Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Next Stop: Freedom by Akindele Akinyemi

It will be imperative for us to create urban regional networks in the very near future. Today there are several school board races going on in various urban communities across Michigan. We are hoping that Benton Harbor chooses Belinda Brown for their pick for school board in that district because not only she is a Christian woman with family and educational values but she is my coordinator of the One Network in Benton Harbor.
Candidates and community activists who understand that family values through educational choice equals economic empowerment are the ones who are going to bring back the balance in our community. Our faith based community should be on board with building conservative communities that will generate wealth creation that we are able to pass down to our next generation.
This is why I stress the importance of regionalization. Black people just do not live in Detroit but we live everywhere.
Detroit has a lot of potential but 47% of the population is functionally illiterate. This is why Comerica left Detroit along with other corporations. Jobs will return to the city when we decrease the illiteracy rate and increase the literacy rate. This includes gaining a serious awareness in financial literacy, heath literacy, academic literacy and in many cases spiritual literacy. There is no way that Detroit can come back unless we increase literacy in our community and gain an complete understand of what regionalization is and how it can benefit our community.
We need regionalization through building authorities. I spoke a while ago about how Metro Parks should be running Belle Isle and not the City of Detroit Parks and Recreation. We cannot afford to run Belle Isle. Charging a $4.00 fee to get on the island would not be so bad.
However, none of this will come to light if Detroit (as well as other urban communities) want to come up we have to stop accepting the plantation mentality.
This is what I mean by plantation mentality. We can use racially-charged slurs against African-Americans as long as they are conservative. Why? Because many of us have no clue of the history of the Democratic Party and our knowledge of the Republican Party is even less than the brain of an ant.
Allow me to shed some light on this subject.
Receiving government entitlements, sending your child to failing public schools or living off welfare benefits that divided the family is considered the liberal plantation. Too many African Americans have been trapped on this liberal plantation and feel beholden to the Democrats for keeping the A-train rolling. There are two types of people who escape the trappings of this liberal plantation. There are those who break the shackles or who have rejected them all their lives. These are the J.C. Watts, the Colin Powells, the Condoleeeza Rices. Those too frightened to make a run for it call these people ''Uncle Toms.'' The others who escape the trappings become the foremen on the plantation. They crack the whip on those below them and keep them too scared to leave, becoming rich in the process. These are the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons and other race pimpologists.
If the school system was working in Detroit a whopping 98% of us would not be Democrats.
Again, many African Americans are trapped on the Detroit Liberal plantation. They are enslaved in a bondage that is more obscene than any endured during their experiences prior to the War Between The States. The liberals keep African Americans enslaved on the Liberal plantation by addicting them to governmental handouts which destroy their self respect and their capacity for self redemption.
Detroiters also must realize that there will be no renaissance of the city until they get rid if decades old racism among themselves. The government and union never wanted the Detroit Public Schools to work in the first place. The reason is this.
Black Liberals in this city have focused on separatism and racial difference. Instead of subscribing to Martin Luther King's belief in a colorblind society, they wanted government policies that were color-coded. The further America progressed from the dark days of slavery, the more they insisted that slavery was present in America's social institutions and its personal interrelationships. The U.S., they asserted, was steeped in blood and guilt: it must pay for its crimes against "people of color."
While I am a firm believer of building generational wealth in our community first I am also a believer of doing business with other races of people. The color that I am only concerned about is green.
Ignorance dictated the agenda when people were fighting for affirmative action last fall in the State of Michigan. While One United Michigan was supposed to be a integrated movement the Black folks were telling the White folks to go back into their community and talk about affirmative action instead of all races going into each other's communities to talk about saving affirmative action. This never happened and some key organizers blamed the Republicans Party in Michigan for the failure of affirmative action.
How absurd.
Although claiming to be an equitable "leveling of the playing field," affirmative action tilted the social landscape. It has nothing to do with equality of opportunity, and everything to do with establishing a regime that will produce an equality of results. It is a zero sum game in which some win because of skin color and others lose because of skin color. Ultimately, affirmative action has put government back into the business of playing racial favorites — even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the summary achievement of the civil rights movement, banned such action.
I heard Black liberals on my block talking about that neutral and objective tests for college admissions are actually rigged in favor of whites. When I asked about the Asians, many of them recent immigrants with little or no cultural experience, refute this notion by outscoring whites on these tests, Black liberals say that these Asians are not really a minority at all but imitation white people.
Black liberals in Detroit bear a heavy burden for having helped destroy the black family and create a black underclass by our romanticization of ghetto behavior, and our insistence that blacks are victims who cannot be held responsible for what they do. We reject the idea that culture rather than race may help explain the disadvantages those in the black underclass face. It is true, as they point out, that some 40 percent of America's black children are born poor, and that this fact affects their life chances. But it is also true that 85 percent of these poor children come from single-parent homes. It is this circumstance—studies show that children born into single-parent families are more likely to be poor, regardless of race, than children with two parents—rather than "institutional racism" that actually handicaps them. Yet in the liberal viewpoint, any policy aimed at countering illegitimacy and single parenthood among the black underclass is "blaming the victim."
What a joke. It's no wonder that Detroit is in the condition it is in. How are we ever going to go anywhere if we think like this?
The effects of Black liberal racism crap can be seen in the way black students taunt those among them who strive for achievement as sellouts who are "acting white." Black Liberal racism can be seen in the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party, the National Education Association and other teachers' unions, and black spokesmen such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, as well as the NAACP to maintain their power by opposing school choice for black children trapped in violent and failing public schools. Black Liberal racism can be seen in the way black voters are kept on the proverbial "liberal plantation" through scare tactics and attacks on "race traitors" such as Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, who have defied the party line. Black Liberal racism can be seen, paradoxically, most clearly in the way anyone straying from its premises is immediately branded as a "racist." This is a powerful sanction that liberal racists use like a bludgeon to control the public discussion about race in the City of Detroit.


FreeMan said...

Coopted Ex-Progressive - "War Between the States" - is the White European-American Segregationists' term for the US Civil War
Rev Sharpton & Rev Jackson have produced positive results for Black Afrikans
Rev Sharpton was almost assasinated & went to jail on behalf of colonial people
You support the oppressor's program against colonial people - instead of helping to create a society of justice & equality on behalf of colonial people - your doctrine removes social accountability from the Oppressor

akindele akinyemi said...

Rev Sharpton & Rev Jackson have produced positive results for Black Afrikans

Liar..they have done nothing.

You support the oppressor's program against colonial people - instead of helping to create a society of justice & equality on behalf of colonial people - your doctrine removes social accountability from the Oppressor

Thanks..at least I do not have to worry about being oppressed.