Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Liberal Health Scam by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been examing a bill by Congressman John Conyers and Congressman Dennis Kucinich called HR 676. Under this bill, Medicare would be extended and improved so that all individuals residing in the United States would receive high quality and affordable health care services. They would receive all medically necessary services by the physicians of their choice, with no restrictions on what providers they could visit. If implemented, the United States National Health Insurance Act would cover primary care, dental, mental health, prescription drugs, and long term care.

Now I am for health care in this country but do I have to do it on my tax dollars? While we are still looking out after Pookie and Ray-Ray who did not even take care of their health in the first place beucase they ate ribs and McDonalds daily we should take a closer examination of this bill.

First, it is doomed to fail because it allows for a 15 year phase in, use of health insurance companies to sub-contract to take care of reimbursing for the plan. It also provides for those who have been involved in keeping the health insurance companies going would, if they lost their jobs, get preference in training and hiring to others earning an honest living.

Within 15 years of this legislation it would give the health insurance company more than ample to organize overwhelmingly and raise enough tons of money to bury this program in a pile of confusion created by TV and other ads paid for by the same tons of money. It is bad enough that 47% of Detroiters are functionally illiterate and John Conyers knows this.

Allowing the health insurance companies sub-contract for reimbursing for the plan is just putting the fox in charge of chicken coup. These people are the ones who created the current mess this country's in on health care and have profited immensely from it. It really doesn't make any sense to invite the Trojan horse gang in to sabotage, as they surely would, this well meaning, and what could be a very good program.

Finally, by giving special preference for those now on the payrolls of the health insurance companies for those who lose their jobs in the transition to a universal health care system, is just rewarding those who aren't part of the solution but are part of the problem. Others who have to earn an honest living, rather leeching off others, shouldn't be up against this kind of foolishness. If some lose their jobs with the health insurance companies when the country moves to a comprehensive health care system, then they, should have available to them the same as others, a full fledged social safety net.

So before we look at jumping on ship with liberal dogma when it comes to health insurance we need to examine the facts.


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