against a system that is created to free them from bondage.
You see what I have learned about White liberals is this. They always seem to make their way into the Black community causing confusion but I never see them in their own community protesting about the status of education. They come down here and claim that they want to help when in reality their job is to keep you indoctrinated with a liberal mindset that is designed to fail.
Have you ever seen any Black people in high leadership in BAMN? The white liberals that run it know that allowing Blacks to have a leadership position in this Marxist/Trotsky organization would be a step back in their attempts to keep control of the Black youth by way of socialist slave doctrine.
BAMN is just as racist as the next White liberal who claim that they are on our side when its time to fight. They are using our children as pawns in the game for attention and when most of these children go to college they never finish on time or end up flunking out of school. The slave masters (BAMN) leave them hanging on the plantation. Do you think the leadership of this rebel group give a damn about the plight and freedom of Black people?
They use catch phrases like "The New Civil Rights Movement" to lure young, Black people to march with them. Then the White liberals leave them hanging academically.
The New Civil Rights Movement is based on educational choices for our children....something BAMN is totally opposed to. They are no different than the NAACP and teacher unions who are against charter schools. All of them will be stopped in their tracks.
Now to kill all the bullshit:
Myth #1: Providing funds for children to attend nonpublic and charter schools will weaken the already under-funded traditional public schools.
Fact: Detroit's public schools are hardly under-funded, and only approximately 40% of the money spent on education actually makes it to the classroom. With some children leaving the public systems for other schools that cost less per pupil, there should be even more money on a per pupil basis for traditional public schools.
Myth #2: School Choice does not improve education.
Fact: In Milwaukee, which has had school choice for ten years, public school student performance on statewide standardized tests has risen steadily. Scores for every ethnic group in every subject have risen every year for six years. That's the power of competition.
Myth #3: School Choice will encourage the creation of fraudulent schools.
Fact: Laws already exist against fraud to protect consumers in all areas. What could be a worse fraud on consumers of education and on taxpayers than the failure of many traditional public schools?
Myth #4: School Choice will lead to the social, racial and economic separation of students.
Fact: The current public system already assigns students by where they live - which almost always separates them into social, racial and economic enclaves. Choice options such as charter schools, private scholarships and public vouchers remove or reduce the importance of geography and political boundaries. Most inner-city nonpublic and charter schools are more diverse than their traditional public school counterparts.
Myth #5: Nonpublic schools are unaccountable to the public.
Fact: Nonpublic schools, including parochial schools, already must comply with government regulations on fire and safety, compulsory attendance and core curriculum. They are at least as accountable, by the government's own measures, as any traditional public school. Most important, they are directly accountable to parents, who can remove their children when the school does not perform.
Myth #6: School Choice is an anti-teacher ploy.
Fact: More choices for parents and students result in a teaching environment where innovation and autonomy are rewarded, leading to more job satisfaction for teachers. School Choice advocates know that there can be no good schools without good teachers.
The point I am making here is this. We cannot allow BAMN to lead protests with Black children when those children should be welcoming the advent of more charters to keep them safe and secure. In fact, you have never heard of someone getting shot or killed in a charter environment. You never heard of a parent at a charter school stepping out of the car stabbing another student. You never heard of a charter school board meeting of people throwing grapes.
So let us reject slavery and our slave masters (BAMN and White Liberals) and accept free-market education.

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