Monday, May 14, 2007

The NEXT Detroit Will Need Educational Entrepreneurs by Akindele Akinyemi

It is time that educators as well as urban conservatives unite on this issue of school choice here in Michigan. While the powers that be are collectively trying to prohibit school choice in our community we have found out that it is the only "utility" that needs to be de-regulated.

If government can break the monopoly off the communications industry then how come they cannot do the same for schools in our community. I have stated many times that educational choice would bring competition to the market. This s a market driven game now not so much a factory model that is controlled by big government. Most of the government ran schools are so Godless that homosexuality is running rampant, murders, STD and crime is very present in these institutions.

In 2007, we should be organizing and planning for more charters. I like the idea that Mayor Kilpatrick has proposed for 25 charter schools in Detroit. I would like to add on that some of those schools should be specialized charters with a specific purpose or specific curriculum to meet the children;s needs.

While Mayor Kilaptrick is doing that on one end I wonder how his mother, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick, feels about opening up 25 charters in the city where she raised her son and sending him to Detroit Public Schools. The Congresswoman, who is the head of the ultra-liberal Congressional Black Caucus, is against charter schools and educational choice.

Urban Conservatives should be rallying to increase the number of charters in other areas like Pontiac, Flint, Saginaw, Benton Harbor, Lnasing, Muskegon and Inkster.

The bigger picture is pushing for more charter schools to create wealth creation in the community in which we live in. Charter Schools would allow young adults to go into educational entrepreneurship and give our families a sense of ownership. Not to mention getting involved in investments. The scare tactics the teacher unions use is that "educational management companies are ran by rich people, they only care about making money and they have our children on the stock market."

My response to that? So what. Education is a business. Rich people are not the only ones running educational management companies. And in terms of making money off our children? When Nike, Addidas, and other sporting companies are making money off our children we stay silent. Children spend up to $150 on shoes when that could be going towards stocks and investments. In fact, I think Edison Schools should encourage their students and parents to purchase stock in the educational company for investment purposes. This way parents would have a REAL say in the company instead of running meaningless LSCO meetings in school libraries with no books in them.

The NEXT Detroit will require educational entrepreneurs to go into the educational business PUBLICLY to create an investment. This is no different than Walmart, Meijer, or Target making money off our families. 90% of us do not even invest in these companies, yet, we shop at them all the time. African Americans should do the same in setting up educational management companies. Again, we are in the free market business of capitalism not socialism. Socialist politics has never, ever brought Detroit back up. The NEXT Detroit will need new educators (like myself) who are geared to take charters to the next level of business. That business is preparing our children to compete in a global marketplace. Part of that global marketplace will come from investors who are willing to invest in the educational management companies that we are trying to design. I would have Nigerian investors to invest in my company. In turn of this I would begin setting up an international academy for Nigerians here in the community so they can interact with all races of people as well as receive a stellar academy experience to build on.

If parents begin setting up educational management companies and go public then other parents can invest in the company. When parents become upset with the quality of education their children are receiving at a charter school they can withdraw their shares in the company which will bring their operations to a halt. This is REAL educational power, not marching on the steps of the Capitol building in Lansing.

You must begin to see through the lies and deception of the teacher unions and their traditional public school allies. This is why I am here to guide you. Educational Entrepreneurship is an excellent way to revitalize our community and charters will play a role in that.

The old guard can keep fighting for government funded public schooling. They can keep chasing their tail in a circle. They can bring in all the teacher unions on Earth but tomorrow we will still be in the same dilemma.

Look at how Pontiac Public Schools are upset at the fact that the now defunct Perdue Academy had new textbooks and new equipment that they did not even use. Now the inept school board are calling on the Superintendent to resign. Urban conservatives in that city should be calling on Oakland Schools to run the Pontiac School District instead of getting another Superintendent that is going to do the same thing. If people are smart they would follow the model that is already in place at Pontiac Academy for Excellence, a model charter school near downtown Pontiac.

We cannot continue voting for the same people who are against choice. We have to cut the umbilical cord of the Detroit Public Schools. They are no longer needed in the Next Detroit.

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