Saturday, May 19, 2007

Leave Condoleeza Rice Alone by Akindele Akinyemi

Recently, I have been following the turn of events of the two radio shock jocks in New York City talking about having sex (actually raping) with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

On May 9, XM satellite radio hosts Greg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia laughed and gave encouragement to a guest, "Homeless Charlie," on their May 9 program who said he wanted to have sex with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Cumia added, "I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice's face... as you were just like holding her down..." and having sex with her and punching her. Homeless Charlie later said he wanted to have sex with Laura Bush and called Queen Elizabeth a "horse-faced bitch."

My fellow Project 21 sister, Deenen Borelli stated the following:

"The shock here is not in the comments of Opie and Anthony or their guest, but in the silence from black leaders and groups that pretend to be about equality and tolerance. Being a successful black conservative such as Condoleezza Rice apparently automatically disqualifies her from the support of the vocal civil rights leaders."

Now what I would like to know is where is Rev. Wendell Anthony and the Freedom Institute on this issue? Where is the National Association of Black Journalists? Where is the NNPA? Where is the NAACP?

The only group that I have seen defending Dr. Condoleeza Rice in public was the Guardian Angels who leader, Curtis Silwa, has been on Hannity and Combes lately defending the Secretary of State. While I thank Mr. Silwa for defending Dr. Rice I was right on the money when I have been saying all along that most of our Black preachers in the hood are nothing but race pimps and poverty hustlers.

Remember, I was on a PANEL discussion last month with Desiree Cooper from the Detroit Free Press at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History (sponsored by the National Association of Black Journalists) who criticized and slammed Don Imus for calling the Rutgers Women's Basketball team a group of nappy headed hoes. Cooper stated how she was totally insulted as a Black women.

So where is Cooper (who also said in that same panel discussion that the downfall of the Black community came from the policies of President Reagan) when it comes to this filth regarding Dr. Rice? I have not seen any of her columns defending her own sister. I am so tired of Black liberals crying foul over Don Imus but staying silent when one of their own conservative brother or sister is being targeted for racism. Remember, White liberals want to keep Black liberals on the plantation for one goal, to lose your soul.

Again, allow me to tell you what is going on in the real world. There is a silent war going on with the Black Press trying to silence Urban Conservatives, not just here but all over the country. The Black liberal media will never allow a young Urban conservative to receive their own column in a respected paper like the Michigan Citizen. Michigan Front Page or Michigan Chronicle. That's too much like right to have an opposing viewpoint from a conservative individual.

Remember Ebony Magazine last month when they showcased the 150 Most Influential people in Black America? Dr. Rice was the ONLY African American Republican (out of 150) to be showcased. You mean to tell me we cannot find 20 Black Republicans in this day and time who has contributed to America? Look who is funding Ebony and who is running Ebony.

The Black Press is guilty of being silent on this just as much as those who want to remove Christian programming off radio and TV.

Urban Conservatives should no longer tolerate such foolishness from those who inflict harm on our women. If Black liberals will not stand up to the challenge and not only check those who harm our sisters but refuse to check these local race poverty pimps then conservatives need to stand up for the challenge.

For those in groups like the NAACP say that Dr. Rice is not doing enough for African people I highly recommend researching some of her stances on Africa and read about her ex-student who is now her Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs, Dr. Jendayi Frazier.

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