Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Congressional Clown Watch: David Nacht by Akindele Akinyemi

My Network is working hard across the State of Michigan fighting to elect Republican candidates. Our attention has turned to the Congressional 7th district where Tim Walberg will be running for re-election as a Congressman.
For those who don't know where the 7th district is located in Michigan it consists of all of Branch, Eaton, Hillsdale, Jackson, and Lenawee counties, and includes most of Calhoun and a large portion of western and northern Washtenaw counties. The major cities are Adrian, Albion, Battle Creek, Charlotte, Coldwater, Jackson, Marshall, Hillsdale, Tecumseh, and part of Lansing.
Why are we involved in this race? For several reasons. One our Network have established a network in Jackson, Battle Creek and Lansing. Second, we know that Walberg is the best candidate for the job in Washington D.C.
Many people are pissed off with Walberg in Detroit because of his comments about Iraq. He compared the violence in Iraq to Detroit. Of course, liberals were pissed off at him because he was telling a fundamental truth.
The other main reason why we have this man's back is because he is a proponent of educational choices for families and children. He supports our children with a quality education is one of the greatest challenges we face. Tim supports Education Tax Credits and scholarships so all families will be able to choose among public, private, and alternative school settings the best education available.
That is damn good enough for me.
But I am also watching this opponent, this liberal clown from Scio Township named David Nacht. I have been monitoring his activities for quite some time in Western Washtenaw County.
David Nacht claims that the seat is winnable:
"The district is in play for Democrats," said Nacht, who called himself a moderate Democrat. "I'm someone who will fight for workers' jobs."
However if you look at his biography it tells another story:
David Nacht, the firm founder, holds degrees from Harvard College ('87) and The University of Michigan Law School ('92), where he served as an editor of the Law Review. Prior to attending law school, Mr. Nacht served as a staff member to former U.S. Senator John Glenn on the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, where he organized committee hearings and assisted the Senator in negotiating the passage of multiple pieces of legislation.
It further says this:
He is also member of the American Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, American Trial Lawyers Association, Michigan Bar Association, and the National and Michigan Employment Lawyers' Associations.
Most of these Bar Associations are liberal Bar Associations which means he is already tied up with special interest groups. So how can he possibly be for the "worker's jobs" when he never suffered like poor Black in Battle Creek and Jackson before?
And why would someone like this work with both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood? It is a known fact that the ACLU opposes virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government as well as supporting to keep our borders open.
Nacht and he ACLU supported:
"March for Women's Lives" a Washington, DC rally that drew more than a million demonstrators advocating the right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand back in 2004.
Supported the ACLU in terms of asking officials in a Detroit suburb to reject a proposal that would require businesses with foreign-language signs to add English translations - characterizing the proposal as "unconstitutional, anti-immigrant and unnecessary."
Supported the ACLU's policy guide states that all civil and criminal laws prohibiting bigamy and polygamy should be repealed.
His support of Planned Parenthood is even worse. It is a known and historical fact that Planned Parenthood was designed to kill Black children by way of abortion. Does Nacht support the legal killings of Black children in Jackson and Battle Creek by way of "pro-choice?"
Nacht and Planned Parenthood are advocating taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand. Is this who we want representing the 7th district? A heavily conservative area that believes in Christian values?
For those who might not know Planned Parenthood receives a large portion of its funding from the U.S. government. There are at least 18 federal statutes and hundreds of state and local programs that authorize tax dollars to be spent for "family planning" programs and procedures. Under the Hyde Amendment, however, tax dollars are not supposed to pay specifically for abortions. But Planned Parenthood capitalizes on the fact that when federal funds for family planning are administered by state agencies, county health departments, and local school districts, compliance with the law is nearly impossible to enforce.
This is what Nacht is supporting. How would you like to elect Nacht to represent your values.
He is also big on environmental issues (like most liberals in Washtenaw County) and if I was a betting man I would think he would try to go after the Sierra's Club endorsement. The Sierra Club has endorsed a document called the Earth Charter, which blames capitalism for many of the world's environmental, social, and economic problems. So if he goes after that then we know what is going on with him.
He has no position on education. Perhaps he does not care since he is a Harvard graduate. At least his liberal opponent, Sharon Reiner, said this on education:
Education is fundamental to the economic success of our nation and its people. As your Congresswoman, I will work to supply more funding to states for education and bring more tax dollars home to reduce class sizes, improve materials and technology and place our public school system in the district on sound footing. Our technical schools, colleges and universities must remain the best in the world and provide our children with the higher education they deserve so that our nation can continue to successfully compete in the global economy.
Ms. Reiner does not have a working knowledge on how educational policies work but at least she stated a position. Maybe I should cheer her on to defeat this liberal clown.
Sending this clown to Washington DC to be the version of John Conyers of the 7th District would be disastrous. Another trial lawyer. I mean, Jesus, if the DNC is going to target Walberg's seat they can at least come up with a better candidate than someone who is inexperienced, have no real clue of the political landscape and if even if he squeaked out of the primary he would have a hell of a time dealing with us. In fact, he is so confused that he even gave money to Joe Schwartz, a Republican, in hopes to unseat Walberg in the Republican primary.
Even if Schwartz was to get that Republican nomination what in the hell makes Nacht thinks he could win that seat outright with his left-wing agenda?
I looked on his website and there is nothing about education, health care, nothing. He just talks about entrepreneurship and I am skeptical about people who says this:
I encourage the formation of businesses. When our once-vibrant manufacturing industry suffers because of unfair trade practices abroad and dysfunctional health care policies at home, going back to school is only one option. For many people, opening a business and working for themselves is the best approach.

As an entrepreneur, I know what it takes to start a business; meet a payroll; and build a client base.
Maybe Nacht should get on board with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and find out what is really going on with entrepreneurship. This sounds like more of personal statement in Business 101.
We are going to have a great time kicking his ass in the general election (should he get past the primary on a wing and prayer). Stick to little ol' Scio and Ann Arbor. Leave Congress to the big boys. I would rather see State Representative Martin Griffin run for this seat. At least we all know that the homosexual lobby would pour in millions for his campaign and give Walberg a run for his money.
We have to change the culture of Congress. Sending a trial lawyer like Nacht who is pro-choice, pro same sex marriage, big government ran schools, anti-educational choice, a radical environmentalist and pro-union is just repeating the same mistakes.


Anonymous said...

The only clown in this race is Walberg. He is hands down the stupidist politician in America and ranked dead last in power. The 7th was asleep at the switch when we allowed him to win.

He is a wholly owned subsidary of Club for Growth and other far right wack organizations.

Remember, the narrowly beat Joe Schwarz in the primary (who is a strong proponent of Detroit and urban issues) because only 17 percent of the GOP showed up in August. Only 8 percent of the GOP elected him in August. He barely beat Reiner in November and out spent her (with plutocrats money) almost 20-1.

Walberg is the worst kind of politican and should be soundly defeated in '08.

He's simply an ineffective nimrod with business being in office.

Anonymous said...

Chickens United for Colonel Sanders?

Maybe Mr. A is perfect to start up that organization.

Walberg is a intellectual lightweight and a blind follower of the neo-con agenda that is ruining our economy, our prestige and our trustworthiness worldwide.

Reading this page, and the flimsy conclusions, leads me to believe that Mr. A is a similarly deep thinker.