Saturday, May 19, 2007

Detroit House Representatives: Talk To Us by Akindele Akinyemi

What are State Representatives from Detroit doing? Haw many of us keep tabs on what is going on?

For example, I wonder why people in the 8th District keeps on re-electing George Cushingberry to the State House?

Recently, he introduced HB 4572 which states the following:

2007 House Bill 4752 (Pay Detroit School Board members $61,890 salary plus pension ) to authorize salaries for Detroit School Board members equal to 90 percent of what Wayne County Commission members are paid, plus a pension benefit equal to 90 percent of commissioners’ pension. Commissioners get an annual salary of $68,767. Note: Wayne County commissioners also get a $500 per month auto allowance, and an $86,000 annual office budget.

James Heath where are you? This district needs a superhero.

I know for a fact that Cushingberry is the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee and is the king of raising taxes, even in his own district where foreclosures are out of control.

This bill is ridiculous and I am saying this in public. With Detroit Public Schools in fiscal collapse why would someone who calls himself a "Reverend" even waste ink and introduce this garbage? Technically, we should not even have a city school board but a regional board ran by Wayne RESA. Now you want to pay them?

However, Reps. Shanelle Jackson and Bettie Cook Scott recently introduced HB 4665 and HB 4672 to reduce the Driver's Responsibility Fees for motorists. I cannot figure out why would Republicans would even introduce this foolishness and Granholm would sign it into law? Granholm is ALWAYS vetoing Republican sponsored bills but SIGNED this one into law. I think both sisters should look into eliminating the law all together by the time they reach their third term in office. This is ANOTHER reason why people leave Michigan.

Anyway, Rep Coleman Young II introduced this legislation:

To raise the state cigarette tax by 5-cents a pack, and double the tax on cigars, noncigarette smoking tobacco, and smokeless tobacco to 64 percent of the wholesale price. This is one of a number of tax increases included in Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s Fiscal Year 2007-2008 budget recommendation, which is based on approximately $1 billion in tax increases. It would increase the taxes paid by citizens approximately $57 million.

We keep trying to raise taxes. Hell, I can drive less than a hour to Ohio to buy a carton of cigarettes (if I smoked) for less than what I would pay here in Michigan.
Michigan doesn't sell that much tobacco compared to Ohio, who's taxes are less, therefore their prices are lower.

Our Democratic leadership have used taxation as a weapon against that with which they disagree. They are against smoking, so they tax cigarettes. They are against drinking so they tax alcohol. They are anti-business so they tax businesses. Dems are against the 'poor' making money, so they tax their income. They are against the 'rich' making money, so they tax them heavier.

Next up is Morris Hood III. He has passed 12 resolutions (not bills) this cycle. I need to get my name on a resolution. Who is running in his seat next year other than Gary Pollard and Kim Meeks?

My good brother Rep Virgil Smith III introduced this legislation:

To require parents to enroll children who turn age 5 before Dec. 1, subject to the same home or private school exceptions that apply to regular grades, and require public school districts to provide kindergarten. Under current law, kindergarten is optional.

My main concern about this bill is where is the options for parents to send their child(ren) to school at age 5? What is my child is NOT ready to go to school by 5 years old? Better yet, where is my option of homeschooling my child because I am a stay-at-home parent?

As a educational choice advocate it seems like liberals are trying to indoctrinate our children with such foolishness at a young age. Adolph Hitler said this:

"Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state."

Was he talking about Germany or was he talking about Michigan?

Joseph Stalin said this:

"[State-run] education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."

Educational options is the solution to this problem not mandated kindergarten classes. Furthermore, the required date for a 5 year old to start kindergarten(December 5th) is not in sinc with the required date for other states. Before Michigan can consider mandatory kindergarten, it needs to consider the age requirements for kindergarten attendance in other states which many of our young people with young children are moving to.

I advise people to keep tabs on what your elected officials are doing in Detroit.