Monday, May 21, 2007

The Formation of a Third Party For Blacks Would Be Disasterous by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been hearing about for years the need for African Americans forging a third party in the political spectrum because both the Democratic and Republican Party does not cater to the needs of our people.
I wrote about this a while ago about third parties. I said then it would not work and still say it would not work.
Let me explicitly tell you why it would be a waste of time.
First, too many African Americans in our community have a strong socialist ideology on how we should dictate politics in our community. We frown upon capitalism in our community as most of our present leadership already cry about how we need to develop a program of revolutionary mass struggle for Blacks must be self-determination. Like all oppressed nationalities, Black people can achieve their freedom only by taking their destiny in their own hands: “Who would be free, themselves must strike the blow.”
This third party would also be discussing how it is a basic democratic right that a people should have the right to decide its own affairs. Therefore the central demand of the liberation forces is for Black control of the Black community. This is an indispensable step towards freeing the Black masses from domination by the white racists who benefit from their exploitation.
We would also be discussing how the demand for Black control has been raised spontaneously in thousands of struggles across the country. It is obviously a demand which speaks directly to the needs and present understanding of Black people. At the same time, Black control of the Black community is a democratic demand. It is based on something which even the ruling class says it believes in – the right of people to have democratic control over their own lives and communities. Thus the resistance the power structure puts up against this struggle will help to expose the hypocrisy of the ruling class on one of the central issues which it uses to brainwash and enslave the masses – its proclaimed adherence to democracy.
This third party would be based upon what is known as a Democratic Revolution. Some feel that we should give the political power back to the people.
This third party would suggest the following:
1. Replace police occupation of the Black community with a community-controlled police force drawn from the residents of the community.
2. Black control of all government funds allocated to the Black community and control over all plans for renovating and constructing housing and other communal facilities and improvements.
3. Community control over all institutions in the Black community, such as hospitals, welfare centers, libraries, etc.
4. Establish community councils to make policy decisions and administer the affairs of the Black community. These councils should be composed of representatives elected by workers in various community institutions factories, hospitals, educational institutions – as well as delegates elected on a block basis.
The local councils or boards of control should be joined together on regional, state, and national levels, the aim being to create a National Council of Black Communities. This should be composed of elected, not appointed, delegates representing the local constituencies.
Furthermore, a third party would focus on progressive proposals that would attract support from other sections of the population which suffer from the evils of capitalist rule.
A Black party would expose and challenge the do-nothing policies of the Democrats and Republicans and present an alternative to them not only by participating in elections but by organizing effective community actions. It would take the initiative in promoting the self-mobilization of the Black people and forming alliances with students, poor white people, workers and all other forces interested in radical change. It could play a vanguard role in bringing revolutionary ideas to all sections of the country.
This party would also promote:
1. It is the duty of society to provide well-paid jobs for all. A shorter workweek with no loss in pay to spread the available work. Unemployment insurance at full wages for everyone eighteen or over whether or not they have held jobs before.
2. Transfer the funds from the military budget to launch a multi-billion dollar crash program of public works to build schools, hospitals, better public transport, parks and recreational facilities, nurseries, libraries and housing. Give Black workers priority on all jobs connected with the construction program.
3. Put an immediate end to hunger and malnutrition through a guaranteed annual income which can assure everyone, including the old, sick and disabled, adequate living standards.
4. Abolish all taxes on incomes of $7,500 and under (this figure is the from the 1960s, today we would abolish all taxes on incomes of at least $30,000 and under). Abolish all sales taxes, which discriminate against the poor.
5. Review the cases of and release all Black prisoners because they have not received fair trials. All Black people to be tried by a jury of their peers as guaranteed by the Constitution, that is, by other Black people.
Perhaps we would belong to the Black Radical Congress who thinks the following:
We will fight to advance beyond capitalism, which has demonstrated its structural incapacity to address basic human needs worldwide and, in particular, the needs of Black people.
Guided by our belief that people should come before profits, we will fight to maximize economic democracy and economic justice:
a. We seek full employment at livable wages, public control of private sector financial operations, worker control of production decisions, and a guaranteed annual income for the needy;
b. We will fight to end racial discrimination by capitalist enterprises, especially banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions;
c. We seek a society in which working people enjoy safe working conditions and flexible hours to accommodate family responsibilities, leisure and vacations;
d. We seek laws mandating public ownership of utilities, and mandating federal and local budgetary emphases on programs for the general welfare, health care, education, public transportation, recreation and infrastructure;
e. We will struggle for laws that regulate private sector business practices, especially regarding prices, fees, plant shutdowns and job relocations where shutdowns are permitted, adequate compensation to workers shall be required;
f. We support the historical mission of trade unions to represent workers' interests and to negotiate on their behalf;
g. We seek a fair, equitable, highly progressive tax system that places the heaviest taxes on the wealthiest sector, and we seek expansion of the earned income tax credit.
They also believe in this nonsense:
We recognize lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as full and equal members of society, and of our communities.
We support affirmative action.
We will fight for reparations.
We support the liberation struggles of all oppressed people.
And look at the third party's position on education:
While more and more tax dollars are spent on the incarceration of Black people, predominantly Black public schools are often unable to meet the academic needs of student bodies. They are disproportionately located in poor and low-income communities. They struggle annually to provide up-to-date books, computers and science laboratories. Relative to middle-income white school districts, those of color are more likely to hire low-paid uncertified teachers for the classroom. They are less able to offer college preparatory courses and other services that would enhance children's access to higher education. The right to quality public education is further threatened by charter schools and voucher system efforts that will only serve to further strip tax dollars from public schools already in economic dire straits. The majority of children of color will not benefit from either charter or private school voucher systems. Nor will they benefit from continued use of curriculum's and teaching methods that do not address their unique experiences.
Sounds like someone been hitting that pipe again. That crack pipe.
Let me tell you exactly the reason why it is not necessary for a third party to be erected with African Americans.
1. African Americans should take back the party that freed African people in the first place (the Republican Party). The Republican Party has fallen to this culture of insanity due to lobbyists and performing fiscal orgies on Capitol Hill. African Americans are socially conservative, yet, we vote in the wrong direction due to the lack of knowledge about our history, culture and political knowledge.
2. African Americans SHOULD work both sides of the aisle to create a wealth of political power in our community. Other races have conducted this for decades and it is about time we do the same.
3. African Americans should take back "civil rights" organizations like the NAACP and move them on a more conservative platform that will help promote spiritual and cultural values that can benefit Black America.
4. We should reject any cultural nationalist in our community who is living pay check to pay check, have not made a million (for example, how many Black Nationalists do you know who are millionaires?), and have a history of abuse towards their spouse.
5. African Americans should research and start their own 527 groups to push for issues that are relevant to our community.
6. We need to reject socialism, Marxism, BAMN-ism, Steve Conn, George B. Washington or any other Trotsky organization that influences Black people in the wrong direction.
7. It's time for African Americans to accept Black Republicans in the mainstream. We should not tolerate silence from the Black Press any longer. If the Michigan Front Page or Michigan Chronicle is not going to publish anything we do or say then we need to call them out. They push young people in those papers with their twisted liberal viewpoints, yet, we never get a chance to pull their cards in public for dialogue.
8. We need to reject Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson because they do not defend our sisters in the Republican Party like Dr. Condoleeza Rice. Dr. Rice is constantly a target of racism and sexism from the liberal White community and these race pimps do nothing to stop it. Think about this, you can tell how they treat their wives at home because they will not come out a defend their sister in public.
Forming a third party is garbage. It's nothing but Black Nationalist, socialist hype like I pointed out above. There is no difference between the Green Party and Democratic Party. There is no difference between the Libertarian Party and Republican Party.
If you want to have a voice then do it strategically. Forming another party exclusively for Blacks is just another form of segregation. I have never heard of Chinese, Jews or Hispanic people forming their own parties in this country so why should we?

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