Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our 1st Black Female President in 2008 by Akindele Akinyemi

In 2006, this network promoted Kimberly Hill who ran in District 4 against Coleman A Young II for State Representative. In 2005, we promoted Tonya Philips who ran against Carla Scott for Detroit School Board in District 1. We also promoted Minister Karinda Washington who ran for Detroit City Council in 2005.

Now, here comes our major test. The State Representative races in 2008.

We have heard of the rumors before who will jump into the races in 2008. We know Fred Durhal is running against Ajene Evans and Brian White in District 6 while Sheila Dapremont is running against Kimberly Meeks and possibly Gary Pollard in District 11. Othis Mathis is running for State Representative in District 12. I have not spoken with Carl Ramsey but I bet he will place his name on the ballot as well to represent the Mayor in that race.
We don't know who is running in my district (District 10) against Rep. Gabe Leland. We are praying that someone decent run in District 8 against Rep. Cushingberry (this man wants to raise taxes).
However, the One Choice PAC (this network's PAC) is supporting Dr. Carol Weaver in District 7.
This is no secret. Dr. Weaver is a charter member of the One Network. There is no better candidate than Dr. Weaver. If you have heard of her before you will in due time as we begin our campaign to get her elected to the State House next year. She is OUR version of the presidency.
District 7 is being vacated by my good brother Rep. Virgil Smith III due to term limits.
Dr.Weaver is running for State Representaitve because she understand how to re-populate Detroit without alienating people. What is at the top of her list? Accountable & Sensible Economic Development. Dr. weaver believes that if we work together we can bring high wage jobs to the area while safeguarding, and improving, the quality of life we all enjoy throughout the district. Since Mayor Kilpatrick has targeted District 7 (The 7-Mile and Livernois area) part of the Next Detroit Neighborhood Initiative her focus will be driven on reinforcing what is already there and bringing in new entrepreneurs to the district.
Dr. Weaver is proficient on creating an accountable tax policy that will put an end to irresponsible property tax increases and unfunded mandates created by the State Legislature.
How do Dr. Weaver build a Next Detroit or even a Next Urban Michigan in the State House? By focusing it on education. Dr. Weaver strongly believes that every child, regardless of ability or family income, deserves access to a quality public education. Dr. Weaver thinks it’s time that we get back to basics in Michigan. Michigan’s kids can and should achieve reading excellence and proficiency in science and math. She feels that we need to work hard to ensure that we get quality teachers into every classroom.

Because college isn’t for everyone, Dr. Weaver supports expanding vocational training, mentorship programs, and school-to-work partnerships.

Dr. Weaver thinks that the Legislature also needs to get to work on providing the funding for a full class year with smaller class sizes in every school district. Therefore, she supports the notion of designing educational empowerment zones for the city.

But what I have always loved and respected about Dr. Weaver is her supernatural ability to bring people together, regardless of political affiliation or race. Her explicit knowledge of international business is key to helping Michigan get back on its feet. Understanding how African Americans generate over $678 billion a year in the United States Dr. Weaver has a formula of how to channel those billions into our community right here in Michigan and especially in Detroit.
And because Dr.Weaver understand the importance of lowering our taxes in the city she feels that this will help revitalize the city. She is for smaller government, more tax options for families and cut wasteful spending from the budget in Lansing.
While others in the race for District 7 run on the same platform of lower insurance rates and fighting predatory lending we need to begin talking to constituents in this area about lowering taxes, promoting free market enterprises for African Americans and revitalizing education.
Now, who you choose to support in this race is cool. However, our Black Female President in 2008 will be Carol Weaver.

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